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Accessibility of medical records is crucial for patients to receive the right diagnosis and treatment at the soonest possible time. Taking advantage of Internet technology and the GSM network, a group of students from the Ateneo De Manila University has developed a centralized personal medical database that patients can access anytime, anywhere.


ATENEO de Manila University student Michael Jonathan G. Biscocho topped the 2008 search for the Ten Jose Rizal Model Students of the Philippines (JRMSP), the annual contest for college students was conducted by the Order of the Knights of Rizal.


150 years of excellence, deepening spirituality and nation-building Sesquicentennial simply means a 150th anniversary or its celebration. The term comes from a combination of the Latin-Greek derivative “sésqui,” meaning, one-and-a half, and the American-Latin derivative “centennial,” which pertains to 100 years.


Three students from Ateneo de Manila University have found a way to make bioethanol from rice straws, a development that can potentially reduce the country’s dependence on imported fossil fuels.


Students introduce computer for the blind Text-based Braille browser will enable the blind to do all the good things people use the Internet for


College Life: Is school worth sleeping one or two hours for? Andrea Koa, III-BS Management, Ateneo de Manila University


Tanghalang Ateneo goes pop in Shakespeare’s ‘Hakbang sa Hakbang’ The Tanghalang Ateneo and TeatroFilipino Integrated return to Shakespeare with a novel rendition of “Measure for Measure,” a play on desire, morality, and justice.

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