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Placement options for children with ADHD EDITHA R. MARTELINO, manila Bulletin In an open forum during one of our awareness seminars on ADHD, a participant asked the panelists, “Should children with ADHD be institutionalized?”


More than three of four Filipinos, or 76 percent, favor the teaching of family planning in public schools, and 71 percent agree to the passage of the Reproductive Health bill, a survey showed.


ADHD and self-control By Sam Goldstein, Ph.D. Although children with ADHD are not supposed to be able to pay attention, there are many activities or situations during which their attention span appears focused. How is this possible?


Davao City – The continuous effort of the government to inform the public about Dengue disease is not just a mere campaign but it is “now to scare the people” due to increasing number of dengue cases, said Assistant Secretary of Health and concurrent regional director Dr. Paulyn Jean Rosell-Ubial.


EATING malunggay bread is one of the things kids can do to fight anemia, a study said Saturday. Malunggay is a source of moringa edible oil and biodiesel, but its vitamin A content which battles anemia, iron, calcium that was infused with the bread was found to have energized the sixty-four malnourished Grades 1 and […]


RIZAL PROVINCIAL CAPITOL — Pupils who are living near the Laguna de Bay have low intelligence quotient (IQ) and difficulties in comprehension, some school principals said.


WHO, DoH raise alarm as more youths smoke Manila Bulletin By: Jenny F. Manongdo The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Department of Health (DoH) yesterday raised the alarm on local tobacco use as four million Filipino youths were found to be smokers.

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