SJC Thespian Club performs David’s life on stage

March 19 of every year marks an important event at St. Joseph College. This is the feast day of its patron, Saint Joseph. Activities are held during this day. One of the highlights of this event was the presentation of a musical play entitled “David… A Man After God’s Heart.”

The promise God had made hundreds of years earlier to Abraham was brought to a more complete conclusion in the life of David than any other Old Testament figure. Through David, God built his kingdom, shaped his people into a powerful nation, cut off their enemies, and enabled them to live peacefully in the land He had promised to them many years before. In addition to being Israel’s greatest king, David was a man who loved music and who loved to worship God through the psalms, which is really a book of song, has traditionally been attributed to him. In David, Israel finally had a king after God’s own heart, a man who obeyed the Lord and lived by his promises.

The SJC Thespian Club brought to life the story of David through the musical play “David: A Man After God’s Own Heart”’ The one hour and a half musical presentation showed the protagonist’s ascendance from a shepherd boy to Israel’s king. It also depicted his misdeeds, his full acceptance of God’s retribution and his legacy as one of Israel’s greatest kings.

Among the crowd’s favorite scenes were “David and Goliath”

“Now the time to celebrate” in which the casts and dancers went with a Hawaiian-theme; and the vaudeville inspired “Big Hair.”’

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