Saint Rita College, Manila – 100 years of Grace


Saint Rita College, Manila started in 1907 the “Escuela de Sta. Rita.” Motivated by love of God and neighbors, the college pioneers offered free education with only 30 pupils in kindergarten and special courses – Reading, Writing, Spanish, Religion, Music, Painting and Embroidery. These courses were given informally earlier. All instructions during the early years were in Spanish. The first Directress of the school was Sor Paulina del Purisima Corazon de Maria under the Superiorship of Rev. Fr. Celestino Yoldi, OAR.

The year 1908 marked a gradual progress of the school. The school building was constructed and classes were opened with the approval of the Bureau of Private Schools. This started the formal Augustinian Recollect Sisters teaching apostolate and it became the first school of the Congregation of the Augustinian Recollect Sisters in the Philippines.

When the Sisters began to teach English in 1911, the school was registered in the Bureau of Education under the name “Colegio de Santa Rita.” On September 29, 1921, the school’s name was changed to St. Rita Academy.

In 1922, the primary and intermediate courses were recognized by the government. Ten years later in 1932, Domestic Science was offered. When the school offered College Courses in 1945, it was renamed Saint Rita College.

Government recognition was obtained for the General Secondary Course on February 27, 1946 and the first distribution of diplomas was done with the Justice Jose Abad Santos of the Supreme Court as the guest of honor. On July 1, 1946, kindergarten was given government recognition by Manuel Gallego, then Secretary of Instruction. In 1948, Vocational courses and the Elementary Teachers Certificate (E.T.C.) were offered.

The four – year Collegiate Normal Course leading to Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education was opened and given government Recognition in June 8, 1959. Later it opened its Elementary Department to young boys who sought catholic education. Bachelor of Science in Education (BSE) followed, with majors in English, Filipino, Mathematics, History, Home Economics, and minors in Theology, Library Science and Physical Education. The Liberal Arts (AD) Course was granted government recognition on July 3, 1972.

In keeping with modern technology in education, Computer Science was offered in the secondary and tertiary levels curriculum in 1993 and in the elementary and pre-school years later. To meet the demands of the times Hotel and Restaurant Management was offered in 1994.

For 100 years, Saint Rita College has been turning out Christian men and women who have become effective instruments in the spiritual and cultural progress of society here and abroad. With God’s grace, these graduates are now making their presence known as a morally conscious group in the different sectors of society and government.


Today, Saint Rita College shares the teaching mission of the church with its trust on evangelization through Catholic Education of the youth. It strives to be relevant to the needs of the times by preparing the youth for Christ-like living, inculcating gospels values and developing good Filipino citizens based on abiding faith in God and genuine love for country.

Saint Rita College has experienced the ups and downs of enrolment and financial instability, yet with God’s grace it withstood the test of time. In the process of growing, it had its own shares of joys and sorrows, trials and tribulations; yet it braved these challenges with optimism that God the loving Father, continues to sustain and strengthen it in His work of expanding His Kingdom on earth.

The College instituted many improvements and renovations through the years. The school facilities, especially the physical plant, are so well designed and equipped in order for the school to carry out with ease and efficiency and for the staff and students to achieve the learning outcome desired. With the teaching- learning process, best facilitated in a sound environment, the school ensures a healthy atmosphere for the learners and mentors. Every space in the campus is utilized for this purpose. Air conditioned library, continuous acquisition of laboratory apparatus and equipments, Audio Visual room, Computer rooms, Music room, H.E. are all provided for. The school Auditorium can accommodate the whole school community and visitors,whenever activities are held. The College canteen and dining room serve the requirements of students, faculty, and guests alike.

The College boasts of a Comprehensive Faculty Development Plan designed to ensure continuing formation for the faculty to internalize the school’s educational purposes and objectives and the importance of the role they play in the Christian educational apostolate of the Congregation. The development plan is focused on achieving authentic witnesses to the Gospel of Christ, specifically geared towards the full integration and development of the human person.

The St. Rita College, Manila invensted on a Guidance Center deeply helping children learn to cope with parental conflicts and also parents as they face the challenges in the most child-centered ways possible.

The relationship between the school and community is one of dynamic interaction. The school has a mutual harmonious relationship with the wider community. It avails of its resources and assets whenever they are needed. Societal concern and the spirit of cooperation for society’s uplift are given emphasis in the curriculum. Formation of good citizens and law abiding people in the service of the country will concretize the social obligation of the institution.

Since its establishment in 1907, Saint Rita College, Manila has always been a paradigm of excellence. The school maintains a conducive learning environment basked in an atmosphere of warmth and camaraderie. With its mission, and philosophy geared toward providing quality catholic education, Saint Rita College has curved a niche for itself among the schools in the country. During the last 100 years, it has evolved from a Beaterio to a four-storey institution that is home to all Ritarians.

Academic development in the school is coupled with and strengthened by spiritual and emotional growth. Year 2007 marks a milestone as it celebrates its 100th foundation anniversary and commemorates 100 years of grace and service in the name of the Lord. This coincided with the formal visit of PAASCU officials last February 8-9, 2007. On May 18, 2007 the PAASCU Board of Directors informed the School Directress that its Basic Education Department has been granted initial Accreditation for a period of three years.

The success story of Saint Rita College can be credited to everyone who has been part of this community, most especially the selfless individuals who devoted time and talent to uphold the school’s vision and mission. It is also a salute to the perseverance, commitment and determination of Mother Dionisia Mitas and Cecilia Rosa Talangpaz, the Foundresses of the Congregation of the Augustinian Recollect Sisters and attribute to their incessant supplications, the marvels that the Lord has wrought to the school.

The history of Saint Rita College will be incomplete without mentioning the inspiring maternal love of Our Lady of Carmel. The A.R. Congregation, so with Saint Rita College, came to a lovely existence because of her protective mantle under which the Foundresses served the Church. And, it is on the very spot where St. Rita College stands where Mother Dionisia and Cecilia started the first convent school of the Augustinian Recollect Sisters.


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5 Responses to “Saint Rita College, Manila – 100 years of Grace”  

  1. 1 Edelina

    I’m looking for a good catholic school where I can transfer my son. He will be 3rd year high school come school year 2008- 2009. He’s been with St. Anthony’s School in Quezon City since his grade school, but my mom is moving back in Sampaloc, Manila, his guardian. If you can provide me with requirents for admission and how much tuition fee is for incoming 3rd year high school I’ll highly appreciate it. I wish you have links in your website for easy access. Thank you so much and God bless

  2. 2 sharmaine martinez

    ask ko lan kung ito ba ay isang convent school at nag papa stay kayo nang mga estyudante

  3. 3 herminia tagudena gutierrez

    Dear father
    kindly include us in your daily prayers , massess, rosaries , sacrifices for us for the rest of your life as long as you live.
    We really need your prayers :
    i met many accidents in my life ,i encounter occult /cult and curses,Somebody made my enemies, i struggle in different kinds of sickness
    i spent sleepless nights in taking care of my son if he’s sick and doing his school papers, i didn’t mind hardship in giving our names to all priest and nuns, i spent too much money in buying foods he likes for his health, i spent money in internet just to ask prayers to all convent in diff. countries and philippines. Now I am here asking prayers to pray for JOSEPH ANGELO TAGUDENA GUTIERREZ (my son ) and JOHN PAUL TAGUDENA ..RUDY SANTILLAN MERIDIANO (adopted) both needs your prayers May they have a good job and strong willed and i am HERMINIA TAGUDENA GUTIERREZ &RICARDO B.GUTIERREZ asking GOd for faith ,mercy forgiveness of our sins , may god always save our mind, body, life and soul ,finacial ,temporal god help us to received communion blessings and thanksgiving for everything,may god be with us always and save us. god bless . thank you
    kindly give all my Prayers to all Sisters of St. Rita near your School .
    God blesss > THank you.

  4. 4 Liza Garcia

    Here I am surfing the internet and thought of my old school. I graduated in early 60. It is really nice to see that the old school is thriving!! Congratulations on its 100th year.

  5. 5 marly garcia

    hi there,I just want to ask ,how much is the tuition fee in your school?Including books ang uniform?please let me know becoz i keep on asking different schools for my daughter.Currently she is in Grade 6,Pls email me or can you give me your num?thanks

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