Don Antonio O. Floirendo, Sr. Foundation continues to strengthen its scholarship program as it welcomes 70 new scholars for the school year 2012-2013.

On its 11th year of providing scholarship grants to dependents of employees of the ANFLOCOR Group of Companies, the Floirendo Foundation now has a total number of 169 scholars under its program.

“The Floirendo Foundation is very happy that the number of scholars is growing year on year,” said Russell U. Barrizo, Programs Director for the foundation, which is the corporate social responsibility arm of the ANFLOCOR Group of Companies.

Barrizo said the main thrust of this scholarship program is to assist the employees of the ANFLOCOR Group of Companies in giving their dependent children the best realm of education.

“This is one way of thanking the employees of the ANFLOCOR Group of Companies for their dedicated service and commitment. As they are the principal resource of the organization, the company wants to provide them opportunities for their own growth and the growth of their families as well,” he explained.

Among the privileges accorded a Floirendo Foundation scholar are exemption from tuition fees, semestral allowances for books, subsidy for transportation and other miscellaneous fees, and regular monthly stipend.

Side by side with these, scholars will have the opportunity to enroll in any course or degree program that they want to take in 20 affiliated schools located in Davao City, Bukidnon, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Iloilo, Laguna, and Metro Manila.

Patricia Dian L. Morgia, one of the new freshmen scholars, extended her gratitude to the foundation saying, “I am very fortunate to receive this scholarship grant. This would be a great help to my parents.”

Likewise, Barrizo encouraged all the Floirendo Foundation scholars to give their best to maintain a good academic standing so that they will continue to enjoy the scholarship grant.

Besides sustaining their scholarship, Barrizo also reminded the scholars to “study well to finish their studies on time and be able to help their families and respective communities as well.”

“On our part, this is just the start of our journey towards success. We will not waste this golden opportunity given to us. Instead, this scholarship will be our pedestal to achieve our goals and, of course, to make the Floirendo Foundation and our parents proud,” said Jerwin B. Jeruela, another scholar of the foundation.

The Floirendo Foundation College Scholarship Program was established in 2005. To date, 19 scholars have graduated from the program and most of them are now employed in the ANFLOCOR Group of Companies.

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