Employer satisfaction was high when it comes to work performance of technical vocational education and training (TVET) graduates and a big majority of the employers said they would continue hiring them, the 2011 Employer Satisfaction Survey (ESS) showed.

A statement from the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (Tesda) said the survey, conducted in more than 5,000 establishments, revealed that a high percentage of the establishment or 86.1 percent said that they are either “very satisfied” or 43.3 percent or “somewhat satisfied” or 42.8 percent with the work and performance of the graduates.

Tesda said when asked if they will continue to hire technical vocational graduates, 86.9 percent responded positively.

A total of 5,451 public and private establishments that employed TVET graduates in the last three years from 2009 to 2011 were polled for the ESS.

Secretary Joel Villanueva, Director General of the Tesda said the ESS serves as one of the agency’s monitoring and feedback mechanisms to generate inputs and comments from industries on the performance of TVET graduates.

“If the employers are happy, then our graduates must be really good,” Villanueva said.

Tesda said the results of the survey will also inspire TVET trainers and Tesda personnel to work harder in providing quality and relevant training to the students, he said.

“We want our students to feel they made the right choice in engaging in TVET programs because these can offer them a rewarding career,” Villanueva added.

The 2011 ESS showed that 92 percent of the graduates possessed the theoretical and practical knowledge in performing their tasks at work, were highly trainable for the skills needed for the job, and have a positive work attitude.

For their 2012 operations, the establishments identified the following in-demand occupations: Mason, Welder, Plumber, Electrician, Carpenter, Computer Service Technician, Consumer Electronics Service Technician, Auto Mechanic, Food and Beverage Service Worker, Heavy Equipment Operator, Security Guard, Housekeeper, Driver, Beauty Care, Hairstylist, and Rigger.

To further improve the quality of TVET graduates in the country and meet the needs of the industries, they said that there is need for more in-depth training and exposure of the students on their chosen course and improvement in their communication skills.

The establishments surveyed also proposed training program for unskilled workers of local government units to offer them similar opportunities to find employment.

They also said that the assessment and certification of Tesda graduates should continue.

In the months to come, they said that technical vocational training programs should be more accessible, especially in far-flung communities in the country.

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