The Abra State Institute of Science and Technology (Asist) had ventured into a special project to make the school truly responsive to the economic needs of the community where it operates.

Dr. Aurelio Labanen, Asist president, entered into a partnership project with the Pamora Farms in Brgy. Garreta, Pidigan early this month.The Pamora Farms, owned and managed by Tina Morados and Frenchman Gerard Papilon,have been raising organic free-range chicken for 12 years now.

In a memorandum of agreement signed between Asist and Pamora Farms witnessed by French Ambassador Gilles
Garachon, Pamora is going to provide the chicks and serve as the market outlet for the produce.

The production of the organic free-range chicken in Asist will be handled by the department on income generating projects (IGP) under Dr. Lorenzo Tuzon.

Pamora had agreed to enter into contract-growing with Asist in consideration of their technical expertise, being the only agricultural college in the province. Moreover, Asist also produces the basic feeds requirements in raising organic chicken such as corn and soya beans. Asist has adequate space and an environment conducive to raising free-range chicken.

Labanen believes this project will be a good start for Asist to really come up with programs that would help the people of Abra in alleviating poverty through agriculture by teaching not only their students but the families of the students as well, in several agricultural technologies that would create livelihood activities and ultimately increase incomes of families.

Morados, on the other hand, assured the people, that raising the organic free range chicken would not only bring about increased family incomes since raising this kind of chicken is easy and less costly as they are organic and are raised the way native chickens are raised. They are could be harvested within a period of only two to three months.

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