The Kiangan Schools District Office (KSDO) reported the increase in enrollment of students for school year 2012 – 2013 and school improvements in its accomplishment report.

Geraldine Gawe, KSDO coordinating supervisor, said there are 15 elementary schools (ES) and one national high school (NHS) in the municipality.

The 15 ES have a total pupil enrollment for the current school year of 2,576 as compared with 2,351 for school year 2011-2012.

Kiangan Central School has the highest number of pupils with 662, followed by Baguinge ES with 304, Bolog ES with 263, Duit ES with 231 and Mungayang ES with 204.

The Kiangan NHS, on the other hand, has a total student population of 145 in 2011-2012 but now increased to 233 for year.

Gawe said elementary pupils in the Kiangan District exhibited great improvement in academic performance throughout the Schools Division of Ifugao, earning various awards in division schools competitions.

She added that teachers performance were closely monitored and have shown improvement as 75 teachers attended different trainings provided by the Schools Division, 20 percent of the teachers are enrolled in graduate studies, more are involved in community activities and master teachers are utilized as demo teachers.

The supervisor said with close cooperation and strong support of all the stakeholders such as the Parent-Teachers Community Association (PTCA), the municipal and barangay officials and other some national government agencies, the KSDO was able to construct and repair comfort rooms, dental troughs, classrooms, a gymnasium, learning parks and reading centers, housing of water pump and fencing of the perimeters of some schools.

With regular meetings and the annual interface district meeting among school administrators and the different PTCAs, the local government units officials and other stakeholders, Gawe hopes that cooperation and support will be sustained for the continued development and progress of the educational services in the municipality.

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