A student leader here initiated the sourcing of books from the Children International Philippines in Quezon City and distributed general reference books to government schools in three municipalities in the province.

Jessie Bognadon, 21, a graduate of the St. Mary’s University in Nueva Vizcaya and who hails from this municipality, led the distribution of two crates of donated books from the said institution to Wangwang Elementary School in Tinoc town, Antipolo Elementary School in Asipulo and 14 schools in town.

Bognadon said parents of majority of the pupils cannot afford to prioritize buying books with the little amount they earn.

Having access to quality books will enable pupils to improve performance, making them more competitive and it opens more opportunities for them to learn, he said.

“We have determined that one of the urgent needs of the schoolchildren in these adopted public schools is quality books that would greatly aid them in their studies. It is a sad reality that books are scarce in these far-flung public elementary schools. The insufficient supply of books afforded to many pupils create a significant obstacle for them as they attempt to meet the standard the Department of Education has set in attaining quality education,” Bognadon said.

His initiatives seek to improve education through library adequacy program.

“The schools will put up their own libraries where these books will be kept for students or pupils to read,” he said.

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