Carlos Hilado Memorial State College

Harnessing the Negrense manpower

Humble beginnings

As a tertiary educational institution, the Carlos Hilado Memorial State College (CHMSC) endeavors to develop the total personality of the individual to be a responsible member of society through a well-rounded education consistent with his or her innate talent, sex, culture, and heritage. This mission lives on…

Celebrating its Silver Year as a state college in 2008, CHMSC has stood the test of times, has forged unity among its campuses despite curricular diversity, and true to its mandate, has continuously carved its name in providing the Negrenses progressive leadership and manpower resource training in its areas of specialization to endow them with a sense of self-respect, independence, self-sufficiency, and an appreciation of the dignity of labor.

Today, it continues to realize this lofty aspiration of touching meaningfully the lives of the Negrenses to become productive and responsible citizens of their respective communities, of the province, of the nation, and of the world. Its graduates empowered on the geographical surfaces of the globe epitomize a story of how humble lives deprived of opportunity turned into lives of economic vigor and sustainability, of human development and fulfillment.

The history of CHMSC, the first state college in the Province of Negros Occidental, dates back to 1983 when Batas Pambansa Blg 477 converted the three existing schools in the province into Paglaum State College (PSC). These three institutions, establishment started as early as 1954, were the Negros Occidental College of Arts and Trades (NOCAT), the Bacolod City School of Arts and Trades (BCNTS), and the Negros Occidental Provincial Community College (NOPCC).

It was in 1994 when the Paglaum State College was renamed Carlos Hilado Memorial State College by virtue of Republic Act No. 7707 authored by Congressman Jose Carlos V. Lacson of the Third District of Negros Occidental to honor the then Congressman Carlos A. Hilado. As the representative of the Second District of Negros Occidental, Hilado authored in 1954 the bill creating the first Trade-Technical School in Negros Occidental, the Negros Occidental School of Arts and Trades in the town of Talisay.

In 2000, another satellite campus was added to CHMSC with the integration of the Negros Occidental School of Fisheries (NOSOF) in Binalbagan, a bustling municipality south of Capital City, Bacolod.

Present times

Today, CHMSC, one of the three state colleges in the province, boasts of four satellite campuses which provide four-column support to put into reality the mandate of the institution of improving and enhancing the socio-economic life in the province and cities of Negros Occidental and Western Visayas through professional, technical and vocational training and education responsive to the needs of the teaching profession, agro-industrial, manufacturing, transport, and service industries.

CHMSC Main Campus, the administrative seat of the institution, was established in 1954 originally as the Negros Occidental School of Arts and Trades. It is situated on a five-hectare lot in Talisay City, seven kilometers away from Bacolod City and seven kilometers away from Silay City, the site of the “New Airport of International Standards” in Negros Occidental. The campus stands along the main road connecting various municipalities and cities of the whole Negros island. It specializes in Elementary and Secondary Teacher Education Programs, and Industrial Technology which have been granted re-accredited status by the AACCUP in 2005. Its Elementary Teacher Education Program has been a performer in the LET, national level, having earned 8th rank in 1988 and 2nd rank in 2006, Category B of 100 to 200 examinees. New program at present include Civil Engineering, Information Management, Hotel and Restaurant Management.

In the graduate level, the main campus offers Doctor of Education, Doctor of Philosophy in Technology Management, Master in Public Administration, Master of Arts in Education, and Master of Arts in Teaching English, Mathematics, General Science, and Technology and Livelihood Education.

The Fortune Towne Campus was the former Negros Occidental Community College, a school within the premises of the Negros Occidental High School located at the heart of Bacolod City. It originally offered Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science in Commerce and Technical-Vocational Programs using also the facilities of said high school. Today, the campus boasts of its own home, a 1.5 hectare lot it can call its own at Barangay Estefania at the outskirt of metropolitan Bacolod City. It has evolved into CHMSC’s Center of Commerce, Accountancy and Business Administration Programs.

Presently, this campus offers BS in Accountancy, BS in Business Administration, BS in Office Administration, BS in Entrepreneurship, and BS in Information System. In the graduate level, the campus offers Master in Business Administration and Master in Public Administration.

The Alijis Campus of the College, formerly known as the Bacolod City National Trade School, was established in 1968 under Republic Act 3886 authored by then Congressman Inocencio V. Ferrer. The campus occupies a five-hectare lot at Barangay Alijis, Bacolod City. Prior to its integration with the state college, the BCNTS was identified as the Technician Education Institute in the province offering complete secondary education program and two-year trade-technical education along various technology courses. The campus specializes in the Associate in Industrial Technology, a ladderized course leading to BS in Industrial Technology and BS in Information Technology.

The Binalbagan Campus was formerly the Negros Occidental School of Fisheries which offered complete secondary education and fishery education courses. Located at coastal Barangay Enclaro, Municipality of Binalbagan, the campus is almost 71 kilometers away from the main Campus. Today, it plays as an arm in the implementation of fishery –related curricular programs, and has earned a name as CHMSC’s College of Fisheries campus. The campus offers Secondary Teacher Education focusing on Physical and Biological Sciences, and BS programs in Fisheries, Information Technology, and Business Administration.

With 418 personnel, the college for the current semester is serving 7,499 enrollees mostly coming from the three highly supportive Congressional Districts of Negros Occidental – the Third District of Rep. Jose Carlos V. Lacson, Fifth District of Rep. Iggy T. Arroyo, and the Lone District of Bacolod City of Rep. Monico O. Puentebella.

Hence, from post-war Negros Occidental educational landscape to present, the institution has become a symbol of hope for a better life among the less privileged Negrenses. It has become testimonial to the collective endeavors of all people responsible for its growth and development with the noble purpose of harnessing the Negrense manpower.

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14 Responses to “Carlos Hilado Memorial State College”  

  1. 1 chrisnadee veloso

    hi!!mga CCHMSCians kanami sang skul nyo… d’ best!!!! do your best for your own success!!!! see you next year! add nyo naman ako sa friendster zapphire_wargirl@yashoo.com.ph THANKZ for giving me oppor. to give my comments…..tnkzzzz

  2. 2 Danilo Española

    Helo CHMSCians go! go! go! Lets do it. “Kamusta po sa lahat na Batch 1997″ E-mail naman ke u sakin.[dani_espanola @yahoo.com.] Kita_kita-kits…

  3. 3 chummy

    I am proud to be CHMSCian

  4. 4 roan

    ei chmscian…

    goodluck sa tanan nga magraduate….

    congrats sa aton tanan..

    chmsc, keep up the good work..

    i don’t have any regret being a chmscian…

    godbless… :)

  5. 5 jenalyn dalen

    I attended the induction training of the newly-hired public school teachers conducted by CHMSC, it was great. I am only disappointed to discover that the CDs promised and given to us do not contain all the topics as promised. We felt that we are being fooled. I personally understand that the cd could not really contain bulk of information in the powerpoint format/program. A word program may do well or much better, they just told us that we will be given only topics in random… the ill thing here is “the not saying of the truth.”

  6. 6 Sr. Regina M. Cesar,OSA

    More power to Carlos Hilado Memorial State College!
    “kamusta sa tanan na Batch ’98 kag sa tanan namon na mga mapisan nga guro”
    We the Cesar’s family are proud to be CHMSCian.
    Goodluck and GOD BLESS TO ALL!

  7. 7 ronald

    can i transfer in your school after my 1st semester? i am an IT

  8. 8 zanNarai

    proud to be a chmsciaN….mwaAahugz

  9. 9 zanNarai

    take care chmscians

  10. 10 dq

    hi sa mga CHMSCIANS in fortune towne, nag graduate me since 2000 pa! the best talaga ang school natin, kya proud na proud talaga me! pls add me… velanoj@yahoo.com

  11. 11 doodoy

    chmsc alijis batch 2010 diin na kamu???? hahahaha new num ko 09491240601

  12. 12 freddie ceralbo

    hi to all CHMSCIANS.mangkot lng aq guys kon anu ang exact email add sng school ta?im n former student of this school BATCH 2002.4get kna abe.if their someone know please email me at freddie_sarha@yahoo.com more power s school naton and also t all teacher’s in CHMSC.god speed…

  13. 13 angie pena betonio

    hello to all CHMSCIANS, Im also a graduate batch 98, I would like to knw my batch mate name who graduate as Associate in Secretarial Science. More power to our School who is now one of a largest and good education shool in Bacolod . God Bless

  14. 14 Sergio Nicolas C. Sobrepena

    it’s nice to be part of the milestone of CHMSC. Iam very proud of it. I finished my high school here Class 1978, my two-year trade technical education of class 1980, BSIE class of 1983, Master in Education, class 1996 and my Doctor of Philosophy in Technology Management, class 2008.

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