Humble beginnings

In 1957, the Congregation of the Dominican Sisters of St. Catherine of Siena, headed by Mo. Natividad Pilapil, O.P., responded to the invitation of the Archbishop of Manila, the late Rufino Cardinal Santos to establish a Catholic School that would help the church in its mission of evangelization. Hence, St. Catherine’s Academy, now Siena College Taytay, was founded. The school’s first main building, named after St. Lorenzo Ruiz, was built beside the St. John the Baptist Parish Church in Taytay, Rizal.

Through the collaboration of Mo. Ma. Stella Salao, O.P., the Superior of the Dominican Sisters’ Community in Taytay, and Fr. Pedro Hilario, the Parish Priest of St. John the Baptist Church, Taytay, Rizal, St. Catherine’s Academy was opened with M. Stella as its first principal and directress. About 183 first year and second year students were enrolled in its first year of operation. After a year, it started accepting third year and fourth year levels as well as grade school pupils. In March 1960, the first Commencement Exercises were held for fifty (50) graduates.

The Growth

St. Catherine’s Academy grew with time. In 1965, its Kindergarten, Elementary and Secondary Levels were fully established and accredited by the Department of Education and Culture.

The succeeding decades saw the unprecedented growth and development of the institution. Several expansions, in the form of buildings, programs and services, have been made. Enrollment numbers increased annually in both grade school and high school department and with this, a corresponding increase in school personnel.

On December 7, 1980, with the inauguration and blessing of a four-storey building, the St. Dominic Building, on a 1.5 hectare site along E. Rodriguez Avenue, the central administration offices and the junior and senior levels were relocated to the new site.

The Birth of the College Department

In response to the growing needs of the communities in the province of Rizal, the College Department was opened in 1982. The courses offered were the four – year Bachelor degrees in Business Administration, Computer Education, Secretarial Administration, as well as certificates in Clerical, Junior Secretarial, two – year Basic Programming course and short term courses. Along with this development was the construction of a two – storey building to house the seniors and the Sisters’ Convent. It was also during this transition that the name St. Catherine’s Academy was changed to Siena College of Taytay (SCT).

Present times

Nestled on a four-hectare lot, Siena College Taytay promises an educational offering that will produce graduates who are globally competitive, confident and compassionate. With its modern and updated equipment, facilities and buildings, the College is very much capable of assisting its students to gain knowledge and do on-the-job applications of whatever learning they have gathered.

The Basic Education Department, now on its Level Two PAASCU Accreditation, provides one of the best, if not the best, quality educational foundation in Rizal. With a population of about 3,000 pupils and students, the school aims to make these children be at their best as they enter the Tertiary Education, if not the Technical Field, at least. The school offers Special Programs such as advanced subjects in Mathematics like Statistics and Calculus, enhanced English Curriculum which includes Journalism and Research and enriched MAPEH/MAPE where pupils and students get to choose sports activities of their own liking instead of just having them attend a PE class which is not much of their interest. Remedial and review programs are also implemented to prepare students and pupils for diagnostics, NCAE and the like and even just to assist them cope with the next grading period.

Its Service Education Department endeavors to make tertiary education offering at par with competitive markets in Rizal. And next school year, its Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) and Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management (BSHRM) courses will be under PAASCU preliminary survey to finally gain accreditation and formally allow the college to claim quality education offered in the College Department. With its newly – built St. Jacques Training Center, BSHRM students will surely experience learning from start to end. On the Job-Training here and abroad are also facilitated and the college has so far assisted some graduates to train in South Korea, Singapore and the United States.

With God’s grace and Divine Providence, Siena College Taytay will eventually achieve its goal to be an Educational Institution with a carrier flag as A Center of Excellence not only among schools and colleges in Rizal but also among O.P. Siena Schools all over the Philippines.

In its quest for excellence, Siena College Taytay proudly shares that the team of Juan Carlo Deoferio (4th year) and Kresta Joy Zumel (3rd year) won as grand champion in the LSCS-TECHNOKids Cup 2007, the Interschool I.T. Quiz Bee, against students of more than twenty other schools, and won as over-all champion in DAOP-PALAD 2007. The swimming team won the title in view of the number of gold medals won in the different swimming events while the newly formed choir under Mr. Danilo Gonzaga garnered third place at the Young Students Choral Festival Competition besting other more experienced and older choirs in Metro Manila and other nearby provinces. Also, the volunteer student leaders, together with volunteer teachers and personnel, participated in an Educational and Cultural Tour of China, Hong Kong and Macau during the semestral break and Ramoncito Platino and Jennilyn Andes won 2nd Place in the PSITE 2nd I.T. Regional Competition.

Other recent achievements of the college include the construction of St. Jacques International training for Hospitality, improvement of St. Martin Sports Complex for a bigger and better venue to facilitate PE classes, preliminary visit by the PAASCU for the BA and HRM last March 1 and 2, 2007. Twenty one selected students of HRM and BA were deployed to Singapore for OJT, while the Mother Francisca Outreach Center serves medically 30-35 sick people weekly aside from the Operation Gamutan being conducted twice a year. A continuous professional updating of faculty and non-teaching staff is encouraged to be more competent and qualified to serve the clientele and the Bicol tragedy provided an opportunity for the school to extend its Community Service Program with volunteer teachers, personnel, parents and students putting aside their Christmas vacation activities to be with less fortunate brothers and sisters. Also, the All Basic Education Department teachers have either completed or are in the process of completing their graduate studies. Teachers continue to improve their craft through seminars and workshops attended here and outside the school. The college also takes pride in 55 percent passing rate of Nursing Board takers, taking the lead among colleges in Rizal which offer Nursing courses. Also, the different subject areas have come out with their own workbooks or modules to be used in their teaching.

Courses offered

Through its 50 years of service and commitment to the people of Rizal and its periphery, Siena College Taytay has successfully earned its reputation of being “The Academic Community Within Your Reach”. The institution, with its varied and relevant programs, qualified and dedicated personnel, and state of the art facilities, has taken the lead in educating students towards competence, moral ascendancy and responsiveness to societal needs.

The Service Education Department, on its 25th year of operation, has now eight fields of specialization. It aims to bring forth professionals trained to spearhead innovations and create positive differences in society, upholding the highest standards of morality and ethics in their chosen career.

The college offers Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (BSEED) major in Special Education, Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education (BSE) major in English, Math, Science, Religious and Values Education, Guidance and Counseling. BSE/BSEED programs are designed to equip students with a comprehensive knowledge in the different fields of learning and to provide intensive training in the application of educational theories and concepts in actual classroom situations.

Other courses offered are:

Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing program is designed to equip its graduates in depth and extensive study of health care, prevention of diseases, and patient rehabilitation . A mastery of the art and skills of nursing care management in all health agencies is of prime objective as well as the attitude of compassion and sensitivity towards patients’ needs and conditions.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS). The program provides students with comprehensive training exposure on systems design and analysis to effectively create functional computer systems. It has an extensive mathematical embodiment based on the precept that scientific and computational processes, as well as theories of computer science provide excellent foundation for graduate research and actual practice.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (BSCOE). The program covers fundamental concepts of electricity, principles and application of analog and digital electronics components, computer networking and techniques required to interface a microprocessor and the like. It aims to train students in computer architecture, software design and programming , while developing them as future network and technical support engineers, systems analysts, IT consultants or academicians.

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering (BSIE). The program deals with human relations, management, methods, improvement programs, cost estimates, financial analysis and measurement techniques which enables students to develop an understanding of the implications of technological parameters, problems, opportunities and operations to the entire management system and vice versa. Graduates have opportunities as industrial engineers, project managers, production control staff, sales engineers, and academicians.

Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering (BSECE). Students in this program are expected to adapt themselves in the different fields of electronics and information technology such as telecommunications, radio broadcasting and other media engineering technology. They are given exposure on industrial electronics and instrumentation to keep themselves updated with the latest applications of electronics. Graduates can be electronics engineers, manufacturing engineers, project engineers and academicians.

Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management (BSHRM). The HRM program offers a full range of academic and practical comprehension on Hotel and Restaurant Management. It focuses on the development of both the culinary and managerial skills of students, as evidenced by the rigorous and extensive practicum program in hotels, restaurants, resorts, specialty shops and others hospitality establishments, both local and international. Equipped with its own training laboratory, the St. Jacques International Training Center, the college HRM program and its students enjoy a full range of facilities for simulation exercises in the various areas of the industry.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. The field of study provides balanced coverage of all areas relevant to current development and practice of business. It also enhances a deep understanding and application of values and convictions in making business decisions. The program aims to equip students with sound business acumen and to prepare them to cope with the demands of the industry both in the local and international scene.

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41 Responses to “Siena College Taytay – 50 years in the service of truth”  

  1. 1 maria rowena b. santos-barazon

    50 years!!! congratulations!!!! am proud to be a catherinian,,,all of us in the family went to st. catherine’s from kinder to high school. all 4 of us. the school has gone a looong way!!!! way to go!!!!

  2. 2 george morres

    i studied in this school from grade 1 to grade 3, 1981-1983 and got some numerous awards…. i remember the school was in the heart of Taytay area, beside the church.. and it was formerly known St. Catherine Academy… I was saddened when the last time i visited my former school, of which i transfer to visayas ’til i graduate high school… the school was not there,instead a vacant lot near the church…i don’t know what happened, but some says the school suffer a tragic fire, i really missed my former classmates there.. sharon morales, april, emilio gatapia, redi jade… if somebody knows these people pls email me sagkahan_91@yahoo.com

  3. 3 Emille Angeli Sy

    sienan ako ! and am proud ! weeee ! tiga siena taytay ako !

  4. 4 Rian Michael S. Ayonayon

    Ako ay isang sienan masaya ako dahil un ang napili kong paaralan………..

  5. 5 Megan Kristine

    I’m proud coz
    im sienan ..
    nood kayo ng cultural
    sa college fair nmin !!
    makikita nyo kng gano ka astig siena !!
    hehe …
    febuary 11-15 ..
    see yah all :)


    congrats: In behalf of batch 1991 , hail!!!! Siena College of Taytay


  7. 7 marion atordido

    sienan ako yehh!

  8. 8 leah clemente

    i’m proud to be a sienan! congratulations on your 50th year anniversary!

  9. 9 peace

    wala na bahng ibaba ang tuition ngyn????????? pah braek nmn… kht 1 month… im a nursing student

  10. 10 hello!!

    ano number ng Siena? gusto iaral yung kapatid ko dun eh,.

  11. 11 Dave Tapia

    magkano ba ang monthly tuition fees ng Grade 4 at Grade 6 student diyan? Magkano naman ang enrolment fees, yung mga dapat bayaran sa simula ng klase? Plano ko kasing ipasok ng 2 skolars sa eskwela ninyo.
    marami pong salamat


  12. 12 Charleen-Bel Alcantara-Sulit

    In behalf of my classmates and batchmates of HS 1996-1997,Happy 50th year! Congratulations! Siena College of Taytay is my Alma Mater….

  13. 13 clyde

    mahal nmn masyado tuition hehehe

  14. 14 Frances Marquez

    yah00:D grabe ang bilis ng panahon, 50 years na ang siena taytay. maraming akong memories dito sa school na ito. Kaya I’m proud to be a sienan.

  15. 15 Christopher G. Agupitan

    Hello sa lahat ng Sienans especially sa 4G batch 85, mag-reunion naman tayo – tupe. chris_agupitan@yahoo.com

  16. 16 nelzcee paringit

    im a sienan at heart! i’m proud to be part of this community! AJA SIENA!!

  17. 17 jeffrey perida


  18. 18 mylene villegas

    yeah!!!! i’m proud to tell you dat im a sienan… in luv all sienans too.. muah to all hyskul lvel..

  19. 19 Angela Baluyut

    hey !! gawa nman sana ng website ang Siena. para mpakita ko sa mga bgo kong classmate ung dati kong school =]] haha !! proud to be sienan.

  20. 20 ana

    well im a scholastican..but nice seeing these article as a part of research.nice page.

  21. 21 Grace Ramos

    Ui PAASCU Level III na Siena!!!

  22. 22 Mark anthony Alvez

    The awesome cool dud of sienataytaycollege have deleted my profile :(……


    Proud to be siena

  23. 23 Joefel Daraug

    first of all, Siena College Taytay has its own website, its http://www.sienataytay.edu.ph and its e-mail add. is sienataytayifo@yahoo.com so dun sa nagcomment above, be happy and proud to our alma mater….LOL…
    As a student Assistant here, Siena College Taytay molded me not only on my mental and physical aspects but most especially im my spiritual life…. May mga taong nagsasabi na Siena Taytay daw is expensive, but then where can you find a school (teachers, administrators) who treated your child as a real son/daughter?.. its only here in SCT..
    To my co- students, we need to appreciate and put not only in our minds but in our hearts all the good outputs we learned from this school.
    To all the parents, i highly recommend Siena Taytay as your top school for your child… Here, your child becomes competitive and God-fearing through the faculty who dedicated their lives to teach to their students..heehehe
    Tnx a lot Siena College Taytay… more power to all the faculty and administration especially to the Dominican Sisters of St. Catherine of Siena.!!!…

    by: joefz first year BSBA

  24. 24 Joefel Daraug

    Siya nga po pala ito po Tel numbers ng siena, 660-47-60, 658-87-65, 660-4762, 658-87-28 and it fax number is 660-47-61… have fun with Siena ..LOL

  25. 25 Romelyn Santos

    SIENAN ako. Weeh. sienataytay.edu.ph ang website ng siena.. :) hehe. i just graduated ngayong school yr 08-09. saya mging sienan, itry nyo. lahat ng ugali meron dito.. kaya walang na o- OP dito. haha. i miss you 6-PEARL 08-09. haha, sa april 3 may inssuance of cards. haha. kita kits.

  26. 26 Avelino Santos

    Good day! i’m the father of one your student in (sienna Taytay) i want to ask your account email address or a contact person to ask something about the tuition fee amount of my daugther (Mica Lein Santos) this coming school year she will in 3rd year. i hope you can help me.



  27. 27 Mark Daniel Ibañez

    I am a fresh graduate from Siena College Taytay
    and I am proud to be a Sienan…
    Molded to become competent and compassionate Christians…


    “Once a Sienan would always be a Sienan…”
    -that was taken from the introductory of my valedictory speech… :)

  28. 28 selena gomez

    may ron bang pasok ngayong july 17 2009 ang 1st year lab high

  29. 29 you :D

    dian akooh mag study ng first year high schooL! gustoo kooh ma TRY maging SiENAN. haha :DD

  30. 30 you :D

    dian akooh mag study ng first year high schooL! gustoo kooh ma TRY maging SiENAN. haha :DD

  31. 31 you :D

    Mag kano baa ang tuition fee?

  32. 32 neneng

    whats the official website ba or email add of siena taytay?

  33. 33 SERG

    hi ask ko lang kung ano number ng siena college taytay??? bec. im planning to enroll my daughter there.. she’ll be grade 1 next year.. please text me 09052699869 / 09223577003 im just too busy to go there.. hope someone could help.. thanks! God bless

  34. 34 julie ann

    hi..may i ask you? do have a deaf there in siena college??

  35. 35 gwyne domingo

    yeah!naman go go siena college!

  36. 36 joy and tonton

    hapi 50th anniversary SIENA!!! from batch 2000 – 2004 College of BSHRM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. 37 kris angela basira

    …im really so proud of being sienan
    go siena!!

  38. 38 Che.

    I`m proud to be sienan! Masaya and super enjoyable ang mga activites! :))

  39. 39 Criselda Tesoro

    Senior in Siena right now, and I can say that in the four years I have spent there, I’ve become someone who is emotionally and psychologically balanced :)) The competitive academic structure, coupled with the really enjoyable and educational activities, really mold a person well. Even the most disagreeable sociopath will find himself changed for the better — growing in a nurturing environment and centered in Christ.

    I would know.

    I’m a living proof of that, after all.

    Masaya ko na nakapag-aral ako sa Siena :D

    Advanced congratulations to the graduating class of 2010-2011!:)

  40. 40 nald

    Congratulations !!!! to my alma mater ang laki na ng pinagbago ng SIENA lalo pa ito gumaganda. Kailan kaya magiging FIRST CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY IN RIZAL????

  41. 41 nald

    Kailan kaya magiging First Catholic University in Rizal ang Siena ????

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