La Consolacion welcomes Korean students

After opening its doors to Kenyan and Nepalese scholars a few years back, La Consolacion College Manila welcomed anew another group of scholars—the Korean exchange students from Geochang Provincial College of South Korea.

The students, who are Computer Display Electronics, Civil Engineering, e-Business and Architecture majors, stayed in LCCM for of ten weeks and enrolled in subjects like Basic Grammar, Communication Skills I, Computer Application, Asian Culture and Physical Education, with each one earning a total of 15 units.

Aside from these five subjects, they also attended audit classes of their choice during their free time. These audit classes gave them a chance to interact and work with Filipino students while at the same time helped them practice and enhance their English communication skills.

For a more holistic experience, the Koreans also engaged in cultural activities which exposed them to the unique sights, sounds, colors and tastes of the local culture.

The Student Exchange Program between LCCM and GPC is geared towards academic development in terms of program and curriculum innovation, enhanced instructional methodology and academic leadership, as well as a rich and healthy intercultural exchange between the two institutions.

The roster of Korean exchange students include the following: Park Sang Hyun (Peter); Byeon Jin Yong (Yong); Chu Dong Hui (Luther); Kim Kyeong Su (Andy); Park Sang Beom (Eeek); Seo Min Jae (Din); Oh Ju Sik (Sun); Lee Dong Hun (Billy); Lee Sun An (Terry); Seo Pyoung Won (Tom); Lee Yong Suk (Austin); Jung Ji Young (Joy); Ahn Hye Ri (Hyeri); Yun Ju Hyang (June); Cho Hyeong Seop (Joe).

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