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10 years of bringing the youth closer to their dreams…

Humble beginnings

he National College of Science & Technology (NCST) was born in the university belt of the province of Cavite, the historic and fast growing municipality of Dasmariñas. Cavite, due to its strategic location in the CALABARZON Region, hosts numerous technology-based industries and companies operating in different technoparks that will be the end-user of the NCST graduates.

A brain child of then 23-year-old visionary entrepreneur Emerson B. Atanacio, NCST has slowly yet steadily carved its niche in the fast growing and very competitive educational arena in the province and the entire region.

NCST started with an initial enrollment of five hundred fifty (550) students, majority of whom were from Dasmariñas and neighboring towns. Most of the students came from the financially challenged bracket of society who were nevertheless determined to conquer poverty through education. NCST’s mission of providing accessible quality education for all was a blessing for these youths. While the school’s tuition fee was very affordable, the school provided expensive and state of the art facilities which other private schools offered. The students of NCST were trained and educated in a one four-storey building along Aguinaldo Highway in Dasmariñas, Cavite. During its initial months of operation, the academic and non-academic team of NCST was composed of only twenty-two (22) personnel who offered their services on a voluntary basis, thereby proving that together with the pillars of the school, the institution has also imbibed among its people the value of commitment and service.

Present times

With many curricular offerings duly registered with both the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), NCST’s student population has grown to more than five thousand (5,000) under the conventional curricular offerings. Majority of the students come from Dasmariñas and neighboring provinces in Southern Tagalog.

As the school remains faithful to its mission of providing industry responsive graduates, in 2005, it ventured into its “first institutionally developed” course offering which is the Certificate in Manufacturing Technology and the Diploma in Production Technology. Both curricular programs are under the Dual Training System and duly registered with TESDA. Through this training modality, the students are being trained in two avenues of learning – the school and the industry. With an initial enrollment of only 10 students in November 2005, the DTS department has now reached more than 2,000 students as of September 2007.

The college also underwent infrastructure development. NCST’s main campus now has two buildings, both four-storeys, with forty-two (42) fully air-conditioned classrooms and fifteen (15) laboratories. In order to give students adequate and relevant training in their respective fields of study, a special laboratory for each course is provided which includes a network of four hundred (400) computer systems five (5) servers that guarantee a 1:1 student/computer ratio with full internet access. NCST focuses on information technology programs using JAVA, ORACLE, .NET as integral part of its curriculum.

Industry-Based Education Champion

The college believes that the “Learning while Earning Education System” is the most mutually beneficial strategy of education. It provides an industry-based curriculum, which balances the theoretical foundation at school and actual practical skills development in the industry, with a strong emphasis on the set of values and work ethics using the TESDA – Dual Training System modality. As the students receive their training allowance from the company during the training, they use a portion of their allowance to pay for their tuition fee, making it a self-help program. The industry partners get incentives by participating in this program as well as making the industry-academe partnership work in improving their productivity. This makes this program sustainable and mutually beneficial to the school, the industry, students, the parents and all the concerned stakeholders. NCST’s partnership with the manufacturing companies in developing a tailor fit curriculum to train students with the skills required by industry is, indeed, bridging the wide gap between the education system and employment.

The NCST gives full emphasis on the field of Manufacturing and Production Technology as it comprises the biggest number of workforce who are considered to be the economic drivers of the country. The NCST’s “Study Now, Pay Later Program,” which is also referred to as a “Self Help Program,” enabled students to be self-reliant as the system makes education accessible to everyone.

With its considerable resources, NCST is continuously engaged in the research and development of new curricular offerings as well as enhancement of existing curricular programs. The NCST Institute of Industrial Research and Training (NCST-IIRT) which has been operational since July 2007 houses the Dual Training System program. The NCST-IIRT is located approximately a kilometer away south of the main campus. The spacious NCST-IIRT has eight (8) lecture rooms, two (2) automotive-electricity laboratories, two (2) computer laboratories and two (2) Manufacturing Skills Proficiency laboratories where industry-based production training is being taught using industry-equipped laboratory facilities. In order to meet the standards set by its industry partners, the area likewise has a three-bed industrial clinic and a state of the art admission and administrative office.

With the positive response of its initial Japanese industry partner in the implementation of the Dual Training System, new doors of opportunities opened thereby paving the way for the birth of the NCST IIRT CEPZA which will formally commence its operation on January 2008. This new institute of learning will harness the knowledge, skills, values and environmental responsiveness of trainees who will be trained in partnership with a European-based client and an American company engaged in a business in the field of electronics and semiconductor.

In terms of its manpower resource, the NCST has one hundred seventy-seven (177) faculty members who are graduates of prestigious educational institutions in the country, majority of

whom are professional educators. Eighty percent (80%) of that number are full time instructors and the remaining twenty percent (20%) are part-time instructors. Most of the faculty members have completed their graduate and post graduate studies while the others are continuously working towards their Masters and Doctoral degrees.

On the other hand, the faculty members of the NCST-IIRT come from different disciplines ranging from Engineering, Industrial Education, Information and Communication Technology, Languages, Liberal Arts and Business Administration. In order to ensure that industry standards and competencies are carefully met and taught to the trainees, faculty members who are assigned to teach industry-based subjects underwent intensive industry immersion and training after which they were certified by the partner industry as their duly licensed and accredited trainers. In terms of Japanese Language competence, the NCST-IIRT has one faculty member who is a sankyu (level 3) passer while the rest of the Japanese language teachers are currently working for their yonkyu (level 4) examination.

In order to provide dynamic growth towards competitiveness to its students, NCST provides On-the-Job Training programs which emphasize the field of expertise required for each course. Students are immersed in the actual work environment in their respective field of discipline either through local partners in the province or in Metro Manila. Other selected trainees who are able to meet international competencies and standards are deployed in the United States and Singapore for their International On-the-Job Training.

Graduates of NCST are assisted by the In-plant Training Department through its close linkage with different industries in the province and in the greater Metro Manila area. Through this office, students are being assisted in their pre-employment activities through different seminars and programs which include: Personality Development, Job Interview Guidelines, Basic Labor Education and Job Hunting Seminars. The department likewise conducts Job Fairs for graduating students and alumna. The job fair is held twice a year – every October and every March of each academic year. There is an average of fifty (50) companies per day coming from different sectors and industries participating in the job fair which normally lasts from three (3) to four (4) days. Companies with international affiliations likewise participate during this event.

With the school’s very high population coupled with its mission and vision of producing quality and competitive graduates, the training it has been providing its students has not been limited to knowledge and practical skills training. Rather, NCST makes sure that its students are also trained to be linguistically competent in three languages, namely, Filipino, English and Nihonggo.

The vastly populated Hotel and Restaurant Management Department and the Dual Training System Department train its students to be competent in communicating (speaking, listening, reading and writing) with the basics of the Japanese language (Hiragana and Katakana) as well as appreciate Japanese Culture and Traditions.

Through the generosity of the Japan Foundation Manila, NCST has been a recipient of valuable donations of Japanese learning materials. The materials donated by JF Manila enabled the teachers and the students to continuously enrich themselves in their understanding and appreciation of the Japanese language and culture.

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    hi! I know NCST gave their best to uplift the standard of their education.. that’s a good thing… Sana lang po… bigyan din nila ng chance maging academic scholar ung mga working and irregular students ng NCST coz it is a great help for them…thanks and more power to you…ncst….

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