FEU and De La Salle’s MBA-JD program in full swing
Far Eastern University (FEU) announced that the schools’ partnership with De La Salle University Graduate School of Business (DLSU-GSB) on the dual degree program in law and management has grown and provides more opportunities for its students.

The MBA-JD Dual Degree Program, which was established in 2003, is the country’s first post-graduate dual degree program in business and law. The program was developed to prepare students to approach problems from different perspectives and was designed to provide students with the understanding, knowledge and skills necessary to excel in two interrelated disciplines.

One of the most exciting aspects of the course is the exchange student program with a number of esteemed institutions abroad. The first group of students to join the MBA-JD Dual Degree Program was sent to Florence, Italy, from May to June in 2005. The 10 students spent six weeks at the Florence campus of Syracuse University taking courses in International Negotiation and Intellectual Property. By 2006, the MBA-JD Program went a step further and introduced select students to the cultural lifestyle of France and Central and Eastern Europe. The students were exposed to European Convention on Human Rights in France, and various law courses in London and Croatia. In the summer of 2007, the MBA-JD Dual Degree Program provided a greater variety of excellent international programs for selected students in six different countries around the world: Italy, Spain, Ireland, Russia, UK and France. Travel destinations even came as a bonus. The students were able to relax in the beautiful beaches of Ibiza and explore the cultural sites in Amsterdam and Vienna.

“It takes just five years to complete the dual degree program because pre-approved courses are transferable between the two degrees, whereas to complete both degrees separately takes up to six years. Not only will this program save the students more time and money, it will also allow the students to broaden their horizons and experience the different cultures apart from their own,” said Andres Bautista, FEU Dean of Law.

Each year, the MBA-JD Dual Degree Program gets bigger, better and more exciting as it creates more opportunities for its students. Graduates of the program agree that the experience has enhanced their personal growth, helped develop new perspectives, and expand their career opportunities.

With the MBA-JD program, FEU believes that their students are able to further develop themselves beyond the walls of the university and outside the boundaries of their home country. The program was also highlighted in FEU’s “Celebrating a Legacy of Excellence in International Partnerships/Global Exchange”. This is in line with the yearlong celebration of FEU’s 80th anniversary this year.

“Our unique program not only provides our students with more knowledge and career opportunities, but more importantly, it allows them to experience and understand the different cultures that help shape our society. Through this, our students will be able to gather a larger sense of appreciation and independence,” said Lydia Echauz, FEU president.

For more information, visit www.feu.edu.ph.

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