Inside the call center industry

CEU Dramatic Guild welcomes Escolarians to Intelstar

Edward Jay M. Quinto, AB Mass Communication Journalism 3A

One of the most sought-after jobs today is outsourcing.

Many young Filipinos consider becoming a Call Center Agent as the solution to their struggle for personal and professional survival. Only few, however, have that first-hand knowledge and skills needed to become part of the world of call centers. Relatively, fewer have knowledge on what it is like to be working in a call center company. Relatively, fewer have that understanding of the life in call center.

In this regard, Centro Escolar University Dramatic Guild (DG) brought to Librada Avelino Auditorium on November 13, 14, and 15, 2007 a socially significant and professionally inviting play written by well-known playwright Chris Martinez – “WELCOME TO INTELSTAR.”

“Welcome to Intelstar” highlights the sorts of peculiarities and ethnocentric nature of the call center industry treated with sense of interactivity and audience’s direct involvement. The play revolves around a call center orientation conducted by Chelsea in the hippest call center today: Intelstar. Three fine Escolarinas brought her character to life: Ma. Daisy Perez, Journalism senior, Donalie Joaquin, Broadcast senior, and Gilda Marie Panis, Broadcast junior.

Daisy gave justice to Chelsea’s character with her Tyra Banks-inspired accent with a domineering and “all-knowing” attitude. On the other hand, Gilda staged a strict, sophisticated, “I know all” and yet bubbly Chelsea while Donalie moved the audience to laughter with her slapstick Bisaya to fluent English speech transition.

“The play comically essays the realities besetting typical call center companies and the trainings and exposures call center agents ought to have,” says Mr. Armando Santillana, Director of the play and DG Adviser who has been the main man behind DG’s successes. Under his tutelage, the Dramatic Guild became the first and only University campus organization elevated to the Hall of Fame after being honored as Outstanding Campus Organization in five straight years (2002-2006).

The author, Chris Martinez, is a playwright, movie scriptwriter, and theater director. Among his products are the screenplays of the critically acclaimed movies: “Bridal Shower” and “Bikini Open.”

“Welcome to Intelstar” was brought to life by Mr. Armando Santillana with a team of experienced fellows in the field of theater: Arnel Paguyo for Set Design, Jethro Joaquin for Sound Design, Sueyen Austero for Lights Design, and Dave Adrian Elpidama for Photography/Poster and Brochure Design.

“The global workplace requires the prospective would-be workforce members to possess the ability to communicate their ideas utilizing a language spoken and recognized internationally – English – so that they become deserving for the rewarding packages and job benefits,” shares Mr. Santillana. It is in this note that they have prepared an enduring play that heated up the stage as DG celebrates its 45th year of existence and excellence. “Welcome to Intelstar” will be restaged at the Librada Avelino Auditorium on February 4 starting at 3:00 p.m.

Are you ready to become a call center agent? Are you good enough to land a slot in the call center? Find it out for yourself, as Dramatic Guild declares, “Welcome to Intelstar!”

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