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In constant redefinition of academic life…


On February 8, 1962, a group of educators headed by Engineer Demetrio A. Quirino, Jr. established the Technological Institute of the Philippines (TIP) in Quiapo, Manila with the following objectives:

1) To maintain a high standard of instruction;

2) To bring within the reach of the masses the blessings of higher education; and 3) To cooperate with the government in the implementation of its economic and social amelioration programs.

TIP committed itself to educating and developing men and women who could turn the wheels of progress and industry and offered courses such as Engineering (Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical), Architecture, and Commerce.

It also offered Industrial Education, Industrial Arts, Liberal Arts, high school and technical-vocational courses.

The initial enrolment of 2,400 steadily increased, prompting the school to lease other buildings. In 1967, it set up its main site at 888 G. Puyat St., Quiapo, Manila

In 1977, TIP offered a two-year associate course in Marine Engineering. Eventually, the Liberal Arts, Education and high school programs were phased out to make way for the school’s new thrust. In 1981, additional buildings were leased to accommodate the student population which already exceeded 23,000.

TIP today

TIP opened in 1983 its Quezon City campus located at 20th Avenue, Cubao. Through the years, TIP acquired adjacent properties including a frontage along Aurora Boulevard. The Quezon City campus has nine main buildings spread out in the 2.8-hectare site.

TIP Manila also acquired ownership of three major sites totaling 2.3 hectares namely, Arlegui, Puyat, and the Castillejos and Casal properties. A six-storey building called the Founder’s Hall was inaugurated on February 5, 1997 in TIP Casal, Manila. Another six- storey building was completed in March 2001 in TIP Arlegui to complement the two existing buildings there.

A 9.5-hectare property in Noveleta, Cavite houses the TIP Seaside Maritime Training Center. It is currently being used for the training of Marine Engineering and Transportation students.

Program offerings

The present program offerings of TIP are Engineering (Chemical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, Electronics and Communications, Industrial, Mechanical and Sanitary) and Architecture; Business Education (Accountancy, Commerce major in Human Resources Development Management, Financial and Management Accounting, Marketing and Logistics Management; and Entrepreneurship,); Maritime Education (Engineering and Transportation); Information Technology Education (Computer Science, Information Systems, Information Technology, Associate in Computer Technology).

TIP also offers Special IT programs such as (CISCO Networking Academy Program, Oracle Academic Initiative Program, International Computer Driving License).

In support of the government;s drive for the advancement of technical-vocational education, TIP offers certificate programs in Drafting Technology and Seafarer’s Rating Course with specialization in Deck, Engine, and Steward.

TIP Center for Continuing Education (TIPCEE)

In 2006, the TIP Center for Continuing Education (TIP-CCE) IN TIP-Arlegui was opened. It offers short courses meant to enhance the competencies of TIP graduates and practicing engineers, and make them globally competitive. The four initial offerings of the TIP-CCE are Quantity Surveying, Project Management, Contract Management, and Logistics Management.

CHED Center of Development in IT

TIP Manila and TIP-QC are now CHED Centers of Development (CODs) in Information Technology Education (ITE) in the National Capital Region (NCR). CHED identified TIP Manila and TIP-QC as two of only five COD’s in the NCR. This means that TIP is one of the best Information Technology schools in the country today.

TIP, in its partnership with IBM leases a total of 1,120 computers. On top of 1,000 other TIP-owned computers, TIP has a total of 2,120 computers distributed among its campuses, giving a computer-student ratio of more than 1:1.

To maintain its competitiveness in the global ITE workplace, TIP offers two industry-designed and developed academic programs, the Cisco Networking Academy Program (CNAP) and the Oracle Academic Initiative Program (OAIP).

Completing either of these two programs gives TIP students an immediate edge by equipping them with skills sought after in the global IT industry, and more importantly, it qualifies them to take the matching Industry Standard Certification Tests.. Passing these tests makes them certified professionals in a specific field of technology such as networking (CNAP), or database administration, and applications development (OAIP).


TIP has various accreditation levels for it different program offerings under the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation/ Federation of Accrediting Agencies of the Philippines (PACUCOA / FAAP).

In 2006, TIP was awarded by the PACUCOA under Category A as one of the top five schools with the highest number of accredited programs without majors: TIP Manila was Number 1 with 11 accredited programs while TIP Quezon City was Number 2 with 10 accredited programs.

In 2007, TIP Manila was a special awardee of the PACUCOA as the school with the highest number of Level I and Level II accredited programs.


TIP is one of select schools with Quality Management System certified compliant to the international standard ISO 9001:2000 by Det Norske Veritas (DNV). The certification covers the entire operation and services of the institution’s provision of tertiary education in engineering, architecture, business, information and communications technology, and maritime education including training for the national and international industry.

In order to foster this commitment and the practice of continual improvement in all work places in the School, TIP encourages everyone in the school community to actively participate in the Kaizen Circles (KC) Program designed to achieve continuous improvement of work involving everyone through the organized efforts and activities of small groups working together to attain an improvement objective.

TIP Scholarship Grants

The vision of Engr. Demetrio A. Quirino, Jr., when he founded TIP in 1962 was to bring the blessings of higher education within reach of Filipinos. TIP has therefore consistently kept tuition fees at affordable levels. It has offered various scholarship grants and tuition fee discounts through its 46 years of existence.

Vision and Mission Continue

TIP continually aspires to be the leading school in the fields of Engineering and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and in all its other academic offerings, and maintains the various accreditation levels of all its program offerings and Total Quality Management for all aspects of operations including ISO Certifications in the provision of all its academic offerings.

TIP also aspires to be a school that is steeped in research and community service, and it continuously seeks to provide the best work environment for its teaching and non-teaching employees as it fosters strategic alliances with other schools and industry.

The present TIP administration is committed to the founder’s mission to bring the blessings of higher education within reach of Filipinos, to maintain the highest standard of instruction and to constantly redefine the meaning of academic life.

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