Manila – Celsus Lumibaw Kintanar, a 27 year old Filipino, won the third place in the recently concluded Topcoder International Software Component Design Competition held at Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada May 11 to 16, 2008.

Mino Rey Ronda, also known as ‘oninkxronda,’ of the Philippines was Topcoder Studio Graphic Design international winner.

A total of 120 finalist competitors coming from 200 countries all over the world – like Brazil, China, Canada, India, Indonesia, Poland, Romania, the United States and more competitors registered for the contest.

Kintanar was one of the champions in the event competition with programming from Poland, USA,.Brazil, and the Philippines winning the international competition.

Tim Roberts, also known as ‘Pops,’ of the United States prevailed in the Software Component Design competition with Codrut-Lucian Lazar, ‘Luca’ of Romania coming in second. Celsus L. Kintanar, ‘ShindoHikaru’, of the Philippines came in third.

There was a very close fight with the difference between the first, second, and third place being only one point respectively in the Software Component Design.

This is the third time Celsus represented the Philippines in the Topcoder Software Component Development Programming International Contest.

Celsus is a graduate of Western Mindanao State University Laboratory School. He finished his high school at the Philippine Science High School and studied BS Computer Science at UP Los Baños in Laguna.

Other winners in the contest are:

In the Algorithm Event Czajka, aka ‘tomek,’ of Poland won first place.

Romano Silva, aka ‘romanoTC.’ Of Brazil was the International Software Development champion in the Marathon Match, Przemyslaw Debiak. Aka ‘Psycho’ was this year’s winner.

TopCoder tournaments are known worldwide as the most grueling, comprehensive test of skill in the field of competitive programming.

The evens allow competitors to solve complex algorithmic problems and design and develop working pieces of reusable software. All current industry standard technologies are incorporate, including Java, C++, C#, VB.NET, UML, J2EE and.NET.

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