Iloilo City – TESDA Director General Augusto “Boboy” Syjuco said in his Independence Day message in Sta. Barbara, Iloilo that the gathering for the 110th Independence Day celebration is a means of also honoring the future heroes who will bring prosperity to this country.

Syjuco said these heroes are not of words alone but of action because they are those who work to fight hunger and poverty by obtaining better opportunities for education and livelihood.

He cited the directive of President Gloria Arroyo for cabinet men not only to focus on traditional wreath laying and flag raising activities on Independence Day, but to go down to communities and deliver goods and services to the poor, as “flesh and bone” of freedom.

In stressing his point, Syjuco raised a bolo and a torch, the former as a symbol of a bloodless but fierce struggle against poverty and the latter, as the light ahead for the Filipinos who, through guts and the ability to decide for the future, will triumph in the end.

Highlighting the Independence Day celebration were the ceremonial distribution of the President Gloria Arroyo Train for Work Scholarships to recipients from the municipalities of Alimodian, Leganes, Leon, New Lucena, Pavia, San Miguel, and Sta. Barbara.

The scholarships are more focused on trades which are in demand abroad, like, welding, plumbing, masonry and the likes, because of more job openings in Guam.

Botica ng barangay kits and other documents under the Proyekto Laban sa kahirapan were also given by Sec. Syjuco and Health Regional Dir. Lydia Ramos to four Barangays in the town of Sta. Barbara.

In a press conference that followed, Sec. Syjuco gave a rundown of the efforts of the Arroyo administration in addressing the pressing concerns on rice situation and the increasing oil price hike.

He said it is important for people to know and understand that President Arroyo is mobilizing all sectors to stabilize the situation and is bent on getting the nation to work together as one and we can all look forward to better days.

Meanwhile more or less a thousand job seekers flocked to the covered gym of Sta. Barbara to shop for opportunities offered by about 25 Sending organizations in the Japan International Training Cooperation (JITCO) Skills Technology Transfer Program.

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