FEATI University

Unparalleled commitment to education

Founded 62 years ago on March 6, 1946, FEATI University was first known as FEATI Institute of Technology, and endeavor began by the visionary couple, Dr. Salvador Araneta and Dr. Victoria Lopez de Araneta.

The name FEATI came from the company Far Eastern Air Transport Incorporated, known as the first civil airline in post war Philippines that served the Manila-Iloilo-Hong Kong route. When the company shares were sold to Philippine Air Lines, the Araneta couple retained the name and decided to contribute in a more expansive way through education.

It was on May 30, 1959 that the couple’s shared vision to take people to life-changing destinations paved way for a more critical approach in aeronautics, technology, the arts and sciences. From being a humble institute, the school earned University status with Dr. Victoria Lopez de Araneta as the first president of FEATI University.

With its vast five-hectare campus located at the heart of Manila’s Quiapo district, FEATI University is considered as one of the pillars in the fields of engineering and technology. Through decades of excellent educational leadership and continuing professional education, the University has produced outstanding graduates that have served in the government, military, diplomatic corps and private sectors both here and abroad.


In keeping with the changing times, FEATI University has kept pace with its drive to improve both its physical and academic infrastructure. The ongoing physical renovation is a testament to the University’s commitment to provide its students with the best possible facilities and position them for success in their chosen fields.

Bridgepoint, formerly known as the Paterno Building fronting the McArthur Bridge and long considered as one of the school’s landmarks is now completed and currently houses the new FEATI Technology Center. Also, the Smart Sweep Laboratory is another facility that has put FEATI IT students at par with their counterpart Universities. Already, the new facility has proven its worth by helping steer the FEATI IT team to a podium finish at the recently concluded Virtual Business League (VBL) competition that pitted them against the top schools in Metro Manila.

The university has further upgraded the laboratory equipment of its five colleges: Engineering, Maritime Education, Liberal Arts, Sciences and Education, Business Administration and Architecture as well as its two schools: Graduate School and Fine Arts.

Another welcome addition is the opening of the FEATI Professional Schools, that aims to equip its students with the requisite knowledge to fill technical and skill based jobs that are currently in demand. As one of the pioneering technical and engineering institutions in the country, FEATI brings to the fore its wide experience in the fields of welding technology, IT applications, and basic electronics as a means of preparing its students for the local and international job markets.

The university also continues its adherence to academic excellence and appreciation for talent with its diverse choices of offerings from academic, varsity sports to FEATI Brass band and choir scholarships.

FEATI has also continued to put a premium on getting the best and the brightest instructors to help mold its students as unique and dedicated individuals. Indeed, the university has made it a point to include continuing education as one of its basic tenets to this day.


FEATI University is proud of its legacy of consistently being the home of inventors with the innate quest to innovate and create. Embodied in its mission and vision statement, the university envisions itself as a leading knowledge center for the advancement of ideas, promote basic and applied research and development, generate innovative technologies, and develop outstanding students.

16 courses made up FEATI’s flagship course offerings: 13 in the College of Engineering; and the three in the College of Maritime Education with Aeronautical Engineering, ECE and IT courses geared towards producing graduates with competencies in basic and advanced aircraft maintenance, electronics and communications education.

IT professionals who have acquired technical skills grounded in appropriate concepts and principles and are adaptive to the work environment that will enable them to conceptualize, design, develop and implement and maintain information and communication technology systems (ICTS).

Of the million OFWs, a large cross section still consists of maritime professionals, known as one of FEATI’s traditional strong suits. Indeed, through the years the university has churned out a steady stream of quality seamen, deck hands and officers that serve on both local and international maritime fleets. To this end, FEATI University’s Marine Engineering course equips its graduates for life at sea with the proper training and education. Its Marine Transportation course is also geared towards providing the local or international shipping industry with technically competent, energetic and disciplined deck officers in commercial or international shipping vessels.

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