Jose Rizal University stands up against poverty

Consistent with its mission of getting involved in national and local development, the Jose Rizal University joined the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in a worldwide campaign against global poverty through the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by hosting the "Stand-Up Against Poverty" activity.

"Stand Up" or "Tumayo Tayo" aims to raise world-wide awareness of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of the United Nations. The core areas of the MDGs include eradicating extreme poverty, achieving universal primary education, promoting gender equality, reducing child mortality, improving mental health, combating of HIV/AIDS and other deadly diseases, realizing environmental sustainability, and developing global partnerships for the environment. In the year 2000, 183 member countries of the United Nations signed the MDGs.

Selected by the Association of Schools of Public Administration (ASPAP) in the Philippines under its Democratic Governance Program with UNDP, the JRU hosted the event with over 400 students from all levels. Simultaneously conducted all over the country in various government, civil society and academic organizations, the "stand-up" activity showcased the Millennium Development Goals with poverty alleviation as its principal objective.

Believing that every individual and institution has the responsibility to promote and contribute to national development, JRU took the opportunity to participate in this global campaign against poverty.

According to Dr. Vincent K. Fabella, JRU president, JRU was very excited about the partnership with United Nations Development Program. "We feel that the MDGs of the United Nations and JRU’s values are similar," he added.

Dr. Alex Brillantes, Jr., Secretary-General of the ASPAP, addressed the JRU students and stressed how the academic sector must be more proactive in the global fight against all forms of poverty. He noted JRU’s noteworthy initiatives in the areas of development administration and local governance through its Master in Public Administration (MPA) Program.

As part of the JRU’s commemoration of "Tumayo Tayo," participants declared their pledge of allegiance to the Millennium Development Goals standing up for justice for the underprivileged.

Through the event, JRU confirms its mission to help in the development of the Philippines. It also reiterates its pride of being able to have a mission that is consistent with the MDGs of the United Nations. The JRU family commits to work together in helping alleviate poverty. For inquiries, call Neo Patawaran AMPR Consultancy at tel. nos. 376-4683 to 84/ 448-7612.

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