General De Jesus College


60 years of providing quality education

Nineteen forty six marked the birth of an educational institution in San Isidro, a small town in southern Nueva Ecija.


After the devastation wrought by World War II, the youths of San Isidro had nowhere to go for their college education. The nearest high school in Cabanatuan, was more than 20 kilometers away from the town. The plight of these youths was the prime factor that led to the founding of General de Jesus Academy. The founders were prominent citizens of the town, namely: Paz Policarpio-Mendez, Soledad Medina, Francisco Narciso, Teofilo Abello, and Ricardo Odulio.

The school was named in honor of General Simeon de Jesus, a local hero, who was believed to be worthy of emulation. General de Jesus epitomized courage amidst adversities, hope amidst darkness. The young people of San Isidro could look up to him for inspiration.

The General De Jesus College at Vallarta
St., Poblacion in San Isidro, Nueva Ecija

General de Jesus Academy opened in June 1946 in a rented building. It started with seven teachers, including the principal, and 255 students from first to fourth year.


From this rented building, it moved to Vallarta Street where it still stands. Vallarta Street became the silent witness of the school’s gradual and dynamic transformation from a small school catering only to San Isidro’s youths to an institution which is now one of the biggest schools in the province.

From 1946 to 1977, the school operated with only the academic secondary course. In 1978, the school board, heeding the appeal of parents who could not send their children to Manila or Cabanatuan City for college education, opened a collegiate department. The first course offered during the school year 1978-1979 was Liberal Arts. At present, the courses being offered are: Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSE), Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEEd), Bachelor of Science in Commerce (BSC), and Associate in Computer Technology (ACT).

In 1992, the Pre-School and the Elementary Department started serving the community.

After 50 years of service to the youth of San Isidro and nearby towns, General de Jesus Academy was converted into a college. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved the change of status on August 28, 1997 and the school from then on has been known as General de Jesus College (GJC).

Envisioned by the founders in the beginning as an institution that would provide the educational needs of the town’s youths, it has grown from its modest beginnings into a progressive institution that is one of the best in the province today.



"Still achieving, still pursuing"

eneral de Jesus College is now 60 years old. From its founding in 1946, it has never wavered from its mission of giving quality education to the youth that they may become useful, civic-minded, and morally upright citizens in the service of God and country.

Founded by prominent educators, led by internationally recognized Dr. Paz Policarpio-Mendez, the institution has always been an educational enterprise, never a business venture. Its accomplishments in the educational field attest to this fact. Some of these accomplishments are the following:

It is the only school in the Division of Nueva Ecija with two accredited programs: Education and High School which have been granted LEVEL II status by the Federation of Accrediting Agencies of the Philippines (FAAP).

Its Commerce Program has likewise applied for accreditation. This coming February, 2007, accreditors from the Association of Christian Schools, Colleges and Universities Accrediting Agency, Inc. (ACSCU-AAI) will come over for the re-survey of the High School and Education Programs and the preliminary survey of the Commerce Program.

Its High School Department has been recognized as the Most Effective Private High School in Nueva Ecija by the DepEd Regional Office.

The graduates of its Education Program have been consistently posting the best performance in the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) among the Private Teacher Education Institutions (TEIs) in Nueva Ecija.

Its high school and elementary students have won in the regional and national level competitions sponsored by DepEd and other agencies.

It has produced alumni who became topnotchers in the bar/board examinations.



From a rented building in 1946, GJC has definitely expanded and grown. Now it boasts of buildings and facilities that have been designed and constructed to give the teachers and students alike the best service possible that will aid them in their quest for quality teaching and learning.

GJC’s enrolment has ballooned to more than 2,500 students from 255 in 1946 proving that it has earned the trust and respect of the community.

From seven teachers 60 years ago, it now has 132 teaching and non-teaching staff that cater to the needs of its students.

From being a small school founded to serve the young people of San Isidro, General de Jesus College slowly made a name for itself. With the passage of time, it continually grew and continues to grow. At 60, GJC has certainly found its place under the sun. And like vintage wine, it keeps getting better and better as the years pass by.



Aside from enhancing the intellect, it has always been the goal of GJC to instill among its students appreciation for our cultural heritage and the values of patriotism and civic-mindedness.

In addition to the integration of these values in the students’ lessons, GJC conducts school programs and cultural shows that showcase rich culture and colorful past. Different production numbers such as interpretative dances and plays depicting Filipino customs and traditions and the bravery and courage of local and national heroes are featured. The administrators, teachers, and students alike put their heads and their hearts together in order to come up with cultural shows that will touch the hearts of the viewers as well as move them to appreciate Filipino culture and respect history as people and as nation. Thus every cultural show is something the community eagerly waits for.

"Action speaks louder than words." Through very comprehensive plans of action, GJC provides its students the opportunity to reach out to the community by participating in the activities laid out by the GJC Community Extension Services Office.

Every Saturday, GJCians troop to Gawad-Kalinga site and to Barangay Alua, GJC’s adopted barangay. GJCians show their love for their fellow human beings by sharing with the residents their strength, knowledge, skills, talents, and time. They spend quality time with the orphans in Bahay Sta. Maria, an orphanage in Alua, by holding programs, conducting remedial lessons, and teaching some ways by which they can earn their living. Last year, GJCians donated one housing unit to Gawad-Kalinga, the money for which came from the proceeds of the fund-raising campaign they had for this purpose.

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    Can you help me with e-mail address for this school General de Jesus College, looking for other co-grads


    Looking forward to getting in touch with Dean Gonzales and Miss Villanueva

  3. 3 zanthea blanche g de guzman

    Thea GJC is very nice school and the teachers are nice when i go to general i got many friens and many lessons i learned this school very comfortable and very nice everything is change from 1946 to 2009 or long year ago.

  4. 4 JOJO

    Zanthea, I think what you said are all lies… comfortable? Heh… I dont think so.

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