Commission on Higher Education (CHED) chair Emmanuel Angeles has presented during his visit here the Roadmap of the New Philippine Education Highway to administrators of some 121 higher education institutions (HEI) focusing on improving the quality of higher education in the country.

The program intends to implement curricular reforms to enable Philippine HEIs to produce more globally competitive graduates.

“We need to align our degree programs with those of other countries in the world, because by 2015 ten Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries will’open their borders'; and, by 2020 the Philippines would join the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Trade Regime (APEC)”, Angeles explained.

The CHED chair also declared the need to establish a Regional Association of Higher Education Institutions (RAHEI) in Region 5 to encourage HEIs to cooperate and collaborate with one another in the areas of academic, cultural and sports activities.

He further appealed to the HEI presidents and administrators not to increase tuition fees. He asked for HEIs to examine cost-saving measures for their respective schools so that they do not have to increase tuition in consideration of the present economic crisis.

With the various sectors criticizing the proposed additional one year for pre-university, Angeles explained the additional year intends to make our graduates globally at par with 44 countries in Europe and that the program would be funded by government.

The CHED Chairman has been traveling to every region to get feedback from stakeholders and present the Roadmap of the New Philippine Education Highway and its provisions (including the additional one year for pre-university) to HEI presidents and administrators. Bicol is the 14th region to be visited by his CHED Mobile Group for the Regional Consultative Meetings.

CHED is scheduled to release a report consolidating all HEI feedback and positions in all 17 regions on March; after all consultative meetings are concluded.

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