A total of 1,126 examinees passed the Fire Officer examination (FOE), while 497 others made the grade in the Penology Officer examination (POE), the Civil Service Commission (CSC) announced.

The figures, the CSC said, represent 31.9% and 27.6% of the total number of examinees who took the FOE and POE, respectively, in selected regions last November 9.

Garnering a rating of 85.09, Marisan S. Robregado from NCR topped the FOE, while Jorge R. Lechico, also from NCR, topped the POE with a rating of 89.43.

Completing the list of top 10 examinees for the FOE are: Antonio L. Garrido Jr. (NCR), 85.05; Dario L. Panerio (Bicol), 84.86; Julius G. Gesulgon (W. Visayas), 84.85; Nestor M. Conda (Bicol), 84.51; Wendel F. Figurasin (NCR), 83.92; Leonardo A. Cui Jr. (E. Visayas), 83.77; Ernesto SJ. San Diego (NCR) and Ariel S. Sabale (W. Visayas), 83.73; Richie R. Pring (NCR), 83.72; and Elberto C. Marqueses Jr. (NCR), 83.68.

For the POE: Joaquin T. Montero (W. Visayas), 86.86; Carlos G. Lanzuela Jr. (NCR), 86.62; Roger M. Aquino (NCR), 86.52; Allan D. Avecilla (NCR), 86.51; Emmanuel Adrian B. Espinosa (NCR), 86.18; Marilou M. Rico (S. Tagalog) and Salvador G. Fecara III (W. Visayas), 86.01; Jose B. Brugada Jr. (NCR), 86.00; Renante B. Tejada (C. Visayas), 85.94; and Mamarinta Boy B. Lim (NCR), 85.81.

Profile of passers showed that both examinations were dominated by males, registering at 1,093 for the FOE and 455 for the POE, against 47 FOE female passers and 48 POE female passers.

Majority of passers for both FOE and POE were aged past 35 years and cited promotion at work as their main reason for taking the examinations. This, as bulk of the passers revealed that they have been with the Bureau of Fire Protection or the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology for more than three years.

The CSC said the resulting eligibilities, which are the Fire Officer Eligibility and the Penology Officer Eligibility, are both second level eligibilities that shall be considered appropriate for second level ranks in the fire protection, jail and penology, and other functionally related ranks in the public safety service, except for uniformed personnel in the Philippine National Police.

The complete list of successful examinees of the November 9, 2008 Fire and Penology Officer examinations can now be accessed at the CSC website at http://www.csc.gov.ph/.

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