Kester Grant College, Philippines
Saturday, January 6, 2007


The journey to great future begins

Kester Grant College Philippines was established in 2004 by the International Cultural Studies and Education Corporation (ICSEC), a wholly owned subsidiary of the LKG Group of Companies, as part of its commitment for continuous pursuit of academic excellence. Kester Grant College is ICSEC’s response to the pressing need of the times for more educators, business entrepreneurs and nurses for local and foreign markets.


Kester Grant College understands the power of being globally competitive thus, it balances strong academics and the demands of real-life experience in the international arena. Aiming to promote holistic education in order to develop competent and well-rounded professionals, KGC values individuality, inspires original and critical thinking and empowers students to go beyond the traditional.

The Kester Grant College at 1608
Quezon Ave. in Quezon City.KGC, Phils. aims to hold the distinction of being a globally competitive institution. In pursuit of its vision to promote holistic education, KGC is bound by its commitment to achieve excellence and quality education through relevant, interdisciplinary curriculum and instruction, a strong research orientation within an enriched learning environment. It endeavors to develop a new breed of future leaders and civic-spirited citizens for nation building and community development. Kester Grant College, Philippines, is a Sister School of Kester Grant College of Vancouver, Canada (www.kgc.bc.ca)



Kester Grant College, Philippines envisions a community of innovative individuals endowed with knowledge and wisdom, gifted with multi-disciplinary orientation, equipped with scientific and technological teaching and learning skills, and committed to play a significant role in family-building, nation building, and image building both in the local as well as in the international arena.

It is an institution that upholds quality and innovative education, trains, equips and develops students to become socially responsible, effective and professional nurses, executives, teachers, entrepreneurs and leaders who will contribute to a kind, just and humane society.



Kester Grant College, Philippines seeks:

• To create a teaching and learning environment conducive to maximum productivity and develop a high morale in the order of values to enhance the well being of all its constituents.

• To provide world-class college education through a relevant, innovative, challenging and effective curriculum and instruction founded on a strong research orientation within an enriched learning and caring environment.

• To develop students to become effective and professional nurses, executives, teachers, entrepreneurs and leaders who will make a difference locally and internationally.

• To equip its graduates to be equipped with the knowledge, skills and competencies that will enable them to contribute significantly to the community and the society as well as find their niche in the global arena.



KGC, Philippines' four-year degree programs are with solid educational foundation and a deep understanding of business administration, health practice and global education. Through classes and related learning experiences with the community association and premiere affiliates both in the medical and business fields, students develop the organizational, analytical and interpersonal skills, which will empower them to succeed in their chosen field of specialization under international standards, thereby achieving a successful job placement in the world.



KGC’S BS Nursing course aims to equip the students with learning tools necessary to understand and practice Nursing philosophies and concepts, develop the students’ knowledge and skills in nursing care and provide students with legal frameworks and knowledge to ensure that they perform their duties appropriately.

The BS Nursing course also aims to provide students with hands-on experiences in various hospitals that will make them understand the concepts that they learn in the classroom, develop management and leadership styles and skills and ensure an efficient, effective and productive workforce and develop the students’ philosophies and values that will ensure that they understand that Nursing is not merely a job but a vocation and a commitment as well.

KGC’s home base hospitals are the St. Luke’s Medical Center and the Dr. Fe del Mundo Medical Center. Its affiliate hospitals are St. Luke’s Medical Center, Dr. Fe del Mundo Medical Center, Lung Center of the Philippines, National Center for Mental Health, National Children’s Hospital, National Orthopedic Hospital, Local Health Department- QC, Valenzuela Emergency Hospital, Valenzuela Health Center, Valenzuela Lying-in, Taytay Infirmary, Taytay Community Center and Taytay Lying-in clinic.

Kester Grant Colleges is currently negotiating with the V. Luna Medical Center, AFP Hospital and National Kidney Institute.

Its BS Business Administration course aims to equip the students with national, multinational and international perspectives of effective business management in a globalized economy, create an understanding of the role of business administration in society and expose the students to various business management and entrepreneurial options including franchising and e-commerce.

The BSBA course also aims to develop skills in identifying business management opportunities, financial accounting, data analysis, business planning and controlling to operate a business effectively, provide knowledge in the legalities of business and corporate laws, taxation, obligations and contracts, and equip students with tools and techniques in financial management, new product development, operations management, marketing and sales management, advertising and promotions management.

The BSBA course also aims to prepare students how to apply business management skills in identifying a viable business, applying marketing functions, financial and economic analysis, production and manufacturing functions in ensuring business success through an entrepreneurial management research paper

Its Education (BEED/ BSED) course aims to design and implement a quality curriculum that appropriately addresses learners’ knowledge, skills and attitudes to accomplish standards of excellence in academic work, provide meaningful instruction that reflects innovative strategies in instructional design, pedagogical content and evaluation and develop change agents in their community upholding the four pillars of learning: Learning to Learn, Learning To Do, Learning To Be and Learning To Live harmoniously with one another.


KGC offers financial assistance packages and grants to qualified students. Academic scholarships are awarded to students who meet high academic standards.


With its desire to become a premier institution and meet international standards, KGC is focusing on strengthening the organization in the different areas.


As it aim sfor excellence, the college has enhanced manpower system in support of its academic thrust.


In a span of three years, KGC’s enrollment has increased tremendously particularly, in the BS Nursing Program.


Since its humble beginnings, KGC has modernized its facilities. Its facilities now include Computer, Physics, Amphi Theater, Lecture Room, Auditorium, Chemistry and Anatomy Laboratories; a Library with up-to-date reference materials; Mock Hospital and Nurse’s Station.


The college maintains strong linkages with affiliate institutions, both foreign and local, and continue to explore partnerships with other hospitals in and outside Metro Manila.


KGC Philippines was granted by the Commission on Higher Education its permit to start operations in June 2004. Its BS Nursing program was recently evaluated by CHED after a visit to the school and is in the final stages of recognition. Its first batch of graduates are expected in April 2007.

In the next five years, KGC, Philippines, envisions itself to be a leader in allied medical and non-medical education, specially with the close collaboration of Kaplan Inc. The World Leader in Test Preparation.

The college continues to seek opportunities to expand its course offerings. It aims to offer other allied medical courses such as Physical Therapy and Medical Transcription; and other non-medical courses specifically Special Education under the Education Program and BS Accountancy under BSBA.

KGC is ensuring that its systems and processes meet international standards as it aims to apply for ISO accreditation.

In order to provide adequate physical resources that will enhance the attainment of its academic mission and client satisfaction, KGC aims to acquire a new site eventually and very soon.

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48 Responses to “Kester Grant College, Philippines”  

  1. 1 ROcky

    Is teaching job still open for Kester grant college? pls email me for an opening… thanks…

  2. 2 Anonymous

    Some of the information written are false, especially on the facilities.

  3. 3 JilliAn

    the hospitals that KGC is affiliated with are very good,
    its just that the school needs more space so that the students
    can hang around.
    It’s kinda tight for the number of students.
    Good teaching though.. good luck KGC!

  4. 4 cynthia

    i would like to ask if there are part-time vacancy for college instructor(chemisty) subjects

  5. 5 Kim

    Are there part-time vacancy for college instructors (fundamentals in Nursing). I’m a nurse teacher. Thanks please email me

  6. 6 mary jean

    course syllabus for bsNursing please..

  7. 7 precious

    course syllabus for bsNursing please

  8. 8 Daryll A. Caleon

    how do i get a scholar from you i stop my study due to financial problem.
    i am taking bs. physical therapy and i only complete 2nd year first semester and i want to finish it.
    im expect a reply from you


  9. 9 Abigail Julia W. Halili

    hi! i would like to know if the school is still accepting transferrees for this term?
    what are the requirements?

    i hope you can help me… thanks!

  10. 10 Pogs

    hi guys, im a 3rd year nursing student from kgc. i think your questions will be best answered if you drop by the school. its just along quezon ave comming from q.c. memorial circle it would be after hi-top and the sykes new building. you wont miss it…you can now apply for this summer. if you’re a transferee i think you need to submit your form 138/137, birth cert. (xerox copy will do), 4 1×1 pictures…thats it. and for those who would like to apply for a job, yes there are still some vacancies available, pls do visit us and look for pogs. see you guys there!

  11. 11 isabel

    i would like to know how much is the tuition fee for nursing course 2nd yr?

  12. 12 Tingk

    Isabelle, the fee per unit is P650. Better visit the skul to know more about it…New enrollees and transferees are now open for this coming summer classes. I must say, it’s a good school. it is a sister skul of KGC of Canada. KGC base or affilated hospitals include: St. luke’s medical ctr, Veterans, Heart & lung ctr., st. martin de pores, etc. Full-time or part-time teaching positions are also open.

  13. 13 ray

    is this the school wherein you go to canada to continue your 4th year in college?and what are the kinds of scholarships offered?..

  14. 14 Jaime

    Hi, I am an 8th semester Bachelor of Science in Nursing student at one of the College here in Vancouver, Canada and doing my final preceptorship . I would like to transfer to your college and finish my degree in your school. Am wondering what the requirements are. By the way, I am a Filipino citizen.
    Thank you in advance for your attention.

  15. 15 mikey

    hi.. im currently an incoming 3rd year 2nd sem BS Nursing student in one of the colleges in the Phils.. I would like to know if you’re accepting transferees? What are the requirements? If you could send me a copy of your course syllabus for nursing, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

  16. 16 joyce

    hi im hoping for your generosity and kindness if you could please share a course syllabus on SPED Classroom Management, that is of course if you have such course offered under education.your help will be highly appreciated.thanks a lot!

  17. 17 Jackie


    Does your school have a website or any contact number? I’m very interested to offer them our services. I think it would really help promote the school better. Do let me know. you may reach me at dvsharks@gmail.com. Thanks!

  18. 18 Becky Gayle Lalwet

    helo! mam, tanong ko lng poh kng maicrecredite poh ung ncm 200 nmin pag lumipat poh kmi dyn? tapos poh magcacapping ulit poh ba kmi kht tpos n kmi sa ibng school? tnx poh nd be waiting 4 ur reply. gud day1

  19. 19 kriZ

    ask ko lng kung pde pa bang mgenroll??? panu kung ngstop tapos gus2 mgcontinue…

  20. 20 rick

    is there openings for clinical instructor. i`m a nurse?

  21. 21 jen

    low standard school!!

  22. 22 ARELI C. GULLA

    Yes,is there any vacancy for a nurse clinical instructor?want to know the qualifications.I worked in one of the prestigious tertiary hospital in Quezon City.i always be there @sunday,for our LORD’s Table Meeting.

  23. 23 Lei

    I am a second courser nursing student in one of the Universities in Makati. Expected graduation is in 2010. I just want to know how long it will take before we graduate if I will transfer to your school. I will be in my second year next semester.


  24. 24 Maricel L. Amiler

    Do you still need a science instructor?

  25. 25 jenifer

    officila website of kester grand college pleaseee.

  26. 26 Tingk

    unfortunately, the website, i think, is down and is under renovation. You might as well visit the school personally or you may call at tel. no:9289127

  27. 27 jeffrey perida


  28. 28 farrell

    do you offer financial management 2 during summer?

  29. 29 czearina

    can you please send me how much is the tuition fee in the college nursing?thank you

  30. 30 exequiel

    how much is the tuition fee of a 3rd year nursing student? how will i pay? and what are the requirements in transfering in your school?thank you!!!

  31. 31 iel

    Hi. Does your school have a website that I can visit? How much is the tuition fee for education? Do you also allow your students to study in your other affiliated schools abroad? Thanks.

  32. 32 cathy

    can you accept transfer student from another school?

  33. 33 Funny

    @cathy, of course the school accept transferee students from another school, where else can you come from? :))

  34. 34 jo angeli malonzo

    good day,i am a registered nurse and a master of arts in nursing graduate i would like to inquire if there is a vacancy or need for clinical instructors?

  35. 35 Donna

    Hi, do you accept working students and can you please send me the tuition fee details for the course business administration. Thanks.

  36. 36 jane co

    good day! i would like to inquire if you have saturday classes? i’m planning to study bussiness administrataion. i’ve finished 2 years course – please do send me details of your tuiion fees as well. thanks

  37. 37 nicole vanderbroek

    i would like to ask if you accepts exchage students?

  38. 38 MAY

    good day! i would like to inquire if you have saturday classes & evening class if you have until what time ? I’m planning to continue my study business administration or accountancy – please do send me details of your tuition fees as well. thanks

  39. 39 joseph

    i inquire in this school via phone and one the staff shouted at me and he didnt even bother to say sorry,wag mag-aaral sa school na mababa na ang passing rate mga bastos pa ang mga staff

  40. 40 jay-r

    i am inquiring for any vacancies for CLINICAL INSTRUCTORS/ NURSE EDUCATORS. I am a graduate from ST. PAUL UNIVERSITY PHILIPPINES…

  41. 41 BSPT

    Most of the people asking in here are presently or planning to go for this school for nursing program . If you are wanting to know all of the answers to your questions you should personally visit the place not just post questions. How much the tuition fees on 1st year or 2nd year? duh If you are transferee – there will be costs discrepancies and the only thing you will know this is by visiting the school and doing the inquiries on your own.
    No offence but are these the future nurses the Philippines are producing? I will be scared to have a nurse whose being an ignorant on such simple things/tasks. No wonder Philippines are still producing non competive nursing grads because there are school that still caters for the weeded off students.

    If you failed in nursing courses – it only means that this is not the course for you. Please be aware that you will be dealing lives in here – Real lives !!!

  42. 42 cindy calalo

    hi..do you accept transfery from ader skuls?
    wat are the major under BEED…?
    how much per unit…?
    pls..i need a reply as soon as possible..
    pls e-mail me : cjcalalo@yahoo.com

  43. 43 sally abrea

    Good am! i would like to inquire if you have a syllabus of Philippines National Police Academy course, if so can you please send me a copy.Please… i need a reply as soon as possible

  44. 44 aaa

    kester is the best school!

  45. 45 anonymous

    what are the upcoming events in KGC? please reply. asap! we need it for our newspaper work. thanks.

  46. 46 ghia joaquin

    can i ask po if your company also giving a support for my study only here in philippines.. i just want to continue my study at college.. thanks so much

  47. 47 jhun

    KGC LANDLINES: 928-9125, 27 OR 35. For more inquiries, look for Ms. Rhio, our Guidance Counselor

  48. 48 Aileen

    Do you take transferees? What are the requirements? How much per unit? Do you credit units from UST and USA?

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