Our flag is a very important symbol of the democratic Philippine Republic and all that it stands for.

By showing respect and affection for the flag, we are reminding Filipinos of the disciplined, tolerant, caring and hardworking people we want to always be.

When conducting the flag ceremony, it shall be simple and dignified. Always play or sing the Philippine National Anthem at the ceremony.

During flag-raising, the assembly shall stand facing the flag. At the first note of the National Anthem, the flag is to be raised briskly. All persons present shall stand at attention, and salute the flag by placing their right palm over their breast.

During flag lowering, it shall be lowered slowly, so that it is at the bottom of the mast at the sound of the last note of the anthem. A salute similar to that of the flag raising is required during the flag lowering.

The flag is to be handled reverently, and should never touch the ground when raised, lowered or transported.

When to display the flag? All private buildings and homes are to display the flag from sunrise to sunset on national and special holidays pproclaimed by the President- such as the Araw ng Kagitingan (April 9), National Flag Day (May 28), Independence Day (June 12), National Heroes Day (last Sunday of August), Bonifacio Day (November 30), and Rizal Day (December 30).

Government offices shall display the flag everyday, from sunrise to sunset.

How to display the flag? When flown from a flagpole, the blue field should be on top in time of peace, and the red field on top in time of war.

When flown in vertical hanging position, the blue field should be to the right when viewed (left side of the observer) in time of peace, and the red field should be to the right in time of war.

When flown with other flags, when used with the flag of the Armed Forces or civic organizations, or that of another nation, the Philippine flag should always be above or on the right of the other flag. When in a parade with flags of other countries, the Philippine flag should be in the center and in front of the other flags.

Nothing should ever cover or decorate the surface of the flag. The flag should always occupy the highest place of honor and shall not be placed under any picture, or below a person.

Never use the flag as a staff whip, covering for tables or curtain for doorways.

Never display a tattered or worn flag. Dispose of it by burning so as to avoid an old flag being thrown into the garbage.

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