There are quite a few things in life that depend on ranking. Being accepted into the Philippine Science High School (PhiSci) is one of them. It’s no surprise, really, considering that the institution helps local budding mathematicians and scientists to realize their full potential.

As is the case with its science high school brethren, the beginning of a PhiSci’s student’s high school life starts with a stringent screening process. Let’s take a closer look at that.

Conditions for PhiSci Eligibility

Keep the magic number ten in mind: PhiSci draws the line when it requires potential students to be part of the upper ten percent of their graduating class, based on their Grade 5 ranking. This ranking must be certified by their respective school’s principal.

What if the students don’t belong to the cream of the crop, though? The good news is that PhiSci will still consider their application, provided they show proof of their skill in English and the hard sciences (i.e., through letters of recommendation and report cards).

Furthermore, student hopefuls must also take and pass the National Competitive Examination (NCE). This is basically a Scholastics Aptitude Test (SAT). The exam will focus on four main components: Verbal Aptitude, Abstract Reasoning, Quantitative Ability and Scientific Ability.

Requirements for Application

The requirements don’t stop there, though: For one thing, they must be Filipino citizens with no intention of migrating in the near future. They must also be no older than fifteen years by the June 30, 2010. Good health and good moral character (again, written certification from school authorities is needed) are also musts.

Document-wise, PhiSci will ask for the usual 1 x 1 ID pictures, the report card and the completed application form (in duplicate). A one hundred peso processing fee applies to students coming from private schools; it’s automatically waived for those from public schools, though.

The cool thing about securing and filing an NCE application form is that you’re not limited to the PhiSci campus alone. Just search out any regional office of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) or a regional PhiSci campus in your area. Take a look at this list for the one closest to you.

Important PhiSci Dates and Further Inquiries

August 31, 2009: deadline for application filing for school year 2010-2011
November 7, 2009: NCE date for school year 2010-2011
February 2010: estimated release of exam results

As of this writing, the application process is already underway, with the deadliest deadline being the last day of August, 2009. There’s no official release date for results yet, as everything will depend on a variety of factors (such as the number of test takers). The Admission Office folks estimate that the results should be out by February 2010.

Things may change sometime between then and now, so it’s always a good idea to keep communication lines open. Feel free to get in touch with the PhiSci folks at 9240639, 9291603, 9265701 or 4341066. Facsimiles may also reach them at the first two numbers.

Alternatively, you may also visit the campus grounds themselves. The main one is located along Agham Road, Diliman, Quezon City. For the regional campuses, just visit this page to find out how you can get in touch with them.

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6 Responses to “Philippine Science High School Entrance Exam Schedule”  

  1. 1 John Angelo Rabanal

    may I inquire how to get an application form to take the entrance exam for high school. Thank you.

  2. 2 alona y pedrozo

    im interested to take the phil.sci high scholl entrance exam.pls do help me.thank you.

  3. 3 Lani Fe T. Basan

    My daughter is very interested and wanted to take an exam but we haven’t had our application and I would like to inquire if we could still avail for an exam for the coming school year 2012-2013. I hope to hear from you the soonest and I would just send my mother to inquire to your good school.

    thank you

  4. 4 Sarah

    Oh, my son has taken the exam on Sept. 10 for next school year. I guess it’s too late for your daughter now, as they made exam scheds earlier.. If you have younger kids or relatives who may be interested, be sure to check about application deadlines early=).

  5. 5 Angie Dalmacio

    My daughter wants to take the entrance examination for the coming school year 2012-2013 but we were not able to had the application. I would like to inquire if we could still avail for the exam. We will appreciate very much if we can hear your soonest reply.

    Thanks and GOD Bless..

  6. 6 mona lisa manubag

    when will be your entrance examination for grade 7?

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