Northwestern Visayan Colleges
Sunday, February 18, 2007


Aklan’s partner for progress

The Northwestern Visayan Colleges (NVC) was founded on April 7, 1948 from the rubbles and devastating aftermath of World War II with the noble purpose of offering quality education in an atmosphere of religious freedom. It has since stood, survived all odds and grown through the years.


The NVC is a private non-sectarian institution, which started modestly as a learning institution in all the branches of arts and sciences offering classes in pre-elementary, elementary and secondary instruction as well as graduate and collegiate courses.


The founders’ task was to arm the youth with the realms of learning which involved the education of the body, mind and heart.


The Northwestern Visayan Colleges RSQ
Building at the Capitol Site in Kalibo,
Aklan.Through the relentless efforts of its founders, classes were opened with 350 students in all levels occupying one building which is presently the Administration Building.


Its five decades and nine years of existence boasts a record high in enrollment in the municipality of Kalibo, in particular and in the province in general. NVC remains consistent with its role as a college in which higher learning and research are promoted and nurtured.


From its humble beginning, NVC grows steadily. Starting from elementary, high school and short courses school, it expanded to two graduate programs, Master in Education (MAED) and Masters in Public Administration (MPA), 15 baccalaureate programs, including the different majors or specialization. It also offers five associate programs and two TESDA accredited six-month training courses.



As part of its strategy plan and with conform to modern quality standards, the Northwester Visayan Colleges is already expanding both in structure and academic endeavor.


After inaugurating its new Rustico S. Quimpo (RSQ) Building in 2004, now, a multi-purpose gym is currently under construction. Last year, it opened the NVC Hotel, a training laboratory for the Hotel and Restaurant Management course. Standing in the heart of Kalibo, The NVC Hotel caters to the needs not only of its BSHRM students but also to the local guests and foreign tourists especially Korean students and interns. It has become a self-sustaining enterprises with the completion of the NVC Gym.


The present Alumni Hall located at the top floor of the RSQ Building, which serves as a venue for activities requiring a large crowd, will eventually be converted into a library, science laboratory and IT center.


More classrooms will be generated from the space located near the library to meet the needs of increasing number of enrollees.


The construction of the multi-purpose gym is a bold step undertaken jointly by the alumni and the school administration. The alumni association takes an active part in raising funds to finish the project.


On the academic side, NVC students are now enjoying the revised and enhanced curriculum for all programs. This was started two years ago so that all programs conform with the minimum requirements set by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).


Last year, NVC expanded and modernized its speech laboratory to give better opportunities for its students to undergo speech lessons emphasizing on the American Accent Training. This could largely help students to be readily employed in call centers which will soon be established within the province of Aklan. Intensive training is conducted during summer for those who want to improve their skills and proficiency in English.


The computerization of the School Operation System is already in place. Students ID’s are bar coded for easy verification of student records. All data regarding the students are encoded and stored in the electronic file. Enrollment and subsequent transactions by students will be made faster using the modern technology.



NVC is closely identified in Aklan with its BS Criminology program. It is the most populated department, currently with 652 students. Headed by its highly respected dean, Dennis Ibutnande, the NVC criminology department has established its name in Western Visayas.


Just last December; Ibutnande was awarded the Most Outstanding Dean of Criminology in Western Visayas. Through his stewardship, NVC was able to ink a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Universidad de Zamboanga to give opportunity to undergraduate Philippine National Police (PNP) personnel in the service as provided for in RA 8551 to finish their baccalaureate degrees.


NVC is proud to maintain an above national passing rate for its criminology graduates in Professional Board Examinations for criminologists. Since its establishment in 1984, it has already produced not only police personnel but also PNP station commanders in Western Visayas and PNP provincial directors in the country.

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  1. 1 Jessica D. Acogido

    Good Evening..

    I just want to ask about the NVC about an important matter regarding my friend’s situation today.. Last year he tranfer in NVC and now he want to be back here in General Santos City and continue his studies the problem is that what are the things we should do to get his Honorable Dismissal or the transcript of record (T.O.R)? should we go personally in the school or make a request letter for this? is there any papers we must personally sign when getting this files? we want to hear anything from you because also the enrollment here now is going on..

    Here is my email address: jessie_acogido@yahoo.com

    Please Reply as soon as you read the letter. Thank You.

    Respectfully Yours,

    Ms. Jessica D. Acogido

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