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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


The school that builds your future

Mangaldan in Pangasinan, located 220 kilometers north of Manila, is the "catch basin" of all physical and socio-economic developments northeast of Dagupan City considered the "commercial center of Northern Philippines." Part of the CAMADA (Calasiao, Mangaldan, Dagupan) development area, Mangaldan is a bustling agro-industrial center in the region.


One of the two "gateways" of Region I going up to the tip of Northwestern Philippines, Mangaldan is a coastal urban town surrounded by seven municipalities – all without any higher education institution.

Aware of Mangaldan's needs and role in the area, leaders headed by Dr. Roberto delos Reyes founded in 1996 the Metro-Dagupan Colleges at the very heart of Mangaldan town. The founders projected that as the population in all the surrounding towns and in Mangaldan itself grows rapidly, enrolment will increase in Metro-Dagupan Colleges over the next several years.

The Metro-Dagupan Colleges in
Mangaldan in Pangasinan.Metro-Dagupan Colleges started in June 1996 with seven collegiate and two graduate degree courses with an initial enrolment of only 202 students. Yearly, the enrolment increased.

In 1999, the Metro-Dagupan Colleges produced with flying colors its first Board-passers in the Criminology Board Examination (100 percent passing rate) and in the Professional Examination for Teachers (14 passed out of 16 who took the test).Since then, this record of board-passers has been consistently maintained

In 2000, the municipality of Mangaldan, in tandem with the Metro-Dagupan Colleges, established a Mangaldan Technology and Livelihood Development Center based in Metro-Dagupan Colleges. It is now being used by the College to train and assist Pangasinan out-of-school youth and adults to put up their own small or medium businesses.

Awareness of this scheme is increasingly gaining advocates and supporters from parents who send their children to the Metro-Dagupan Colleges to take up short-term and one-year technical courses.

The Institutional Directorate

The Metro-Dagupan Colleges is run by very experienced top managers. The Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Roberto A. de los Reyes, is a BS in Industrial Education graduate, a Master’s degree holder in educational management, and holds a Doctor of Education degree in Educational Administration. He is well-known throughout the region and many parts of the Philippines.

The College President, Ms. Mae Timonera-de los Reyes, has an AB in Economics and a Master in Education degree with major in Educational Management. She has more than 16 years of teaching and administrative experience.

The first Vice-chairman of the Board, Atty. Benigno Gubatan, was, until his death, the Municipal Mayor of Mangaldan for more than 12 years. He was nationally famous for his excellent human and public relations with the community people who are the potential clientele of the College. He earned a Bachelor of Laws degree and was about to finish master’s degree in public administration when he died due to a vehicular accident. He was succeeded in the MDC Board of Trustees by his equally-educated daughter, Judith Gubatan, who has a BS in Business Administration degree major in Management, and is at present a Municipal Councilor of the municipality of Mangaldan.

The College Registrar and Corporate Treasurer, Romae R. de Asis, holds the third top-management position in the College. She has earned a BS degree in Medical Technology, and is a licensed professional medical technologist. She also has a Bachelor of Science in Criminology degree, is a registered Professional Criminologist, and holds the degree of Master in Public Administration. She has extensive training and experience in the management of both student and financial accounting.

The fifth member of the Board of Trustees is Conrado T. de los Reyes II who is a prominent computer and information technology consultant in Metro-Manila. He has been consulted by more than 10 big business corporations throughout his professional career. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the De La Salle University.





Today, the Educational Philosophy for the establishment and development of the Metro-Dagupan Colleges is firmly anchored on the following vision:

"It is the vision of the founders of Metro- Dagupan Colleges to establish a College of the future – one where modern technology will support educational plans and programs of the young and adults within the service area of the Institution. It is envisioned to be the ‘College that Builds the Future of the people."

Fully guided by this, the Metro-Dagupan Colleges is at present providing a full gamut of educational programs to the public – from a science high school, to collegiate courses, to graduate degree programs.

In line with its Mission Statement that "In pursuit of educational superiority, the Metro-Dagupan Colleges is committed to the vision of producing world-class graduates who can be globally competitive in their chosen fields of endeavor", and within an institutional environment of dynamic instruction, applied research, and community outreach program, the Metro-Dagupan Colleges strives to attain the following long-range objectives:

1. To produce world-class professionals, technologists, and technicians whose level of knowledge, attitudes, and skills will significantly contribute to their personal and social development.

2. To develop advanced professional researchers and positive-minded business and industrial entrepreneurs, managers, teachers, and middle-level manpower for the private and public sectors of society, and

3. To influence the communities within the service area of the College towards a systematic planning and implementation of their own development.

In response to the above-stated mission and objectives, the Metro-Dagupan Colleges is now offering the following courses and programs:

A. Graduate Programs – (for professionals and civil service employees and managers of private companies and public offices:) 1. Master in Business Administration, with majors in International Business Management; Small- and Medium-Scale Enterprise Management; Senior Executive MBA; a General MBA. 2. Master in Public Administration, with majors in Local Government Management; Public Safety Management (Police, Fire, Jail); a General MPA program; Development Planning and Management; School Administration and Management; Educational and Instructional Management (with 12 subject specializations).

B. Collegiate Programs – (for full-time and part-time students taking the day or evening classes) 1. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, with majors in Computer Technology; Information Technology 2. Bachelor of Elementary Education 3. Bachelor of Secondary Education, with majors in – Science and Technology, English, Values Education, Technology and Home Economics, Filipino, Mathematics, MAPEH, Social Studies. 4. Bachelor of Science in Criminology 5. Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications 6. Bachelor of Science in Tourism, with majors in Hotel and Restaurant Management, Travel Management. 7. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with majors in Accounting Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Executive Office Management. 8. Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. Three of these courses operate under a Ladderized scheme since 1996.

C. Secondary Education. A four-year Special Science High School curriculum is offered for elementary school graduates who belong to the upper 20 percent of the graduating classes.

D. Elementary Level. A pre-school and elementary grades programs are operated by a sister affiliate institution – the Golden Angels Educational Institution Playschool and Grade School also in Mangaldan..


New Thrusts in Employability. The Metro-Dagupan Colleges is focused on unique and distinctive programs at the collegiate and graduate levels. Since jobs and employment opportunities are not very easy to find nowadays because of the economic situation worldwide, the College is embarking on a policy of training for entrepreneurship and self-employment. Thus, in all collegiate courses, the subject "Entrepreneurship" is being offered at the third curriculum year where the students are required to participate in income-generating projects of the College under a supervised scheme. This will not only acquaint the students on various possibilities for self-employment in their chosen courses (such as tutoring, home-based businesses, etc.), but will also provide income to them which they are required to deposit in a savings bank. During their fourth year, the savings they had accumulated are then used to put up their own businesses which will be a requirement for graduation.

The uniqueness of the programs and courses at Metro-Dagupan Colleges is the key to the attraction of the College to students. Metro-Dagupan Colleges will capitalize on the ambition of families for their children to have adequate skills for jobs by requiring all third year students in all courses who are at present taking up a subject in "entrepreneurship". Part of the intensification plan is for the third year students participating in college-based income-generating projects to place their earnings in individual savings account. During their fourth year and as a requirement for graduation, the students will be required to put up their own home-based (community-based) business related to their major field of specialization using their savings as seed capital.

Infrastructure development projects in the Metro-Dagupan Colleges within the next several years will be undertaken to meet the increasing demand for new physical and technological facilities needed to respond to changes in the business and industrial environment. This will include the construction of an additional wing of the proposed hexagonal building, acquisition of additional educational facilities needed for the existing and proposed programs in the secondary, collegiate, and graduate courses, including the proposed Productivity High School,

Part of the medium-range plan is the establishment of an International College for Entrepreneurs (ICE) which is being worked out in tandem with the Polytechnic University of New York for some years now and with other interested parties.

A key feature of the current focus of the Metro-Dagupan Colleges now is the emphasis on networking with outside institutions and companies for the job placement of graduating students of the College. Continuing dialogues with key industrial and business people in and outside the Region is being undertaken by the Office of Student Life and Alumni Relations (OSLAR). It is the aim of the College that at the time of graduation, those who are candidates would have landed already jobs or are self-employed by the time they march to receive their diplomas.

Since 1996, the Metro-Dagupan Colleges has been celebrating its foundation anniversary each year, its Palaro ng Lahi (Intramurals). The annual Search for Mr. and Ms. MDC is always a crowd-getter.

Part of the plan for next school year is the shift of class schedules in the undergraduate level to trimester, synchronized with the trimester schedule of the graduate courses.

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22 Responses to “Metro-Dagupan Colleges”  

  1. 1 christian fortes

    whats your contac number i want to transfer my daughter in you school

  2. 2 gorgeousbitch

    this school is not very good in terms of educational standards, i’ve been a former employee here and i just pity those students getting a low standardized education.

    facilites are obsolete, teachers are not properly compensated, and administration staffs are corrupt.

  3. 3 admin

    522-6367 — Just call whenever you need us. ^_^ Every year, we change employees who are not capable of their jobs. This is to ensure that our students receive the quality of education that they deserve. ^_^

  4. 4 Ian'el

    To Christian Fortes: Contact number is (075) 522-6367; Please feel free to contact the Colleges 7 days a week from 8AM-5PM. We look forward to being of service to you.

    To Gorgeousbitch: I’d like to see a REAL name behind your pseudonym to show that you’re really backing up what you’re saying here. By the way, “staff” is a collective noun as used in your sentence, so it’s not proper to use “staffs”.

    We all know that teaching is a noble SERVICE job, it’s not a GET RICH job. To some, it is a fulfillment in itself to be able to serve and see the students they’ve handled succeed in life despite anything else. However, it is a sad fact that many do not care about that but care more about whether they have lots of money in their wallets or pockets. This is especially true of those who do not have the heart of a true teacher.

    Have a nice day (^_^)

  5. 5 justmeeh_online

    To all those people who say good things about Metro-Dagupan Colleges, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! To all those people who cannot say anything nice…”JUST SHUT UP!!!” Hehehe… As the name implies, you may be GORGEOUS but notably a BITCH for that matter…no wonder the College could not stomach your “bitchiness” and with a breath of relief LET YOU GO TO WHEREVER HELL YOU ARE NOW…Anyway, as the saying goes, what goes around, comes around… I hope you could sleep soundly at night with a heavy burden in your heart…tsk!tsk!tsk! such pity that you thought that teaching or even being employed by the College would make you rich…duh? Wake up and smell the roses..you were probably a big disappointment for the school that is why you are sourgraping now…whehehe…you wasted your good education on being a BITCH for the rest of your life…ta-ta my dear..ciao!

    The College is a good school with the track record it has boasted in its article. Now very many schools in the Philippines get featured in national newspapers. I am just proud that in my hometown, we have a College that caters to the needs of the poor but deserving students. I invite all parents to come and see the College. I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. It is the “College with a Heart”. Good day everyone… :)

  6. 6 JVF


    Taga saan na po si late ex-Mayor Bening Gubatan?

    Thanks po..

  7. 7 virusblade

    hai jvf.

    Late Ex-mayor Bening Gubatan is from Mangaldan, Pangasinan

  8. 8 charison lee....


  9. 9 lyjennpsalm

    To : MDC Admin, Lan’el:


    Hello there, I have explored many universities and colleges in Dagupan and in whole province of Pangasinan, seems that you are one the colleges I am looking for. I have also seen your program accreditations with IHE of CHED’s and your reputations are well recognized.
    I have sent this same email inquiry to your email add posted in some of the websites: mdc@mozcom.com if this is still working though.

    Anyway, I just want to inquire if how much is the cost per unit of 1 subject in BS Secondary Education-Math. I graduated my bachelors in Accounting in UL on 1996. I want to take some credit course/semester in a Math area when I return back to Philippines early next year-1st semester. However, I may only be taking some units to complete my semester hours equivalent (crediting my earned math in my previous course). I already have my foreign transcripts evaluation from USA, so from here it will not be very hard to identify the math subjects I should be taking. I need some subjects for Trigonometry, Calculus, and other Mathematics credits course.
    Can you please send me as attachment to this email (not published) the subject list or subject course of this program-BS Secondary Math and also the whole semester course fee.

    Also I am interested in your MPA-Education..

    Please kindly reply immediately when you received this message.
    Thank you very much. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

    Happy Holidays!

    Permanent Address: Purok Pagkakaisa, Paras St., Bonuan Gueset, Dagupan City.

    Current Address:

    Saudi Electric Company

    SEC Training Institute-WOA

    English Language Training Department

    Industrial City, P.O Box 9299 , Jeddah City , Saudi Arabia.


  10. 10 Ian'el

    Hello Ms. lyjennpsalm,
    Thank you for your inquiry/post. We are happy to provide you with the information you need, however, we have no information of your name or your email address for us to send it. Our working email address is: mdc@pangasinan.com. You may also send your inquiries to b06496@yahoo.com or romae_mdc@yahoo.com

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Happy Holidays! (^_^)

  11. 11 lyjennpsalm

    Hi lan’el,

    Thank you for your prompt reply, I will forward the enquiry sent on this forum to all the emails you have provided above. Thank you very much for your reply.
    Have a nice holidays there too.(^-^)…..

  12. 12 MMF

    I just want to inquire if you are in need of a marketing instructor. i’m currently working in the LGU but i still want to have a part time job. i’m a graduate of SLU BSC Marketing. Please let me know. Thanks

  13. 13 aTeNiSTa

    just passing by ……

    I am sure Ianel is one of the well renowned staff mentioned in Metro Dagupan portfolio, I wonder who’s he? lol … you are spending too much time on the computer to defend your college lol.

  14. 14 Ian'el

    @ MMF

    The College welcomes all qualified and interested applicants, please don’t hesitate to send you application preferably before classes start. Thank you.


    I don’t know if I should be flattered or offended by your statement. However, to satisfy somewhat your “curiosity”, if you go through the comments I defended the College once; all my other comments were for answering queries and majority of which were made AFTER office hours. It’s something called customer service. Furthermore, I take part in the marketing operations of the College given my background. Thank you for your comments and have a nice day!

  15. 15 lanie soriano

    hilo poh mis ko na mga klsmyt ko mga batch 2007,, i love MDC,,

  16. 16 maribel

    gud day!i just wanna inquire if you offer SPED.

  17. 17 Ian'el
  18. 18 jhoi =)

    tnx 4 evrything =)

  19. 19 jhopay esatayo


    I’ve been there @ MDC during the MDC got talent.. and I suggest to renovate some of the facilities of the school.. The progrom of the school is nice specially for the scholarship to help the students, and I think renovation of some classrooms would be better.. that’s all have a great day…


    Good day po. May I ask if you are accepting teacher-applicants for the elementary department?

  21. 21 Trishia Kyle P. Torres

    THE best COLLEGES ever in PANGASINAN ;>

  22. 22 Agnes D. Ramirez

    Good morning.
    I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. I want to have my education units enable to for me to teach mathematics. I just want to inquire if how much will it cost for me to get my elementary and/or secondary education units in your school. Please send me the schedule of enrollment if there is for the second semester. Thank you and God Bless Us.

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