St. Anne College Lucena, Inc.

Moving towards quality and excellent education


ST. ANNE COLLEGE LUCENA, INC. (SACLI), formerly St. Anne School of Medical Sciences, is a non-stock, non-profit and non-sectarian educational institution founded in March 1986.

The school, then headed by Dr. Elvira Andaman, was first housed at the third floor of St. Anne General Hospital (formerly Andaman General Hospital, Inc.) and initially offered the Graduate in Midwifery program.

To further enhance the institution’s contribution to the development of the healthcare manpower in the country, the Nursing course was offered in 1990.

On September 6, 1993, the administration, in an ardent desire to serve the community more, decided to change the name of the school to St. Anne College Lucena, Inc., thus enabling it to offer non-paramedical courses that include Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management, Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy and AB Psychology. Non-degree programs accredited by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) such as Food Technology, Computer Technology, Associate in HRM, Computer Office Management, and Nursing Aide were also offered.

With rapid advances in science and technology of the modern world, the SACLI administration opened more degree and non-degree programs to broaden students’ scientific and technological knowledge and skills.

In 2000, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Bachelor in Secondary Education and Bachelor in Elementary Education were offered. The Caregiver Program, Biomedical Equipment Technician course, and Medical Transcriptionist course followed suit in 2003, 2005 and 2006, respectively.

It was in 2002 when the College opened the Kiddie Course (Kindergarten) to help promote good values among children.

To help serve the community better, the SACLI administration opened the Elementary and Secondary Levels in the 2003.

All these have been made possible through the united efforts of personnel and administration, in their desire to become more responsive to the ever-changing needs and demands of the times.



St. Anne College, Lucena, Inc. has come of age. As it celebrated its 21st founding anniversary last February 28–March 4, it has adhered faithfully to its theme "Reinventing for Better Image and Competitiveness." And the proofs?

Marked improvements of its infrastructures and facilities were made for fast and easy delivery of instructional services to its teeming clientele. The newly built administration building houses fully air-conditioned offices, standard-size classrooms, a complete I-Tech. Center, a well-equipped computer laboratory, a simulated mini hospital and a spacious library. These were all provided for convenience in the research and study of the students.

The computerized system of enrolment and payment of fees started in school year 2005-2006. In this system, all data about the students are encoded to facilitate the delivery of services to them.

The recently inaugurated Hot-and-Cold Kitchen and Laboratory of the HRM Department is a source of pride for SACLI, for it is the very first one of such kind in Quezon Province. This is an advanced preparation for the offering of Culinary Arts and Bachelor of Tourism Management this coming academic year, 2007-2008.

Plans for manpower resource development are also under way to improve the quality of faculty and improve their teaching competency. Aside from the administrators’ encouragement and support for faculty professional growth through educational loans and scholarships, in-house seminars and workshops are conducted every year to improve and enhance their communication skills, teaching strategies, test construction and validation, and use of instructional media. The faculty are also provided with other instructional guidebooks.

To further improve instruction, the SACLI administration gave specific guidelines to the Academic Affairs Office, to wit: screen the faculty thoroughly before admitting them to teach; hire qualified faculty, preferably M.A. degree holders over non-M.A degree ones; evaluate the teaching performance of the faculty; set definite guidelines for giving of teaching loads; and encourage non-education graduates to enroll in professional subjects in Education.

These guidelines are to be strictly followed by department heads/deans starting this coming School Year 2007-2008.

To make the school more competitive and to prevent the rapid turnover of faculty, the SACLI administration has upgraded the salary offering this past school year, to the delight and satisfaction of the teaching personnel.

Truly, SACLI is moving surely towards quality and excellence in education!



The Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM) program of St. Anne College Lucena, Inc., started in 1993, the first such course that was recognized by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) in the province of Quezon, through the leadership of founding and present Dean Rogelio Llave (a doctoral candidate with the highest distinction), and the utmost support of SACLI president Dr. Potenciano Andaman and executive vice president Dr. Elvira Andaman.

The culinary programs and Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management were introduced in answer to the needs of the community. All these programs were strengthened under the Institute of International Hospitality Management (IIHM) of the institution.

The main thrust of the programs of the IIHM is to professionalize international hospitality and tourism by producing highly competent leaders in hotel foodservice, tourism, travel and events. The IIHM has become the flag bearer for being an awardee of the Plaque of Recognition from the Provincial Council of Quezon for bringing honors and prestige in the field of HRM.

SACLI–HRM has been a consistent top recipient of the Medals of Excellence in the Chefs on Parade, Culinary Grand Prix, COHREP Skills Competition and recently, in the ASEAN Skills Olympics for the Diploma of Excellence for Culinary held in Brunei Darussalam – a first time among Philippine delegates. It has also been a favorite feature in FOOD, FLAVOR, F&B, and Bartender Magazines and in local and national newspapers depicting local and international accolades.

In terms of practicum and affiliations, students are sent to overseas exposures such as in Canada, Thailand, United States, Singapore, Jordan and soon, in Australia. In the Philippines, practicum is held in de luxe and first class hotels, class A restaurants, class AAA resorts and county clubs, and in-flight and cruises facilities.

In preparation for the incoming accreditation and for the competency-based programs, St. Anne College Lucena, Inc. is equipped with updated and industry-based curricula, and built-in facilities like pompous hotel lounge, stylish travel counter, executive suite room, hot and cold kitchen (the newest and the biggest in Region IV), food production units, coffee shop with kitchen and bar set-up, demonstration room, and conference room. The dean and members of the faculty are highly qualified with expertise in the fields of tourism, HRM, and Culinary arts, and are active members of the Hotel and Restaurant Association of the Philippines (HRAP) and other prestigious educational and professional associations.

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103 Responses to “St. Anne College Lucena, Inc.”  

  1. 1 princezz

    khit po b may 72 n grade pwede pumasok sa inyo ng caregiver?salamat po…..

  2. 2 princezz

    hello po,pwede po b un?mrming slamat po…

  3. 3 concerned

    try mo din iha, kung di naman final grades yan 72 bka , ok, thanks for ur interst to enrol

  4. 4 TEACHER.st anne

    here i am again trying to protect the rights of the faculty members of SACLI because someone tells on my ear about the situation of the faculty, i am calling the attention of the DOLE regarding this matter. Hope that somebody will tell these to the higher ups.

  5. 5 ines


    How can you help your graduates to find their jobs. My daughter graduated last 2007 and passed the board exam in Nursing. She tried to apply at St. Anne Hospital, your company own hospital, but unfortunately di cya natanggap. Is their any criteria sa pagtanggap?


  6. 6 NICOLE


  7. 7 charlene mae basallo

    hello to all my former instructors how is it going jan sa st.anne??dami po bang nag enrol na midwifery student??

  8. 8 NICOLE

    totoo po b n ung ibng professor sa hrm ay lumipat n ng calayan??? panu n ang quality of education??

  9. 9 Lirean Prince

    This school is included in the Low Performing Nursing Schools in the country. Take a look first on the report which can be found at the website below.

    A student should think twice before enrolling in this school because the quality of instruction is so poor. Take my word for it, I’ve been there. The instructors are always new because the old ones leave or resign because this school was mismanaged. No discipline. No order at all because there rules were always violated.

    A fellow student once told me, “Pera pera lang naman lahat dito. The corruption was so rampant. Yun ngang SACCOFFI which was intended for loans ng Faculty sa atin nakapasan eh diba? Kasama sa Miscellaneous fees natin tapos ipapa-loan nila at lalagyan ng interest, ang tuso diba?”

    I just pray and hope na magbago na sila… St. Anne, Grandmother of Jesus, Pray for us. Amen.

  10. 10 Lirean Prince

    Nursing Students urge CHEd Probe
    Inquirer Southern Luzon
    First Posted 00:32:00 04/14/2009

    LUCENA CITY – Seventeen senior nursing students of Saint Anne College Lucena will not be joining next week’s commencement exercises after failing to pass the school’s “revalidation” test on one of their subjects.

    Three of them have asked the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) to investigate their non-inclusion, which, they said, was the result of an “arbitrary, faulty and mysterious grading system.”

    The complainants, who requested anonymity for fear of reprisal from school authorities, said their woes started after the school’s review center conducted a surprise “revalidation” test on Nursing Care Management among the graduating students. More than 50 students flunked, making them non-eligible for graduation.


    Furious parents trooped to a broadcast station here last month to air their protest, forcing the school to nullify the exam, the complainants said.
    But 17 students were told that they still would not be graduating because they reportedly failed to pass the subject based on the new grading computation of the college auditor.
    “We were informed by our teachers that the auditor’s office had all asked for our grades which they eventually submitted. When we asked for copies, our teachers couldn’t give us any and we were just told to talk to the auditor’s office. It puzzled us,” said one of the complainants on Sunday.
    The student claimed that the auditor’s office “couldn’t tell us anything to enlighten us.”
    “We all passed our regular exams and it was recorded in our teacher’s record. How come that after the auditor’s computation, we all suddenly failed? But they couldn’t show us how they arrived at the computation. We demand transparency,” he said.

    He added: “Our parents had already spent a considerable amount of money for our education. Seeing us graduate is the best gift that we can give them in return. Our school should not deprive us of this opportunity based on dubious circumstances. If we really failed in that subject, we will accept it. But the school should explain it to us clearly.”
    On Monday, the Inquirer called up the school thrice to get its comment, but the phone operator said the concerned officials were busy.
    School officials also refused to be interviewed by local reporters when the scandal broke out last month

  11. 11 chepoy86

    I pity you Lirean Prince, why so bitter? siguro isa ka sa failed students! kawawa ka naman, dahil di ka nakapasa eh isinisisi mo sa iba! HRM graduate ako ng SACLI and proud Saclians! You see? Top awardee ang St. Anne for many years and now Overall champion in National level and even International eh humahataw! I’m in International Cruiseline and I got this opportunity becoz of SACLI!
    Hello there in St. Anne! More power!

  12. 12 Lirean Prince

    I also pity you Chepoy because you jump into conclusions right away. Siyempre I have a basis why I am saying these things. I am not bitter, to set things straight and di ako failed. It’s just that “nakakahiya” na ang mga nangyayari ngayon sa school na ito.
    Maybe things were better when you are still there, pero now? magtanong tanong ka muna. I’m glad that you are still proud to be a SACLIan kasi most of us eh hindi na. I am more grateful to my teachers na masigasig na nagturo sa amin eventhough we know that their situation is not better off there. More power to you.

  13. 13 NICOLE


  14. 14 John

    bakit ganun? may mga students na di pinasa dahil sa recomputation ng NCM? sino ba ang dean nila? talk to the dean, anong klaseng policy yan. sayang naman yang skul nyo. di talaga maganda ang management pag ganyan.

  15. 15 Joan

    Wag ma-epal nicole, siguro di ka natanggap kaya ganyan ka. The fact na nag comment ka dito eh ibig sabihin hinanap mo ang news about sacli

  16. 16 Andea

    Does the review center has the capability or the authority to identify the students who are not eligible to graduate? i don’t think so….
    Parents should talk to the dean and ask what has happened and clarify everything.
    Kawawa naman ang mga magulang ng mga batang yan na gumastos sa pagpapaaral ng kanilang anak tapos dahil di nakapasa sa exams ng review center e di na papagraduatin.

  17. 17 kryzza mae

    wow ang cute ng ST.ANNE….

  18. 18 Annabel S.

    I think part time ang Dean nila sa College of Nursing or by name lang. Parang wala din na Head kasi iba naman ang nagdedecide on matters concerning the Department.

  19. 19 Tanya

    Bakit ganun? part time yung dean? di ba required ng CHED na full time ang dean. and who decides for the nursing department? Maliit na school ba ang St. Anne?

  20. 20 Janna

    The quality of teaching is so poor! Do you conduct an evaluation of your College Faculty? Kasi po if it’s done every semester matagal na wala yung mga hindi marunong or tamad magturo na General Educ. Instructors.
    Paki-evaluate naman po sina Ms. Gudani at si Mr. Lopez kasi reklamo po sila ng mga students eh wala nangyayari. Dahil po ba kaibigan sila ng Guidance Counselor (which conducts the evaluation) eh ganun na lang po yun?
    Speaking of which, dito lang sa school na ito ako naka-encounter ng iisang Guidance Counselor which also is an Instructor slash OIC of AS Dept. Anu ba yan? How can she do her job well and guide the students (kaya nga Guidance Counselor diba?) if iisa siya at palagi wala sa office niya?

  21. 21 hermione

    good day!

    i heard that the faculty was adviced that the students are not required to do reports on class.i was just wandering why that person behind this have to discourage us(students) to practice reporting in front of the class,when i`m sure whoever you are,you know that reporting can do a big help to us,specially that our course is related to communicating with people,how can we express ourselves in front of others,and how can we practice our ability to speak in front of people? as a student i am observing my classmates,and it`s so disappointing to see that they are very uneasy to speak in front of the class,maybe because they are not used to this. please do something about this,and please don`t take our opportunity to learn more and practice our ability.

  22. 22 hermione

    one more thing,i hope the IDOLS PARTY can read this,one of your candidate for councilor is taking advantage of his position hindi pa man.magiging kasiraan po sya ng inyong partido,ang alam ko po ay labag sa kautusan ng paaralan ang kumain,magkalat,at magingay sa loob ng silid aralan ngunit ang tao pong tinutukoy ko ay tila syang pasimuno pa ng kaguluhan sa loob ng klase habang naghihintay kami sa aming guro.bigyan nyo po sana ito ng pansin at turuan nyo po sana ng kaunting disiplina ang inyong mga kandidato dahil bilang estudyante ay hinding hindi ko ipagkakatiwala ang pamamahala sa isang lider na ni ang sarili nya ay di kayang disiplinahin.yun lamang po at maraming salamat sa panahon.

  23. 23 janno

    hay naku tama k dyan janna, isama mo na rin sina Mr. sace na walng gnawa kundi mambola ng cute n female students, si Mr. Pura na ubod ng yabang eh wala namang alam sa pagtuturo at si Mr. Villaseñor n meron atang sira ang utak, san k naman nkakita ng guro n pag nkakita ng gagamba sa rum eh pilit n huhulihin khit nsa gitna ng klase, praning db? ewan ko nga kung bkit nsa skul pa cla eh dapat pnatalsik n mga yan noh?

  24. 24 janno

    i beg to disagree with you hermione, reporting is ok if its serve its purpose , kya lng by experience yong mga nagpapareport n teacher eh kadalasang mga tamad. Hindi reporting nangyayari kundi reading. while reading este reporting si faculty andon sa likod natutulog or rather nkikinig??? after reading what??? ni walang clarification whatsoever. kya ok lng wag n magreporting,or magreporting man case to case basis n lng. marami namang ways para ma improve ang communicative skills natin right????

  25. 25 hermione

    hmm,you have a point mr.janno, nghihinayang lang ako kasi my ilan namang faculty na nagpipilit na matrain ang students nila. and can i react with mr.pura filing ko ngayon la na syang panahon para magyabang kase i heard dinudugo sya sa pagtuturo sa mga freshmen.: )

  26. 26 Annabel

    Why is it that the Faculty members of this school is required to do marketing/recruit students bago mag start ang semester? Teachers po sila at hindi na siguro kasama sa Job Description nila ito diba? As part of the institution they can help to increase the enrollment, pero sana hindi yung sapilitan. It came to a point na namimigay pa sila ng flyers sa mga mall at terminals. (nakakahiya…)

  27. 27 macky08

    hi! im juz browsin’ the net and ended up reading this page! well i think ur juz messin’ up each other! too harsh! pity y’ll! if you can’t stand with the management and if you think the quality of teaching is so poor then the hell you care and the hell they care! u can’t do anything regarding with this matter! don’t waste your time posting comments na hinde nmn pinapansin ng managent.if you want to get the attention of mr. potenciano went straight to his office and raise all your concerns baka sakali meron pumansin sa inyo! if you think this is a crucial problem then wag sa comments nyo lang daanin.

  28. 28 mike

    Oissst jana, dont be so judgmental….in fairness dami very good faculty at st. anne ha? student ako dyan and proud ako sa mga prof. ko, and the guidance counselor is also good, medyo strict lang cya pero galing magturo, i was once her student. concerned nga sya sa mga students. sayang nga di na sya nagtuturo sa hrm. about mr. lopez, sobra naman nya bait sa students khit di na nakikinig sa kanya, konti naman strict sir! naawa nga ako sayo masyado ka mabait sa students…more power to you!

  29. 29 bluemoon79

    to you HERMIONE, ikaw lang yata ang bukod tangi na student kamo ( student ka ba talaga???) na gusto reporting, eh sa totoo lang kung gusto mo ma improve communication skills eh dapat ibang course na lang kinuha mo!!!!! Tamad lang tlaga un mga teacher masyado inaasa lecture sa student…eh un magagaling na prof. eh di naman nagpapareport at dami pa natutuhan!!!! kaya nga nagbayad ang students tuition fee para matuto at wag mag report lang!!!!!!!DI BA???

  30. 30 bluemoon79

    Oissst janna dont be so judgmental, in fairness dami very good faculty sa st. anne ha! and the guidance counselor is alo very good, i was once her student, medyo strict nga lang sya pero concerned sya sa mga students. sayang nga lang di na sya nagtuturo sa students…Mam, anong handle mong subjects, mukha ayaw mo na magturo ngayon, masyado bc ba? and to mr. lopez, sir konting strict naman sa pagtuturo, naaawa nga kami sayo, minsan di na nakikinig students sayo pero ang bait mo parin, inaabuso ka na ng iba. Si sir Gav, superb!!! ang galing!!! si sir aying, ok din. more powers to all!

  31. 31 babyme

    sa mga taga st.anne…..d bestpa rin school natin……

  32. 32 babyme

    ano b kau puro reklamo kau sa st. anne y d kaya kau pmunta sa higher up para don mgrelamo
    ang dami nyo lagi snasabi eh!.d best parin ang st. anne noh?………………….

  33. 33 babyme

    nicole,,,alam mo kung bakit mo sinasabi maganda hrm s cefi?????????
    KASI GRADUATE ng ST. ANNE COLLEGE ang dean doon…bongga….

  34. 34 babyme

    “ang punong walang bunga ay hindi pinapansin, walang bumabato……..pero ang punong hitik ng bunga ay marami ang bumabato” ………..para sa mga bumabato – don’t be such looooossers mga yaya………

  35. 35 hermione

    to you BLUEMOON79,granted that`s true na tamad nga ang mga teachers na pareport ng pareport,pero walang karapatang magmalinis ang mga tamad na estudyante sa reporting!!!!and you don`t care kung yung course ko ang gusto kong kunin,kasi wala ka namang ambag sa tuition ko.mind your own business!!!!

  36. 36 clark kent

    wala po sana mag away jan

  37. 37 kathkath

    this is for LIREAN PRINCE.. oh c’mmon. don’t be so rude !!!
    r u envy wit the saclian students????
    and r u riky sure with the bullshit things u have said??
    who d hell r u bullying SACLI??
    u don’t have to be rude..hahaha.. don’t mind SACLI’S business..
    mind ur own Fucking business.. d ka pnpkelaman.. maaawa ca sa sarili mu..
    but you know wat??
    cguro ur not that bright kea ca ganyan???
    neweiz i rily don’t care about you..just protecting sACLIANS..
    i’m so sorry d ako npatol sa di ko kelevel.. bye!!!

  38. 38 ric

    paki post naman po ang telephone # ng St. Anne esp sa HRM Dep’t…tnx!

  39. 39 bEbOt19

    i agree wit you kathkath… LIREAN PRINCE acting like a filthy bitter person… napakadaming mo nmn hang ups sa sacli, di ka pa ba nakakamove on? hehehe! pity on you! ‘nways peace y’ll…

  40. 40 Abby

    Ask ko lang po ano po name ng Dean ng College of Nursing? thanks

  41. 41 LeXpart07

    ..yah..inget ln un iba sa st.anne.
    ..ung lirean prince..wg ka ganyan..lolz ka..wla kng alam..kya ka gnyan..
    ..ayoz ang st.anne db??
    ..tska c mr.lopez ..
    ..mabait kaya yun ..wg ganyan s mga prof..

  42. 42 kulugong gwagong gwapo

    kamusta nmn ba ang criminology department ng st. anne? i would like to congratulate Mr. Edwin Sebastian for a job well done to his department balita ko eh lumalago na ang population nila so with their newly DEAN. What’s the name again? balita ko gwapo daw ah?hehhehehehhehe

  43. 43 Lirean Prince

    Affected? It only means that there’s a truth to what i’m saying. Just look and open your eyes. Ciao!

  44. 44 Annabel

    ATTN: Dean Claudette Roxas and Dr. Andaman. Maybe it’s time now to re-think and reflect why your passing rate last NLE dropped at 25 percent. Do not blame it on the teachers because it was you who hire them. Choose now between quality or quantity, before the CHED abolish your Nursing program due to non-performance.

  45. 45 David

    I totally agree with you annabel, they should re-evaluate not just their students, but their faculty as well. A blind mice can never lead a blind mice. what kind of faculty line up do they have. if they want quality graduates they should hire competent instructors. And what is the action of their Dean? consistent low performing school sila, at walang ginagawa ang Dekana nila?

  46. 46 Lirean Prince

    No major action was taken I think so, it remained like that for the past few years already. If ever there is, maybe it was not enough or it was not really for the benefit of the students. It was more of the benefit for the school.
    Same old problem in Instruction, Facilities, Base hospitals and of course their Policies.

  47. 47 David

    I pity the students, they should get their moneys worth. I wish the administration can read this site, so that they can counteract and make the necessary changes and improvement for their students benefits.

  48. 48 Lirean Prince

    I agree with David, poor parents and students. They are investing on something which is not of quality.

  49. 49 kriziamuawah

    Hello Saclians…balita ko champion na nman ang HRM sa Food Show Down!!!!! panalo sa Luzon…wow galing talaga…kaya nga di na ako nag aral sa Manila! Proud HRM ng SACLI talaga ako! More power to you guys!

  50. 50 kriziamuawah

    I like u bluemoon, dapat talaga di asa ang instructor sa reporting, kze naman feeling namin tinatamad un faculty pag ganun…Eh baket un magagaling na faculty eh di naman nagpapareport at take note ha!!! walang nasasayang na oras sa lecture nila… Un nga lang, dami namin inaaral…he he he! Pero sulit naman, ay grabe, dami naman masisipag na faculty sa SACLI pero meron din nagkukunwari lang, kung anu-ano pinapagawa sa student nya..kaya pala balita ko pinatawag sa opis! hahaha.

  51. 51 perly08

    balita ko dami students ng SACLI, hello po sa inyo lahat dyan!

  52. 52 Janna

    Non-Performing Nursing Schools to be Weeded out by CHEd

    CHEd Memorandum Order No. 14, Series of 2009
    Non-compliance with the provisions of this CMO shall, after due process, cause
    the Commission to revoke government permit/recognition or deny issuance of authority
    to operate the nursing program.

    The average national passing percentage in the Philippine Nurses Licensure
    Examination from 2004 to 2008 is 45.91%. Two thirds (2/3) of 45.91% is thirty percent
    (30%), the basis for the implementation of gradual phase-out.
    Thus, in the initial implementation of the gradual phase out of the nursing
    program, an average of below 30% for a three-year period (SY 2010-2011, 2011-2012,
    2012-2013) in the Philippine Nurse Licensure Examination starting from 2013 shall be
    implemented by the CHED, subject to the following guidelines:

    1. The official results of the Nurse Licensure Examination issued by the Board
    of Nursing of the Professional Regulation Commission shall be the basis in
    phasing-out of nursing programs.

    2. The performance of the school shall be based upon the average rating
    obtained within the schoolyear, namely, ratings in the June and Decemberexaminations.
    If the school has only one examination undertaken in a year,
    this shall be considered the annual rating.

    3. The average passing rate obtained by HEIs for the past three (3) years shall
    be the basis in phasing-out the program.

    4. The computation of the 30% shall only involve the ratings of the examinees
    who took the Nurse Licensure Examination for the first time.

  53. 53 robert john fernandez

    good day.. i just wanna ask if you can give me information about your former student mr. kenn jherald soriano.. i really eeded to find him.. he is dying. he was diagnosed with brain cancer.. please help me.. thanks a lot.. this are my contact numbers.. 09207910964 09262296898

  54. 54 Mario

    @ Mr. Fernandez

    This is the land line number of SACLI, (042) 710-56-24 or 373-61-50, maybe you could call and inquire. I doubt if the school personnel will release information (past contact numbers, address) about your friend. I hope that if you explain your reasons to them you will be able to get the information you need. God bless.

  55. 55 hermione

    ma’am cayabat thank you so much,mamimiss po kita:(

  56. 56 drggh bgvh

    sir di naman yan malaki inagw mu pa.

  57. 57 drggh bgvh


  58. 58 donna

    im interested to apply as part time faculty in Tourism,To whom i submit my application letter. Thanks.

  59. 59 Maria

    @ Ms. Donna:
    I would like to warn you not to apply in this school anymore. Marami na po umalis na Faculty member dito. This was mainly due to the poor performance of their HRD. I think there were also cases pending in the Department of Labor because of their violations sa Labor Code.

  60. 60 ROSE

    Tama ba naman na ang thesis adviser ng mga Nursing at BSBA students eh si Ms. Lalaine Manlangit , PE teacher siya di bah ? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ano alam niya eh wala pa nga siya masteral degree, feeling terror bulok naman sa grammar at hindi marunong sa statistics … bobo ! Tapos panelist natin Filipino teacher pa, ano ba yan ???

    Sa HRM mas lalong bobo ang thesis adviser natin, si Mam Claribel Bautista, hindi na HRM graduate wala pa talaga alam sa paggawa ng thesis. Hindi siya pumasok buong 1st semester tapos pina-uso pa niya sobrang mahal na defense fee para sa mga panelists at statisticians na sobrang yayabang eh mga bobo din naman, lalo na si Mr. Sace na wala namang alam sa statistics tinatakot pa mga students at ginugulo thesis nila eh wala naman siya naiturong tama … ang lakas pang kumain tuwing defend (nagti-take out pa… ang kapal !!!).

    Sa Criminology and Education naman, parang bading thesis adviser kasi pinapaboran niya mga boys kaysa mga girls, tapos nagpapaka-terror din puro mali din naman turo niya sa mga students natin.

    Dr. Andaman, ano ba yan ang mahal ng tuition ng mga students natin puro palpak naman mga thesis advisers … nakakahiyang tunay ang school natin.

  61. 61 mayeth

    Its easy to pass the final defend in HRM, sumipsip ka lang sa panelist tulad ni Mr. Sace ayos na kahit si Dr. Llave at Dean Gavilan bahag ang buntot, bakit kaya ? Imagine group nina Ate She nakapasa in flying colors kahit na dinaya nila results ng thesis nila grabeh talaga.

  62. 62 SIMON

    Rose, inggit ka ba sa pagkain ni mr.sace? sanay sinabi mo gusto mo para nabigyan ka din.. BIGAY yun sa mga panelists kaya wala kang pakialam kung ano ang gusto nyang gawin sa pagkain na yun.. siguro dream mo maging panelist din.. abay mag-aral ka ng statistics at ng thesis writing para maging panelist ka.. hindi ka magiging panelist ng pinaggagawa mong paninirang yan.. ikinahihiya mo palang school na yan eh bakit hindi ka umalis dyan?! Hindi school ang may kelangan sayo, ikaw ang may kailangan sa kanila kaya andyan ka.. kaya magpatuloy ng st.anne kahit wala ka dyan… namamahalan ka pala sa tuition fee ng mga students nyo eh bakit pag ibinababa ba may ipapalit kang paraan para kumita, para maipagpatuloy ang maintenance ng school na yan? kung meron ay pakisulat lang dito sa blog at biglaan kong ipapa-suggest sa admin na ibaba ang tuition… at wala ka ding pakialam kung bading mga thesis adviser.. hindi ka ba napapboran ng mga bading na yan kaya nag-hihimatok ka dyan?!

    To mayeth, Hindi na kasalanan nila dr.llave, dean gavilan at mr.sace kung mandadaya ang isang researcher.. hindi sila ang niloloko ng ate she mo, kundi ang sarili mismo ng ate she mo.. kung alam nila na dinaya pala eh malamang hindi pinagraduate yang ate she… hindi inilalagay ng researcher sa papel nila na dinaya nila ang data… ang nakalagay lang sa papers nila ay ang data which should be true.. magbigay ka nga ng idea kung pano nila malalaman na dinaya ang data? research is done to discover new thing.. sino wala napala, eh di ate she mo!

  63. 63 Annabel

    Hoy Simon!, yung sinasabi mo na ang estudyante ang may kailangan sa school?, maling mali ka dun kasi kung walang estudyante eh wala naman ang bulok na school na ito.
    The students deserve the quality they need; which so far is still far from reality, napag iwanan na kayo ng ibang Higher Education Institutions dito sa Quezon.
    Yun lang. Mabuhay si Rose at ang mga estudyanteng kagaya niya na alam ang ‘tunay” na kalagayan ng eskwelahan nila.

  64. 64 SIMON

    ate annabel, may nabasa ka ba na estudyante ang may kailangan sa school?!? pakibasa nga ulit!!!! pakibasa ha!!!

  65. 65 Cedric

    after ng course po b ng HRM my makukuha n po ba agad n trabaho ??

  66. 66 jazzme

    hello po mga taga SACLI, proud ako nakapag aral ako dito ng HRM, kahit ano sabihin nila sa mga Faculty, magagaling pa rin sila….Hello sa mga BSHRM IB!!!!

  67. 67 persian_91

    Korek ka simon, kasi yan si Rose or si MaryRose ka di ba? magpakatotoo ka nga! masyado bitter kasi naman dami revision ng thesis nila, kaya nga di magkasundo grupo nyo, di nya kasi alam ang standard ng SACLI sa thesis, akala nya gumagawa lang ng assignment….wag nyo lahatin nagtuturo ng thesis kasi in fairness eh magagaling din sila! Yon syota ni MaryRose na HRM eh di rin yata nakapasa sa kalibre Ni Dean Gavilan at Dr. Llave. SOrry ka na lang! Wag ka mandamay ng iba, mag drop ka na lang kaya.

  68. 68 che2

    congratulations to St. Anne COllege Lucena, HRM for bagging d overall championship in d recent COHREP….pra s mga naninira…pantayan nyo muna ito bgo kyo magsalita jan….ang alam ko ung mga tourism student nag tour sa Hongkong, Macau & China…sarap naman nun…s tulad ko students, wag po ninyo papaniwalaan ung mga walang magawa kundi ngumawa!!!!wag nyo po kmi icompare s mga schools ng hrm dito s lucena, kse pang international caliber kami…thank u…bow….

  69. 69 lover07

    bakit ang baba maggrade ni mam lopinac,?
    sana magsipag nmn ng kunti ang mga prof. ng hrm,,
    pero ung iba prof.ang gling nila
    ang ganda ng st.anne madaming ka mattunan sa hrm,
    the best si mam zeta,at si mam charina magpantay
    sana lng wag msyadong mahigpit ang mga guard nanaasar kc sila minsan akala mo kung sino,para nmn ang pinapagalitan nila ay walng pinagaaralan,,shit sila,,

  70. 70 Cotton buds

    Bat and dumi ng mga C.R. sa st. anne? and dami naring mga C.R. na sinarado dahil hindi daw nakakadaloy ang tubig? nangangamoy na nga po yung isa dun na hindi muna nilinis bago sarahan.

  71. 71 janine f calisin

    magkano po b tuition fee ng hrm? stka anu po kailangan para makapag inquir?

  72. 72 grldn_to

    do you require students to buy tickets for the foundation day?

  73. 73 alice in wonderland

    ciao! i’m happy droppin by and leave a message here. i’m a graduate of bsn and stayin here in rome. just wanna say hello to all the faculties, admin and staff especially to ma’am roxas, ma’am artus, ma’am rose, sir henry, ma’am socio and ma’am nstp (forgot the names, my apology). i heard a lot of good things bout sacli for the past years. keep it up and show the world what you got! go for gold, sacli!

  74. 74 Mario

    Dr. Andaman, Mrs. Roxas and Mrs. Areja,

    November 2009 Nurse Licensure Exam

    SACLI – 24.12%

    Kaunti na lang po, for closure na ang College of Nursing ninyo.

  75. 75 micca91

    halu lover07…trulala yan sinasabi mo, yan mga guard eh sobra istrikto pero un iba naman nakakalusot…sana fair treatment, OK naman sa HRM palagi winner, kaya lang un iba prof wag naman masyado favoritism, pag close ka swerte ka, palagi ka join sa competition at saka wag naman po sana garapal mga kabaklaan, nakakawalang galang po…senya po, gusto lang namin mataas tingin namen senyo!

  76. 76 jomar

    nakakabadtrip talaga guards dyan, walang personalan mga pare! masyado kayo istrikto! Yon teacher na bad…g?…OK lang basta wag naman daanin sa ……alam ninyo yon! dapat pakita nyo kagalang-galang kayo lahat, wag kung anu-ano mga sinasabi sa mga estudyante, magagaling pa naman kayo maturo sir! Comment lang po, maayos na sana madumi at mabaho CR

  77. 77 che2

    congrats s mga newly grad ng SACLI…blita ko Ms. Ballsy Aquino guest speaker nyo….bongga…at dumating cya…at blita ko naka-helicopter p sya….pra s mga bitter s nursing dept..tignan nyo muna iba school d2 lucena, bka iba ang isasara, hindi st. anne un…

  78. 78 pao :)

    ===ask ko lang po kailan po kaya ang enrolan….?????===
    ===thanksssss po……

  79. 79 Janna

    Hindi po bitter ang mga tao dito, they are just telling the truth. Imulat ang mata at gumising na, tingnan ninyo ang track record nila sa Licensure for the past years. Nasaan na nga ba ang quality gayong ngayon kumuha na naman sila ng part-time Dean para sa College of Nursing. A Dean by name pero wala naman talaga din gagawin to improve the quality of instruction.

  80. 80 jb

    Hrm kea an HyliGht ng sacli “” hehe

  81. 81 ana

    galing ng tourism sa sacli!beauty and brains

  82. 82 wuotchi2ria

    un mga guard ng st.anne na nghihigpit pa EH cla tong UNFAIR.. .hndi dw ngpapapasok ng nka slipper pero, my mkikita kang mga students n nka slipper sa loob ng campus… . well da fact malakas cla sa guard… .

  83. 83 babyme

    elow po ulit….ive learnd that the new academic affairs head in SACLI is Dr. Atienza, di b dati s enverga cya????? welcome po….

  84. 84 syrene

    may teaching position vacancy b kau in elementary level???thanks…here’s my mobile number…09084062949

  85. 85 Gracia

    Duh, mag-apply ba dito sa site na ‘to? Why don’t you come, bring your resume and apply personally?, that is what professional people do.

  86. 86 ella

    panit sa st. anne babaho ng mga teacher mga bobo.. si andman bkla yan.. hhaha

  87. 87 jheszie

    nakakatamad kapag intrams sa st.anne.. higpit sa attendance!!! pero ayos lang gagraduate na ko sa 2011 hahaha.. almost 1year na lang ako dito..hahaha paalam na!!

  88. 88 gerlie

    ..ahm ask ko lng po..ilng subjects po matatake ko kung ppsok ako sa st.ann ngaung 2nd sem..pkireply n lng po sa facebook ko,,tnx

  89. 89 gerlie

    ..hrm po ang course na kukunin ko

  90. 90 Joana

    May nursin g review pa po ba ang St. anne?

  91. 91 Bianca

    It is good that there are lots of comments in this site about SACLI, but then, to all students who posted their comments, try to reflect on yourself first, “paanu ka ba naging estudyante sa sacli” or “naexperience mo na ba maging part ng SACLI”.
    Kahit cguro ordinaryong student lang ako dito, Nkikita ko naman may gnagawa para sa pursuit ng mission nd vision.

  92. 92 ck

    nagsawa dn kau mag post noh?

  93. 93 jloRose

    I was also one of student of SACLI, it was SASMSI way back 1992, I would say after i graduated in this institution i claimed i was successfully meet the high standard education that they want it to give for each of thier student. Why? Because even when i was in our country after i passed my midwifery licensured exam. i was employed in Lucena United Doctors Hospital for 9yrs and before you getting in you have under training of 3 months to see if you are capable to work in LUDH (Doctors Hospital) then they took me to get in. All these is because of my training in that school. I was left in LUDH year 2002 to worked in K.S.A for 2yrs contract in one of the hospital in Jeddah, then i continued lift myself to try in the country of Canada thanks God i was successfully get my immigrant for 30 months working in there, now i transferred here in USA.
    Theres nothing wrong to give a comment and voice out your complain, but the thing is did you do your part, i mean are you really a hardworking student? Dont blamed your failure to others. Lahat ng bagay bago mo makamit ikaw muna sa sarili mo ang magsisikap at hindi dapat umasa sa iba para sayong tagumpay….

    To my Alma Matters Good Luck and God Bless!!!

  94. 94 eng

    haist gulo ng lyf here!!!

  95. 95 queenie

    To miss. rose about sa thesis nyon for your information ung isang sem na di pumasok si mam bautista nasa ibang skul na po sya,, she was just requested by dean to see the final defense. and di po sya and nagpataas ng fee na yan kasi wala po syang karapatan… Only the higher ups and may K,,, ok…. at ung unang research nyo na si mam din ang may pasok, naituro na lahat at ung kasnod data gathering un kaya lagi talagang di kayo magkakapasok,, ikaw yata ang BOBO…

  96. 96 gibbs

    janoo… buhay ka pa ba????? janoo ha…. lokohin nyo lelong nyo…. hirap sa skul na ito…madami ang BOSS….MGA BOSLOG!!!!!

  97. 97 jokla

    wag kayo mag away!!!bad un…

  98. 98 Myles

    Let me share something with you guys I am a graduate of SACLI year 1994 I belong to the second batch of nurses who graduated from that school. It’s not that easy to be a student but the essence of LEARNING begins with you. Not with your professors or Clinical Instructors but within yourself. I’m lucky to be part of SACLI there are many things that I’ve learned to love my passion of studying nursing course because the teacher is good or neither not but for me YOU SHOULD BEGIN WITHIN YOURSELF. Masaya ang batch 1994 actually marami sa amin nasa ibang bansa having our good post in a tertiary hospital. Most of us are in Saudi Arabia and some are in different parts of Europe,and USA some are in Singapore and Hongkong. I went to Saudi Arabia in Riyadh year 1998 fortunately naging maayos career ko, now I’m a Charge Nurse in King Fahad Medical City holding one unit comprises of many nationalities but andun pa rin ang essence ng naituro ng mga professors and CI’s sakin. There are no perfect school but YOU CAN BE PERFECT, WITY AND SUCCESSFUL as long as YOU ENRICH YOURSELF. Miss ko na batchmates ko especially Mrs. Roxas who is our dean of Nursing during that time. Hindi nawawala ang mga issues guys pero the best thing to do is STUDY HARD. I advice those nurses who’s looking for a job to have at least 2 years experience try to check with POEA hoping you’l catch one to start your journey. There are many challenges along the way but I’m sure SACLInians will make it. So guys wag mawalan ng pag-asa GO GO GO…. Good Luck and God Bless everyone….

  99. 99 ralph

    my panggabi po jan

  100. 100 Pip

    hanggang kelan po ang enrolment for summer 2011-2012

  101. 101 marian

    meron po dito course n b-fine arts in fashion design…. thnks

  102. 102 catherine

    hi,mag inquire lng magkano ang magagastos sa nrolment ng HRM kasama ang 1 sem tuition fee?

  103. 103 Alexa

    Nagpalit pa ng name to St. Anne college of the Pacific, nagtunog mall tuloy ang pangalan ng school, anyway name lang naman ang nabago, yung ugali pa din ng mga nasa higher ups na bulok eh ganun pa din… kahit ilang palit pa ng name ang gawin wala din mangyayari kasi masasama ang ugali ng may-ari…

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