The Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) is now offering two additional courses since School Year (SY) 2010-2011 opened in June this year, Ms Arlene Queri, campus directress said. The new courses are Bachelor in Business Teacher Education (BBTE) and Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurial Management (BSEM).

In preparation for the offering of the new courses, Calauan Mayor Felisa L. Berris said her administration has allotted P2 million in the 2010 budget to sustain the operations of the campus for SY 2010-2011.

The 18th provincial campus of the University, PUP Calauan was established in June 2009 as a result of an agreement between PUP President Dante G. Guevarra and former Calauan Mayor Buenafrido T. Berris.

Under the agreement, the municipality of Calauan will provide the necessary requirements like schoolrooms, school equipment and facilities, and management of operations of the campus while PUP will supply the instructors/professors, and curriculum.

Queri acknowledged the endeavor of former Mayor Berris to open PUP Caluan campus in June 2009. “The effort of former Mayor Berris was an indication of the local government’s aspiration to provide the youth with high quality tertiary education,” she added.

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