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Taking the lead in providing quality education

The present Pagadian Capitol College was known in 1992 as the Zamboanga Technological and Science Institute (ZTSI). Five years after, in 1997, its name was changed to Pagadian College of Criminology and Sciences (PCCS). The school, was conceived and organized by the late Dr. Policarpio Gica together with Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Ricardo F. Santiago. Later on, Doctors Shirley A. Pimentel, Higinio Bation, Lucio Dag-uman, Bricio Malinit and Rosalia Muñoz joined Gica and Santiago in pushing for the establishment of the school. Eventually, these pioneering people were the signatories to the Articles of Incorporation of the school.

In 1992, the Articles of Incorporation of the Zamboanga Technological and Science Institute (ZTSI) was registered by Dr. Policarpio Gica in Davao City with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) which approved the institute as a non-stock, non-profit educational institution. The school initially offered technical and vocational courses. The school started operating at the Sagun Building along F.S. Pajares Avenue in Pagadian City.

In 1994, Dr. Ricardo F. Santiago assumed as president of the school, becoming its workhorse administrator. As president, he solicited donations for the improvement of the school. In the same year, Dr. Santiago constructed a two storey building at Tuburan District. Later on, the school which was situated along F.S. Pajares transferred to Tuburan District, Pagadian City. At that time, Mrs. Arsobelita B. Santiago, the wife of the president, was appointed as the school’s Guidance Counselor.

In 1997, Dr. Santiago together with his wife secured a loan from a bank in Pagadian City for the improvement of the facilities and the construction of another four-storey building. This school building has become a landmark in the district of Tuburan. That same year, the management of the school decided to change the name of the school from Zamboanga Technological and Science Institute (ZTSI) to Pagadian College of Criminology and Sciences (PCCS). It became the pioneering institution offering Bachelor of Science in Criminology in the City of Pagadian, province of Zamboanga del Sur.

In December of 2000, another four-storey building was constructed at the opposite side of the main building. This building now houses laboratories of the Criminology department for criminalistics and forensic chemistry and the computer laboratory and classrooms. An other building was constructed the same year for the classrooms and library for the College of Criminology.

In September 2004, the Pagadian College of Criminology and Sciences again changed its name and is now known as Pagadian Capitol College (PCC).

PCC has gone a long way in her effort to serve the studentry and the community. This can be gleaned from the improvement and development that its continuously undertaking in order to maximize its contributions to the educational pursuits. In keeping with its high education objectives, the Pagadian

Capitol College will continue to move forward with the support of the parents, students and the people of Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur and the neighboring provinces.

The Pagadian Capitol College is guided by her vision, mission, goals and objectives and seeks to achieve academic excellence through wisdom and justice with leadership thereby enhancing national development, values and lofty ideals to the attainment of peace, progress and harmony of people in the various walks of life.

The school is also committed to have educators who are competent and upright professionals, selfless and could serve as powerful forces in providing skills relevant to local and foreign needs; pursue lofty goals of their profession and adhere faithfully with the ethical norms of conduct.


The Pagadian Capitol College is looking forward to improving and extending services to the community by way of helping young people grow professionally, and ushering them into a brighter future and the fulfillment of everyone’s dream.

The school administration is committed to giving good service, most particularly for the academic development of the youth. It has made it a priority to procure bigger and better school site and facilities. Already, the school acquired an additional land from Mrs. Cabato and former Major Joaquin Pajares. This additional land will be the site of a two-storey building for the Preparatory and Grade School departments.

As of this school year, PCC has 1,273 total number of enrollees–978 students in college, 170 students in high school and 125 in grade school.

The students of the school are enjoying Internet connection in the computer laboratory. It has more computers and has teachers who are in their on-going masteral studies. New facilities were also installed in of the criminology department and other departments in answer to the needs of the student who like to continue their studies in any programs of the Pagadian Capitol College. Every regular semester, teachers undergo regular in service training to uplift the standards of teaching and to improve the quality and performance.

In its desire to sustain quality education, the PAGADIAN CAPITOL COLLEGE continue to look for ways and means to improve its facilities and programs offered in accordance with the requirements set by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). Aside from accreditation, administrator‘s priorities include the improvement of courses in support for its applciation for voluntary accreditation by the accrediting agencies.

The present administration has improved its laboratories by procuring additional laboratory equipment, boosting its library collection aside from improving other school facilities. Under the program of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) the Pagadian Capitol College management has started implementing programs in Bachelor of Science in Criminology, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

As part of its services to the community, the school administration decided to operate a Preparatory School, Grade School and High School Education in keeping with the clamor of the people within and in the nearby community.

Now, it boasts of eight buildings which house the offices, laboratories, and classrooms. Its grounds is used for ROTC training program.

Pagadian Capitol College, as an institution of higher education, commits itself to the establishment of an improved and developed society by building the physical and intellectual potentials of the studentry and by training intelligent, worthy, efficient and effective leaders who are imbued with civic awareness of justice, equity and nationhood; and possessed virtues of self-discipline, civic consciousness desirable moral, spiritual, social, and cultural values; committed to respect the rights and dignity of humane person. It also upholds the promotion of the world peace, understanding and cooperation.

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