Increased competencies and skills relevant to the job market is just one of the many benefits DepEd said students will get with the adoption of the K+ 12 Basic education program.

This was revealed by Dr. Rebecca Delapuz, Schools Division Superintendent of DepEd-Caraga during the regional consultation on the K+12 Basic Education program with the different sectors in Caraga region, held Friday at the DepEd-Caraga Regional Conference Room.

According to Delapuz, the K+ 12 program aims to give every student an opportunity to receive quality education based on an enhanced and decongested curriculum that is internationally recognized and comparable.

She added that graduates of the program will be better prepared for higher education; will be able to earn higher wages; and their education be recognized abroad.

“For the society and the economy, the K+12 will also contribute to the economic growth; will facilitate mutual recognition of Filipino graduates and professionals in other countries; and a better educated society will provide a sound foundation for long-term socio-economic development,” Delapuz added.

She further said that K + 12 program also seeks to change public perception that high school education is just a preparation for college, rather, it should allow one to take advantage of opportunities for gainful career or employment and/or self-employment in a rapidly changing and increasingly globalized environment.

Delapuz also stressed that if the K+12 Basic Education Program will be put into law, this will require parents to send their children to kindergarten school before they (children) can proceed to elementary and high school to complete the program.

K+12 means Kindergarten and the 12 years of elementary and secondary education. Kindergarten refers to the 5-year old cohort who undergoes a standardized kinder curriculum while elementary education refers to primary schooling that involves six to seven years of education, and secondary education refers to high school.

The enhanced curriculum will offer areas of specialization or electives such as science and technology, music and arts, agriculture and fisheries, sports, business and entrepreneurship, and subjects for advanced placement.

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