College of the Holy Spirit of Tarlac

Developing good Christian habits


The College of the Holy Spirit of Tarlac is one of the best schools directed by the Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit in the Philippines.

Founded and named Catholic Academy of Tarlac by ten prominent men of Tarlac in 1939, the school was turned over to the Missionary Sister Servants of the Holy Spirit in 1940. It was renamed Holy Ghost Institute and Holy Spirit Academy some years later. Under these successive names, the school has consistently provided the youth of the province a good Catholic education.

Sensing with Vatican II a dynamic world that awaits social and cultural transformation and realizing the need to provide a truly Catholic feminine education to the numerous girls who go out in search for higher education, many citizens, especially parents and students, requested the administrators of the school to open a college department. Thus the first college courses were offered in 1968 and the school was renamed College of the Holy Spirit of Tarlac.

Until April 1972, all classes were held at F. Tañedo Street in Tarlac Poblacion. In July 1972, because of lack of floor space due to the school’s fast growing population, a new building was constructed at the New Tarlac Heights Subdivision in San Sebastian Village for the College and High School Departments. The College Department once more occupied the building at F. Tañedo when the Grade School building at San Sebastian was constructed. Since then, the High School department has remained in the original building at San Sebastian.

Fully aware of the importance of developing good Christian habits, attitudes and values, the School Administration spares no effort to implant such into the hearts of its clientele.

The College of the Holy Spirit of Tarlac is fully recognized by the Department of Education, Culture and Sports (DECS) and is an active member of the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP).

On December 11, 1992, the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU) awarded the Certificate of Accreditation to the College of the Holy Spirit of Tarlac, Grade School Department for a period of three (3) years. After three (3) years, the school underwent another accreditation. On January 19, 1996, PAASCU awarded the Certificate of Accreditation to the department for a period of five (5) years. It was revisited on October 19-20, 2000 and was granted another five (5) year accredited status on January 2001.

On the other hand, the High School Department exerted serious efforts of preparing its clientele for college education. Its efforts to maintain academic excellence led to its inclusion in the list of 250 best performing schools in the NCEE from 1987 to 1999. On August 31- September 1, 1994, the High School Department underwent a self-survey, which led to its Formal Accreditation for a period of three (3) years. On October 11-12, 1999, it was re-accredited for a period of five (5) years. On November 17-18, 2004, it was revisited and granted another five (5) years of re-accreditation. Both the Elementary and High School Departments are preparing for re-accreditation.

Believing that co-education provides a more natural setting, the College of the Holy Spirit of Tarlac opened its doors to boys from Prep to College. For the school year 2004-2005, CHST opened a Nursery class.

The College of the Holy Spirit of Tarlac is fully recognized by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and is an active member of the CEAP.

It is also an active member of the Tarlac Private Schools Association (TAPSA) since 1968. It has participated in TAPSA’s academic, literary, musical and sports contest and has consistently held the Over-All Championship in the tertiary level.


The College Department offers courses such as Bachelor of Elementary Education-Generalist; Bachelor of Elementary Education- Preschool Education; Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Biological Science, English, Filipino, Mathematics, Religious and Values Education and Social Studies; Bachelor of Arts major in English; and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Financial and Management Accounting, Management, and Marketing. And in response to the directive issued by the Commission on Higher Education, the school added the following programs to the BSBA Department – Operation Management, Financial Management, Marketing Management, and Business Economics.

CHST really ensures the consistent provision of quality education and so worked hard for the recognition of the course Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, which was opened in the school year 2004-2005. This year, the first batch of future psychologists from the institution will start serving the community of Tarlac with their one-year practicum in the school and industrial settings.

In 2006, Bachelor of Science in Nursing was included in the courses offered by the college. The program aims to develop and produce Christian Nurses who are willing to reach out to the citizens of the country as they live the school motto “Truth in Love.” And in so far as the BSN Department is concerned, a new building was constructed for its students, and the facilities and activities needed for the completion of the program are being met. It has also been noted for its growing population as the year goes by.

The personnel involved in the BSE and BEED Departments are also continuously exerting efforts to keep the high standard of education that they give to the clientele. Solid proof of this is the high percentage of board passers in the Licensure Examination for Teachers every year.

Noteworthy also in the college is the Student Activity Program being provided from elementary to the tertiary level of education. Hand in hand with the Student Program of Studies, the activities envision a CHSian with a sense of service and a spirit of sharing, gradually living out the Trinitarian Spirituality of giving and receiving in community. Specifically, the Student Activity Program seeks to complement the academic curriculum towards the achievements of CHSian objectives, to provide activities that meet the student needs not ordinarily answered within classroom situations, and to guide students to become service-oriented towards their fellowmen, especially the underserved.

In other words, through academic work and extra curricular/co-curricular activities, the CHST family seeks the formation of a CHSian who wants to be a SHARER IN THE SPIRIT OF JESUS, i.e. constant giver and receiver of Truth in Love, in any simple way he/she can, with his/her own gifts of time, energy, natural, and acquired talents and resources.

As a whole, the COLLEGE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT OF TARLAC has been founded to help the FILIPINO youth to a total and integral development of the person so that he/she may be able to meet the manifold demands of the apostolates of a CHRISTIAN in the contemporary world. Competence in the secular field is seen as a necessary condition for the fulfillment of his/her CHRISTIAN VOCATION.


In summary, College of the Holy Spirit of Tarlac currently offers the following programs: Nursery Education for ages four (4) years up, Preparatory Education that includes Prep A for ages five (5) years up, and Prep B for ages six (6) years up, Elementary from grades 1 to 6 and High School from first year to fourth year.

It also offers tertiary education that includes Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Bachelor of Arts Major in English, Bachelor of Elementary Education, Generalist, Early Childhood Education, Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in: English, Biological Science, Filipino, Mathematics, Religious and Values Education, and Social Studies; Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Business Economics, Financial Management, Marketing Management, and Operation Management.


The calendar of activities starts in June with the opening of classes and orientation conducted by department. Come July, the election of student officers and Leadership Training Seminar take place. Student presentations are prepared for the “Buwan ng Wika” which is held in August.

The birthday of Blessed Virgin Mary, Feast of St. Lorenzo Ruiz, and the College Day are all celebrated in September while the Rosary Month is held in October. Various musical plays are also presented by each department in December.

The elementary pupils for their turn celebrate their Grade School Day in December and the high school students have their High School Day in January. Graduation of the students in all year levels take place in March

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