Christ the King College

The Pioneer Catholic Educational Institution of Samar and Leyte


hrist the King College (CKC) is a pioneer Catholic educational institution in Samar and Leyte. It was established originally as the Colegio de San Vicente de Paul in 1905. Thus, for more than a hundred years, this institution has been providing quality education and continues to do so now under a Catholic-Franciscan community and environment.

On its centennial celebration, the CKC was granted by the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP) a plaque of recognition for the CKC community’s dedication for “100 years to the realization of the evangelizing mission of Catholic education by giving witness to integrity and dignity; faithfully integrating the Gospel values in the curriculum; and for being steadfast in its commitment to the holistic formation of the Filipino youth entrusted to its care.”

CKC had triumphantly surmounted numerous challenges and catastrophes paving the way to the molding of its strong foundation and the unceasing promotion of educational excellence throughout the centenary of its existence.

On August 1, 1905, two Vincentian priests, Fr. Gregorio Tabar and Fr. Leonardo Sainz, arrived in Calbayog from Cebu for the opening of the school in response to a petition by some prominent men of Calbayog. They were accompanied by the Bishop of Calbayog, D. Pablo Singzon, and the rector of the San Carlos Seminary, D. Pedro Julia. The school was solemnly inaugurated and opened on September 10, 1905.

In December 1941, the Colegio, like all other schools, was forced to close during the World War II. It lost its laboratory equipment, library books and other facilities during the war.

The portals of the Colegio were again reopened on July 8, 1947 under a temporary government permit.

In 1948, the complete academic Secondary Education was given the government recognition.

Due to shortage of secular priests, the Diocese of Calbayog, thru the late bishop Miguel Acebedo, made an appeal to the American OFM Franciscan Province of Pulaski, Wisconsin, U.S.A., for assistance.

In response to His Excellency’s petition, the American OFM Franciscan Province sent two missionaries, Fr. David Wyrzykowski, OFM and Fr. Leopold Niedzwiski, OFM, to establish a Franciscan mission in Samar and to take over the administration of the Colegio de San Vicente de Paul.

On the feast of the Christ the King on October 30, 1955, the new school building, now located at the heart of Calbayog City, was solemnly blessed and dedicated by Msgr. Manuel del Rosario. The school was officially Named Christ the King College.

From then on, CKC continued to develop and progress as an institution. It earned government recognitions for all its programs: the Bachelor of Secondary Education in 1955 followed by the Bachelor of Elementary Education, the Bachelor of Arts courses, and the Bachelor of Science in Biology and Mathematics in 1956. In 1975, the Night High School Department was granted government recognition, followed by the Elementary Department in 1980; the BS Commerce, BS Psychology and BS Social Work in 1982 and the Pre-School in 1984; the Bachelor of Laws in 1985, the Graduate School programs in 1987, and the BS Accountancy in 1991.

The Institute of Health Allied Programs opened the two-year Midwifery and the two-year Nursing Aide courses which received their government recognitions in 1997 and 2001 respectively. The school offered the Bachelor of Science in Nursing which was the latest to receive its government recognition only this year, 2007.

In SY 2000-2001, the Philippine Association of Board Examiners, under the auspices of the Philippine Regulation Commission (PRC) published its report entitled “A Compilation of Statistics on the Performance of Schools in Various Licensure Examinations (1994-1998).” Out of total of 1999 government and private higher learning institutions in the Philippines, CKC ranked number 39. In Region VIII (Samar and Leyte), CKC is number one, with two higher education institutions in Leyte ranking 42nd and 46th, respectively. This renewed the appreciation for CKC as the premier educational institution in the Island of Samar.

The infrastructure noticeably refurnished and completed which lifted the morale of the community. A new chapel was also built inside the CKC campus through the efforts of Sr. Floriana Saltarelli, FMSC, under the management of Fr. Rodrigo San Jose, OFM.

In SY 2001-2002, CKC opened its internet service to the students. Its own internet service provider actually serves the whole city of Calbayog. CKC is now keeping abreast with the world of information technology.

CKC celebrated its 50th golden anniversary (1952-2002 CKC under the administration of Franciscan Friars) in November 24, 2002.


Christ the King College (CKC) is blessed to have competent and dedicated administrators, educators and employees. Under the leadership of an output-oriented school president (now on his second term), Fr. Prisco A. Cajes, OFM directs the school zealously towards advancement.

From 2004 up to the present, the Father President spearheaded many developmental changes in the institution, as a man of action who comes up with adequate solutions to existing and impending problems. He takes things as a challenge and a fulfillment to his Franciscan mission— to be of service to the people and to contribute to the betterment of the community.

There are four significant offices under the auspices of the Office of the President, namely: the Resource and Development Office (RDO) – for funding purposes; the Research and Human Development Center (RHDC) – for making scientific researches; the CKC-TESDA Office – for the upgrade of the Technical courses; and the establishment of the CSVP-CKC Alumni Office – to mobilize CKC Graduates. They all contribute to the dynamism of the reins of the administration.

In June 2004, the new CKC Administration (at the very beginning of Fr. Cajes’ term), in cooperation with Fr. Hozo Sato, OFM, (the Director of the Philippine St. Francis of Assisi Deaf Center), opened the CKC Deaf High School. It is the first Deaf High School in the province of Samar. On the same year, deaf students were admitted in College. Of the three pioneering deaf students, two took up AB English Language and one AB Political Science. Two years after, the Deaf Kinder and Nursery classes were also opened.

The improvement of the college is a continuing concern that includes the construction of the Our Lady of Porziuncola Hospital, Inc. (OLPHI). Renovations of the main edifices of the school were also made. They include the old Padua building where several offices are situated such as: the College and High School Library, the Registrar’s and the Bursar’s offices, the Central Supply, the Management Information System Office and the Office of the Graduate School. Another renovation, reroofing and repainting works were made on the R.I. and Technical Building. The construction of the new canteen of the High School Department was also undertaken while the College of Nursing was provided with its own laboratory and audio-visual room and the High School and College (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) Laboratories were restored.

The President, with the CKC Academic Department, also pursues the aspiration of the school to achieve an accredited status for some of its programs. He pushes the limits of the students and faculty to excel and to achieve an improved quality of teaching thus producing better graduates.

The school presently is applying for accreditation and, at the same time, preparing for the CHED’s Institutional Quality Assurance thru Monitoring and Evaluation (IQuAME) Program. These moves prepare CKC’s dream of becoming a university.


CKC as a premier institution has been offering courses that are supportive of its vision of contributing to the local, national and global progress.

CKC originally offered Secondary Education, and has been producing competitive graduates ever since. Its foundation illuminates the competitiveness of its graduates in pursuing higher education whether in the local, regional, national or international arena.

To boost the youth’s early foundation, the Pre-School and Elementary Education are being offered. CKC inculcates Christian values, partakes a Franciscan way of living, and yearns for the rewards of learning on its pupils.

On the other hand, the school is the pioneer in the Tertiary Education programs in the island of Samar. The school produced for the region its competent educators. The Education Department has a good track record in the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) with one graduate taking the fifth place in the national test (Lacbo, Batch ‘96). Furthermore, a graduate program leading to a master’s degree in education is offered to boost professional excellence and support the demand for highly-qualified educators and school administrators in the area.

To cater to the commercial industry in the locality, CKC offers Business Education courses, such as the BS Commerce majors in Management, and Banking and Finance, and the BS Accountancy. The Business Education Department holds the second largest number in student population. CKC is the only college offering BS Accountancy in the area, and the department’s performance in the board examinations has beaten the national passing rates for several years.

CKC also offers undergraduate programs for those who have interest in the liberal arts and social sciences. The College of Arts and Sciences currently offers the Bachelor of Arts courses with majors in: English, Filipino, History, Math and Political Science; Bachelor of Science courses, namely: BS in Psychology, Math, Biology and Social Work. Moreover, the department touts its record of never have failed in producing successful board passers for its graduates of the BS Social Work, one even landed in the fifth place in the national test (Rubante, batch ‘97).

The CKC College of Law is manned by competent and devoted faculty members. They are the best, reputable lawyers and justices who are exemplary in their dedication to imparting the best of their knowledge and experiences to their students. Their hard work are rewarded with graduates who passed the bar examinations.

The College of Nursing and the Institute of Health Allied Programs presently comprise the largest number of enrollees. The BS Nursing program, which received its full government recognition this school year (2006-2007), has produced its first batch of graduates.

To manifest the sincere dedication of CKC towards development and to provide the best possible resources to its students, the Our Lady of Porziuncola Hospital, Inc. was built. This will be the CKC-BSN base hospital for this coming school year (2007-2008). For this reason CKC predicts that the number of enrollees in the Nursing Department will multiply, now that it has its own resident tertiary hospital— the first in Samar.

The school offers the TESDA-TVET programs to cater to those who prefer the technical-vocational programs which include: Caregiving NC II, Health Care Services NC II, PC Operation NC II and Programming NC IV.

Presently, CKC has four accredited assessment venues already, and the Caregiving NC II is currently being applied for accreditation to be an assessment center, which if granted, will make CKC the first assessment center for the Caregiver program in the whole province of Samar.

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  1. 1 Tita Vi Muñoz-Palomo

    Tita Vi Muñoz-Palomo
    1600 Oneida Place
    Oxnard, California 93030
    805 201-1635

    To Whom It May Concern: June 7, 2011

    I was surfing and looking for the right and best colleges of Nursing for my grandniece who is graduating in high school next year by March 2012, God Willing. Thank God, i found out that Christ The King College, who was my best and favorite colleges I ever had been during the year 1967- 1971 runs under the supervision by Franciscan Fathers and Brothers are offering nursing course. Congratulation for an excellent and more demanding courses locally and internationally and that no other than BS in Nursing. By the way, are you offering a two years or four year courses, I hope so.

    Kindly share with me all the information she needed in order to have enough time for me preparing for next year enrollment. By the way, I am sure all my instructors are all retired now and some already went abroad like Emma, and I also visited Miss Dory Magbutay in Apple, Wisconsin, married with one of our brotherbefore and now had two handsome and grown up sons. I did not had the chance to see my kumare Mary Diño, married to Late Father Benigno. Anyway, regards to everyone and keep in touch. Tita Vi

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