Abada College – Brightest Jewel of the Mindoro seas


Named after the esteemed late Senator Esteban R. Abada who married a Mindoreňa named Purificacion Morente, the former Dean of Philippine Normal College dormitory, Abada College, formerly known as Abada Memorial College, has been setting the benchmark for genuine, selfless, and unrelenting services to the people of Oriental Mindoro for the past 57 years.

On April 26, 1950, a group of civic-spirited individuals conceived and put up the Abada Memorial College, an institution of higher learning in the heart of Pinamalayan. Abada College since then has been living up to its commitment of dedicated services to the people by continuously meeting the complex demands of the ever-changing time.

Among the forces behind the institution’s foundation were the late congressman Conrado Morente, Enrique Morente, Sr., Tomas Goco, Purificacion Morente-Abada, Dr. and Prisco de Joya, Lourdes Lavares-Goco, Pedro Caballero, and Pedro Nable.

In June 1950, Abada College offered elementary, secondary, and normal courses and conducted classes in a leased building near the Pinamalayan Park. Back then, there were only 57 elementary pupils, 385 high school students, and 31 college students. In December 1950 when typhoon “Wanda” destroyed the building, the school was transferred to another building leased by Purificacion Abada located on the corner of Morente and Mabini streets.

Since the place was a commercial center, there was not enough space for the students to hold outdoor activities such as Physical Education classes and CAT and ROTC courses. However, the much-needed space required for such activities was met through the resourcefulness of the management by seeking the permission of then municipal mayor to let Abada College students utilize the town park as playground and drills location. On special occasions and formal affairs like the graduation rites, the town’s sole theater served as the venue and this kind of set up lasted for twelve years.

In order to accommodate the growing number of students and to provide better educational facilities, Abada College purchased in 1962 a lot of 7,335 square meters from Mr. Juan Abarquez and another one hectare from Dr. and Mrs. Prisco de Joya who also donated half hectare of land at Marfrancisco, Pinamalayan. With the newly acquired school site, Abada College was not only able to erect buildings but also provided a spacious playground for her growing school community. Beginning school year 1964-1965, Abada College conducted classes in her own buildings in Marfrancisco. And though the classrooms then were made of light materials, the management saw to it that a new concrete building would be constructed each year. Since then, her progress has been steady.

Formeer Congressman Conrado Morente headed this institution of higher learning as president and concurrently Chairman of the Board of Trustees until 1972 when he was succeeded by Atty. Manuel Morente Sr. due to his untimely demise on April 5, 1972. Mr. Enrique Morente was the first Director of College until his death in December 30, 1969. Through a resolution by the Board of Trustees, the position for Director was abolished and in its stead was created the position for administrator with Atty. Armando D. Ansaldo occupying the position.

Atty. Manuel Morente Sr.’s presidency ended in 1986 when he was elected Municipal Mayor of Pinamalayan. His position has been occupied by Mrs. Natividad Morente de Joya who assumed the presidency for two years. In 1989, Atty. Miguel D. Ansaldo, Jr., a brilliant and a much sought-after trial lawyer in the region became the College President. With his vision for the school and his decisiveness plus the all-out support of the new Board of Trustees composed of young, dynamic and visionary men and women committed to continue the legacy passed on to them by their parents and grandparents, Atty. Ansaldo pushed Abada College as one of the leading higher institutions of learning in province, and the region.

Commitment, efficiency and loyalty are the key to Abada College academic excellence!


More than half a century after her foundation, Abada College has come a long way. Gone are the days when classes were conducted under cogon-roofed and slab-walled buildings. Classes being suspended just because of inclement weather, are things of the past. Inadequate facilities, flooded grounds, unsightly school premises, among others, are no longer bothering the college.

With Atty. Miguel D. Ansaldo, Jr. taking over the helm of administration as President of the College, the institution has embarked on a journey across seas of tremendous changes. Year after year, something new and better, both tangible and otherwise, is added to the feathers on the institution’s cap.

Since the physical milieu plays a significant role in the learning of the students, old and close-to-dilapidated school buildings were demolished and replaced by new and sturdy ones; some are even as high as three-storeys. The only remnants of the past are the old open stage that still serves its purpose for activities and programs, the Home Economics building which, unlike before, is now stuffed with the needed tools and sets of equipment, and the flat building that houses the high school library and the two typewriting rooms.

The college campus, which for a long time has been a wide pasteur land, is now surrounded with high-rise cemented fences thus ensuring the safety of its 1,669 students and 76 employees. The campus now occupies a 29, 760 square meter lot.

To provide students with a wholesome and conducive place to study and hang out while waiting for their next subjects, a Student Lounge costing P1.5 million was built.

On the northernmost part of the campus is the Abada College Gymnasium considered as the biggest gymnasium in the whole province of Oriental Mindoro. The gym was built at a cost of R8.1 million. The gym has been the venue of many intraschool activities and interschool competitions. Some important town and provincial events are also held there because of its much-admired space that can accommodate as many as 1,000 people.

Offices have also been renovated and made fully air-conditioned. In addition, the school takes pride with its two air-conditioned computer laboratories, the Midwifery Laboratory, the Chemistry, Physics, and Biology Laboratory, the Speech Laboratory, the Audio-Visual Room, and the Firing Range for the Criminology students.

The Speech Laboratory alone cost R250, 000. It is stuffed with state-of-the-art equipment which are used by students to develop fluency and communicative competence which is imperative in this era of globalization.

Just recently, the construction of more aboratories and renovation of rooms for the Household Services, Caregiving, and Health Care Services courses commenced.

More than the physical improvements which are tangible manifestations that the institution has grown by leaps and bounds, the changes in the field of academics have been remarkable. The institution offers complete elementary and secondary courses, and starting this school year, a kindergarten program is likewise offered.

Now, the college has a wide array of courses catering to the diverse educational needs of the students. These are Associate in Computer Secretarial (ACS), Associate in Computer Technology (ACT), Graduate in Midwifery (GM), Bachelor of Science in Public Administration (BSPA), Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS), Bachelor of Science in Criminology (BSCRIM), Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) majors in Accounting Management and Banking and Finance, Bachelor of Arts (AB) in History, Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSED) and Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED) with majors and areas of concentration in English, Mathematics, Social Studies, General Science, and Filipino. All these are CHED-approved courses. Furthermore, TESDA courses are set for their maiden offering this semester. These are Health Care Services NC II, Household Services, Caregiving, Computer Technician, Hardware Servicing NC II, Security Management, and Programming NC II. All these positive developments have transpired due to the tireless efforts of Dr. Iluminada M. Martin, the Dean of Academic Affairs and concurrently, the Elementary and High School Principal.

It is a reality that acquiring college education can be expensive. For this reason, the college offers and accepts a number of scholarship grants and other forms of financial assistance. Among these are: Honor Graduate Scholarship, Alumni Scholarship, PESFA Scholarship, SSP Scholarship, Academic Scholarship, Provincial and Municipal Scholarships, Veterans Scholarship, Alay Lakad Scholarship, Fr. German Mehler Scholarship, and Student Assistance.

Despite the seemingly ubiquitous schools and colleges sprouting here and there in the island, proudly Abada College has always been the intelligent choice of many. So great has been the number of graduates produced by the institution since 1950. It is, therefore, not surprising that majority, if not all of the offices, both private and public, in the province and in the region are efficiently and competently peopled by the institution’s alumni. Abada College is a thread intricately interwoven in the tapestry of Oriental Mindoro’s culture. Such is a validation of the line in her Alma mater song proclaiming that she is well indeed, the “brightest jewel of the Mindoro seas.”


Abada College continues its commitment to be in the forefront in providing quality education to the youth of Oriental Mindoro and the rest of the region. It has never been complacent of the services she can and will extend to the people. Realizing that educational needs change with time, the institution strives and succeeds in offering courses which are not only in demand but also potent in ameliorating the lives of the people

Aside from the Education Courses, which produced the best supervisors, principals, and educators in the province for years, the college has been meritoriously lauded for her Bachelor of Science in Criminology (BSCRIM) and Graduate in Midwifery (GM) courses.

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) granted Abada College the Government Recognition No. 001 s. 2004 on October 8, 2004 for the Bachelor of Science in Criminology. Surprisingly, a great number of students surged in and took the program during its first year of offering and it continues until today. In fact, it ranks first among the courses with the number of enrollees. The pioneer batch (C.Y. 2003-2004) was composed of 76 graduates. As of this semester, there are 306 criminology students taking the course.

Another young program is the Graduate in Midwifery with Government Recognition No. 008 s. 2004 dated October 8, 2004. Initially, there were only 36 students who enrolled in the course. But owing to its excellent performance rating in the recent board exams, more and more students are taking the course. To date, 102 future midwives are enrolled in the program.

These two programs may seem young but the graduates performed particularly well in their respective board examinations. In fact, they passed with flying colors outranking most of the colleges and universities offering the same. In the recent Board Examination for Criminology (May 4-6, 2007), the school obtained a passing percentage of 71 percent. For the past two consecutive years, Abada College has managed to garner 100 percent passing rate in the Midwifery Board Examination. Moreover, Mirasol Tan of the pioneer batch managed to get the 20th spot in the topnotch list while Michelle Lamonte of Batch 2005 landed on the 9th place in their respective board exams.

The success of these two flagship programs could never be realized if such courses were not handled by the competent hands – the instructors. It is a fact that the teaching force is the backbone of any course and, therefore, the failure to find qualified and competent instructors will spell debacle of the program. The Abada College is prudently tough and intelligently selective when it comes to the hiring of instructors. Rest assured, students at Abada College are handled by the best in the field.

It does not mean also that the other courses lack quality. It just so happened that the two mentioned flagship courses have board exams to qualify and evaluate the effectiveness of the program. Any course offered by the college, therefore, equip students with the knowledge and skills they will need in the future.

Abada College is commited to be of service to the people in the best ways possible. The institution will continuously be providing an education that is enabling, enlightening, and ennobling. Abada College remains the “gift of gold to the academe.”

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12 Responses to “Abada College – Brightest Jewel of the Mindoro seas”  

  1. 1 eduard mogol

    It is true that Abada College is the brightest of mindoro seas and I am so proud to be an Abadan..Go Abada!

  2. 2 Isagani Albania Briones

    Abada College, my Alma Mater is indeed a higher learning institution that caters to the needs of the college students in Mindoro. It has produced the best education stakeholders in the academe in the region for the past 58 years. I am proud to be one of those… I could not have afforded to go to ATENEO and University of the Philippines if it were not the education I got from ABADA. The quality of eduation the college provides really is a gem. GO ABADA COLLEGE…..the BRIGHTEST JEWEL OF THE MINDORO SEAS.

  3. 3 DVR class' 82

    YES… Abada College… catalyst of Mindorenos youth brighter and better tommorrow…I’m proud to be an alumnus of this admired institution……

  4. 4 Manuel A. Abada III

    Nice to hear that the school is doin’ great! Hope it will continue to give great education to the people of Mindoro.

  5. 5 Manuel Miguel A. Abada III

    Nice to hear that the school is doin’ great! Hope it will continue to give great education to the people of Mindoro. And to the ohter Esteban Abada schools in Kabankalan, Negros Occidental, Sampaloc, Manila, and Quezon City, thank you for living the legacy of the late Sen. Esteban R. Abada.

    Manuel Miguel A. Abada III
    Bacolod City, Negros Occidental

  6. 6 Isagani A. Briones

    Mr. Manuel Miguel A. Abada, are you a grandson of the late senator> Nice to hear from one of the members of the clan…have you been there in Mindoro?

  7. 7 Agnes Goco Gonzales Roach

    I am one of the grandchildren of Tomas Lorenzo Goco and Lourdes Goco (two of the founders of Abada College). I visited Abada College only once and it was many years ago. My family (mother: Lucila Goco Chambers) has lived in North Carolina (USA) for the past 35 years. We have been back to Mindoro several times but failed to visit Abada College. Congratulations on the growth you have experienced and I hope that you will continue to grow and continue to provide great education to the people of Mindoro. My e-mail: AGR9797@aol.com


    I am also proud to be an Abadan, and I would like to take this oppurtunity to extend my sincere congratulations to the present Alumni Association, headed by Mr. Mark Morris L. Lim, ACAA President, for his effort in order to be organized the fast approaching celebration of 60th Founding Anniversary of our Alma Mater, this coming March 13-15, 2010. So my fellow Abadans, Let’s attend to our Grand Alumni Homecoming.


    I’m grateful to be a part of Abada. Until now, I’m still carrying it’s name, being the batch 2004 CUMLAUDE. I can see the improvement of the school, and with that, I congratulate the administration for taking good care of it…..

  10. 10 Dario L. Untalan

    Yes! Abada College is the brightest jewel of the Mindoro seas, the institution that turns stone into gold, makes ordinary steel into a keen sword and made mindorenos especially Abadans competitive and world class citizens… I’m proud to be Abadans. Batch ’93.


    “ABADA COLLEGE- BRIGHTEST JEWEL OF THE MINDORO SEAS”……………Absolutely Yes! AC is like a shell that holds a precious pearl- it molds and hones every unpolished pearl into a priceless jewel that commands high value in the workplace…….Just like us-batch ’99…a jewels that are always paying respect and gratitude to our Jewelry box where we are kept for four years for security and refinement………Go ABADANs…….Aim High, Ceaselessly Beat the odds….

  12. 12 rodolfo coral

    good day, i want to write abada college but i dont have an email ad can you send it to me thanks.

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