Rogationist College

Going strong after 20 years


he Rogationist College traces its beginnings with the foundation of the Saint Anthony’s Boys Village (SABV). The SABV in Barrio Lalaan II, Silang, Cavite is the first “Anthonian Orphanage” of the Rogationists in the Philippines. It is a religious charitable institution which houses indigent boys willing to pursue higher quality education. It looks after the material and spiritual welfare of the underprivileged. It is a real home, school and church for the youth, providing them with well-rounded and basic human-Christian education.

The construction of the SABV Complex started in February 1985, under the supervision of Fr. Salvatore Ciranni, RCJ. The late Bishop of Imus, Felix Perez, blessed its cornerstone on March 2, 1985. A handful of civic, religious and government representatives attended the event wishing success for the Rogationists in their charity work.

The first phase of the complex was completed in two years and was inaugurated during the feast of St. Anthony of Padua – June 13, 1987 by two outstanding church figures: the Papal Nuncio, His Excellency Bruno Torpigliani, and His Eminence Jaime Cardinal Sin. Sponsoring the affair was the President of San Miguel Corporation Mr. Francisco Eizmendi. One of the distinguished guests during the occasion was His Excellency Mario Crema, the Ambassador of Italy to the Philippines. As Rector of the nascent Institution the Superior General of the Rogationists, Fr. Pietro Cifuni, elected during the General Chapter in August 1986, appointed Fr. Carmelo Capizzi who, few months later, became also the first Superior of the newly established Philippine-Indian Delegation.

In order to meet the educational needs of the Institution, the Rogationist Academy was established in 1987. It got later formal approval from the Department of Education, Culture and Sport (DECS), as a co-educational learning center, offering the four levels of secondary education. At the same time, due to its social impact, the Security Exchange Commission recognized the SABV as a foundation. The objectives of the foundation are concretized in the promotion of educational development of the youth, especially those who are coming from the underprivileged sectors of the society. It is believed that in order to achieve real economic recovery in the country, it is necessary to educate first each Filipino. Only when the young generations become aware of their potentiality and social role will they become in a position to work in harmony with others for the renewal of the Philippines.

It has been 20 years since the SABV – Rogationist Academy (now Rogationist College) opened its portals to the first batch of 35 interns boys. At present, it has 120 enrollees who are staying in the Youth House constructed through the generosity of benefactors from Misereor (Aachen, Germany), who previously were providing the institution with the carpentry shop as means of training and self-generating income. Msgr. Manuel Cruz Sobreviñas, Bishop of Imus, solemnly blessed the first building of the Housing Facilities on June 13, 1993, feast of St. Anthony of Padua. One of the honored guests was Mrs. Margrit Messmer of Switzerland, representing those who contributed to improve the facilities, like Mr. Ernesto Escaler of PHINMA, Bacnotan, Euro Tiles and Royal Tern. In 1997, an additional Youth House was financed by the same German Catholic Agency (Misereor) in order to accommodate the growing number of interns.

High School Department

The RC-High School Department is the first secondary school owned and operated by the Rogationists in the Philippines, as part of the Saint Anthony’s Boys Village and located in the same compound at Barrio Lalaan 2, Silang, Cavite.

As a Catholic private school legally approved by the DECS, it provides first-rate holistic basic human Christian education. The school accepts pay students who avail of their secondary and tertiary formation, allowing the institution the edge to provide the same quality education to those who are poor. It offers secondary courses for both male and female students. Special fields like Computer Programming, Drafting and Practical Electricity form part of the high school curriculum.

High School enrollees at the Rogationist College began in 1987 with its first batch of 75 students from two sections of first year high school. At present, there are 1,100 students making up the four years in high school.

The Rogationist College, it motivates all students to become a whole person, obedient and a living witness to the divine command of our Lord Jesus Christ, that is, to pray for more laborers for his Holy Church as exemplified by Blessed Hannibal Mary Di Francia, Founder of the Rogationists of the Heart of Jesus and the Daughters of Divine Zeal.

The SABV master plan goes back to September 1988 with the vision to offer post secondary education to the students enrolled in the Rogationist Academy. At that time, the Government of Italy, one of the first countries to support the Philippines after the EDSA revolution, included the Rogationist Technical Training Center proposal under the 1988 Protocol of Understanding. After positive backing from the local authorities, endorsed by Cardinal Jaime Sin and the Italian Minister Giulio Andreotti, the project was approved in December 1988. Due to political reasons, it took almost four years before the go signal to start the implementation came.

The joint project of the Saint Anthony’s Boys Village Foundation and the Italian Government through the NGO “Giuseppe Tovini Foundation” was ratified and signed on October 27, 1993 by the Italian Ambassador Serafini Alessandro and Mr. Cielito Habito as Director of NEDA. At the MOU official signing were Mr. Luciano Silveri and Mr. Giulio Maternini on behalf of the NGO Fondazione G. Tovini, Fr. Gaspare Gallitto as PID Major Superior, the technical consultant Mr. Giovanni Latini, the new SABV Superior Fr. Bruno Rampazzo and Fr. Carmelo Capizzi who were responsible for the project implementation.

Technical Department

In 1991, thanks to the Italian benefactors Andreina and Giuseppe Cassetti who donated the first Computer laboratory with capacity of 40 students, the school started offering a two-year computer course and in April 1993, the first batch of students obtained the Diploma in Computer Management Technology.

In 1994, with the completion of the modern technical school facilities designed by the architect Mr. Benjamin Joson and built by Posada-Moya & Associates, the Rogationist College opened its doors for short and long-term courses in the field of Electronics Technology, Telecommunication, Electrical Technology, Graphic Arts Technology and Crafts. All courses were duly authorized by the Department of Education, Culture and Sports and are providing young people the preparation to work as skilled manpower in the local industries.


The succeeding years were marked with several blessings from the Belgian, Spanish and German NGOs, all partners of the Rogationists in the noble mission of forming potential leaders from the less privileged sectors of society.

In 1987, major undertakings were accomplished. After the soccer field, two basketball and volleyball courts were built. The Rogationists were thus able to build an ambitious sport complex with better facilities for the students and the communities around. The construction of the multi-purpose structure, designed by the Architect Benjamin Joson and built by Vidal M. Jaurigue Const., took several years to complete. The fulfillment of the dream, beside the initial contribution of the Congregation, required the involvement of local and Italian benefactors, as well as small donations coming from the same students. Memorable was the intervention of Caritas Italiana with 40 tons of parmesan cheese and the Balestra fashion show organized by Mr. Ernest Escaler to complete the facilities. Today, the 2.400 square meter covered area, suitable for physical education, cultural programs and youth gathering, is considered one of the biggest in the entire Cavite Province.

In 1997 a new milestone was set up for the Rogationist College with the Mechanical building financed by the Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores (SECIPI) and Manos Unidas from Spain. The modern extension of 2,200 square meters. with classrooms, laboratories, workshops and state of the art educational equipment, strengthened the bridge between the Spanish NGO Manos Unidas the St. Anthony’s Boys Village. Such relationship goes to the beginning of the Rogationist journey in the hills of Silang, when more than ever the SABV was relying on God’s extraordinary interventions. One of these arrived through the President of Manos Unidas, in that time Doña Carmen de Miguel, who donated the first encyclopedias for the school library and a small tractor whose arrival in the Village was a memorable event. Five years later, the new president of the Spanish NGO, Doña Ana de Felipe, visited the SABV in order to reiterate the commitment of Spain to collaborate with the Rogationists in the field of the education and promotion of the youth. The inauguration of the Mechanical Technology Project marked with special joy the 20th anniversary of the Rogationists in the Philippines and the SABV 10th Foundation Day.

Three years later Manos Unidas, together with the Agencia Español de Cooperacion Internacional, once again offered their financial support, adding new facilities and equipment, in order to open vocational courses in Automotive Technology. The Superior General of the Rogationists, Fr. Giorgio Nalin and the Bishop of Sideia-Alotau, Papua New Guinea, Msgr. Francesco Panfilo, blessed the extension of the previous mechanical shop.


At present, the Rogationist Technical Department is recognized as a College by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and, beside the three-years courses in Office Management with Computer and several fields of Technology, it offers four-year Courses, such as Bachelor of Science in Information, Electrical Technology, Mechanics, Automotive, Graphic Arts and Printing Technology. Part of the educational system is the “Dual Training Program” which combines theory at the school and training in the industry or partner company. The training plan contains a synchronized schedule of the skills the trainees have to learn in the school and the exercises to be performed in actual work situations in the factory. Lately, it opened a new course for Caregiver, Religious Science and Education.

To fulfill the objective of the Rogationists of providing quality education to the underprivileged youth of the country, the School extends its Financial Assistance Program to students in the form of scholarships, discounts and income-generating projects for those deserving. Beneficiaries of the programs must maintain good scholastic standing in all their respective courses. With the approval of TESDA, courses are offered to home students in the technical field. It is not surprising that since its opening, the number of enrollees in these courses have increased to 1,024 students this year alone.

As a Catholic school, the Rogationist College motivates the students to develop not only their technical skills but also their human and Christian values, according to the education style of Blessed Hannibal Maria Di Francia.

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4 Responses to “Rogationist College”  

  1. 1 Father Willy CRUZ

    I was there during the humble beginnings of the Rogationist College… Now, i’m very happy to know that RC is growing… stronger. Continue the good work. May Saint Hannibal Mary Di Francia guide and protect all the staff and the students of the RC. God bless you all.
    Fr. Willy, rogationist (B.P. 292 Edea – Camerun – Africa)

  2. 2 Moses Castor

    It was really good to be part of the Rogationist Family… I was one of the pioneers of Rogationist College – High School batch 94 an intern. We learned from the best and enjoyed life to the fullest. I even had the chance to continue my studies Rogationist College – College batch 97 (course: Computer Information Technology). I am happy for the others who also succeeded in life. More power the boys of Father Hannibal…. VIVA PADRE ANNIBALE!

    Moses Benjie Castor (Intern 1990-1997 / Batch 94-HS / Batch 97-Col)

  3. 3 Domeng ogcila

    I am part of the historic event the birth of Rogationist Family in cavite, I grew up with them, learned good values and cherished everything of staying there they are part of my life. Even I have my own family I am proud of being a part of it and always be, these I always talked about with my children that there places in heaven that could be found in Earth that is the ROGATIONIST – ST. ANTHONY’S BOYS VILLAGE.



  4. 4 richard banan

    after 20 years, the seed that was planted had bloom into an overwhelming success, all for the glory of God, many has been part of that 20 years, some came and had gone, some remains, that is all in God’s plan, I being part of the early years witness the beginnings, the hardships and trials of the institution but with the deep faith and fidelity to Padre Annibale di Francia of Fr. Carmelo and his collaborators everything went right according to God’s purpose. Again I say, Congratulations and God Bless.

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