Christian College of Tanauan

School of character, school of excellence


Founded in 2003 by Dr. Vinson B. Pineda of the VBP Group of Companies, the Christian College of Tanauan is a Christ-centered community of learners which strives for excellence in academics and character, fosters a passion for learning, promotes a balanced development of body and mind and character and encourages service and instills respect for others. With its commitment to achieve educational excellence and character excellence, the school enthusiastically embraces the challenges of contemporary education. The school values its relationships with each family when a student enters its halls. It shares its commitment of intellectual and emotional well being and growth of the child

Although relatively new, the Christian College of Tanauan (CCT) has emerged as one of the prestigious institutions in the heart of Calabarzon and stands tall among the of schools in the area. With the current 1,153 student population, it has survived the test of time despite the tight but healthy competitions among schools in the vicinity. It is a school which has famed its existence through outstanding performances evidenced by a number of achievements in the field of sports, academics, cultural presentations and others. This made the parents, the faithful clientele, to continuously trust the school in the education of their children. They believe that learning from this institution could lead their children towards becoming lifelong learners that will make them fit and relevant in the fast changing demands of time and lifestyles of globalization.

The school in particular provides exceptional opportunities for academic achievement, intellectual growth, leadership skills, artistic fulfillment, physical development, moral awareness and community responsibility. The school gathers together students of considerable abilities and potentials, teachers who are experts and specialized in their own disciplines and child development. It boasts of a curriculum that addresses the needs of society and enhances the liberal arts, sciences, business education, arts and an unwavering commitment to diversity in its broadest sense.

CCT’s program is organized into three levels: the pre–elementary, elementary, secondary and collegiate. All of these are coordinated by an integrated curriculum that provides a spectrum of challenging opportunities throughout. To achieve educational excellence and intellectual vitality, the program incorporates full-length teaching and learning styles and discipline, with special emphasis on the interdisciplinary and team approaches. Student learning and growth are also achieved through creating a small community of learners within the group to closely monitor student learning for better student development. Both the curricular and extra curricular programs encourage the students to develop to their maximum potentials.

The faculty is the heart of the school. At present, it has a total of 77 teachers in elementary, high school and college. The CCT teachers are experts in their own fields of specialization who established high standards of teaching and learning.

It is the policy of CCT to recognize Academic Freedom as the right of the teachers to teach in classes according to the best interpretation, any aspect of the topic pertinent to the understanding of the subject of specialization and to hold such views in other subjects as the instructor believes sincerely to be right and to express himself/herself on public questions in a manner that will not interfere with the duties as a faculty member. Teachers establish special relationships among its students making the teaching personal, creative and exciting. The faculty waste no time in ensuring everyone is on task as the daily activities begin. The style of always making students connected from time to time even when the students want otherwise gives a personal touch that goes far beyond the classroom reaching out to the families of the students. This is done so that every faculty will always be in touch with their students to closely monitor their progress and, in so doing, there will be “No Child Left Behind” at the end of the school year. These are the teachers of CCT.

The Unified School or the Basic Education Department challenges students to achieve high levels of learning by actively participating in the experiential learning activities to make them highly competent in all the domains of the curriculum preparing them to the academic rigors of collegiate life. It is in this level where students are being challenged to a new paradigm of not only excelling in academics but more so in character. Character development will lead to success and excellence in academic achievement. True excellence is excellence in character. In keeping with the challenge, CCT affirms its role as a Christ – Centered community of learners committed to its core principles of Commitment, Communion, Discipline, and Diligence, as it continues to flourish through the tough years of its existence .

Likewise, the Collegiate Department has gained a prestige of making a difference in the community. The flagship courses offered continue to be the most popular courses among its clienteles and have proven to continuously be competitive among its contemporaries. Founded on Christian values, the students prepare themselves as competent men and women of tomorrow through the uniqueness of the curriculum offered in each of the courses. These collegiate courses are paving the way for the bright future of CCTians once they graduate in any of the course offered.

As the students in all levels gain in the stimulating environment of the school so do all of them contribute to the learning process, be it in the classroom as they actively interact about the day’s lessons, the activities outside the classrooms, a debate over an issue, training and competing in ball games, in showing off their talents in a stage performance, in conducting science investigatory projects, in competing outside for the school’s honor, in running for a post in the Supreme Student Council Org, and engaging in community out reach programs and others. All of these foster confidence, responsibility, discipline, independence, creativity, intellectual and moral integrity, understanding of oneself, respect for self, respect for others, compassion, etc. This is it in CCT. The true measure of excellence the CCT way; the kind of education a CCTian gets.

As living proof of a school of character and school of excellence, CCTians vow to make a difference in their respective communities.

Be the best that you can be at CCT.


The Christian College of Tanauan, in waving the banner of Christian values to the community, is now paving the way to the highest standard of education. The school’s competency to the modern educational instructions brings students to the best that they can be.

CCT currently offers BS in Commerce, BS in Accountancy, BS in Elementary Education, BS in Computer Science, BS in Industrial Engineering and BS in Nursing. Two-year courses are also offered which includes Computer Technician, Network Technician, Computer Programming and Practical Nursing. A six-month Caregiver course is also offered.

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8 Responses to “Christian College of Tanauan”  

  1. 1 CCT?

    any new in this school? sana may mga pagbabago dahil parang pababa ng pababa ang quality ng education… It’s time for every leader of this institution na mag isip lalo na si Dr. Pineda… wala siyang alam sa mga nagyayari sa school niya… puro kasinungalingan ang nakakarating na information kay doc. And the church? ows… Really… sana magisip si dr. pineda kung ano talaga ang nangyayari sa kanya dahil hindi dapat magtanggal ng workers sa church kaagad-agad.. HIndi katulad ng pagpapatakbo ng school ang pagpapatakbo ng church… Only God can make the church run.. not people and any programs of of men.. nakakaawa ang LOTW kasi it’s lalo na ang mga workers nito na bumangga sa mga lingkod ng Diyos… God bless to all.. and Think first before you judge… I am Jay ANgelo Manzanilla….

  2. 2 derek dee

    Info lang sa isang professor ng CCT na may pangalan na Chrisman Banez.
    Pekeng doc po ito na gumagamit na pekeng diploma at TOR. Couple of years ago ay nagturo din ito sa isang nursing school sa Bulacan kung san ginamit naman nya ang pekeng pangalan na Jhon Carlo Tiu. Sa mga head ng school na to, i’ts time you know and you should investigate this matter before someone from Government authorities does. Before maging balita na ang school nyo ay may mga proffesor na walang proper certifications at mga walang karapatang magturo.

  3. 3 ACE

    Mam chona is the best prof. in CCT……

  4. 4 kahit sino

    kwawa naman ang mga cctians.. ang quality education na hinahanap nila sa school na pinagkatiwallan nila parang wala.. bago kau mag isip ng mga programs or rules dapat mag isip muna kayo ng consequences for that matter.. wag bigla biglang magpapatupad.. alamin nyo muna kuing sang ayon ang nakararami sa gusto nyong ipatupad.. saka bakit ganun, since i graduated parang wala man lang improvement???? san napupunta tuition fee ng mga estudyante?? wala lang???? ang mahal ng tuition pero walng good ventilation and quality education..

  5. 5 Joselito P. Pitogo

    To inform you,especially the administration of the school to look for the common causes of the problem and find
    for the solution for the common good of all students and all entire bodies of CCT administration and staff.

    We are the first batch parent who enrolled our child/children in this institution and during my children time of
    studying in this institution I suffered lots of discrimination and I logged some problem for their concern,but
    everything is useless not to mention the problems and I could see to it those teachers concerned on this
    problem some have been troubled and some are not teaching anymore in this school,some teachers have been kicked off and etc.

    To give you some hint, your faculty staff should be trained on leadership and management and this to be see
    first on their self as good example in order to be a model of their students.

    They must be follow the THE LAW OF THE TEACHER ( acronym).In this respect, we could say they are genuine teacher in heart and in their filed of choice as educator and/or mentor.

    T- The law of the Teacher C- The law of communication R- The law of Readiness
    E- The law of encouragement H- The law of Heart
    A- The law of Activities
    C- The law of Communication
    H- The law of the heart
    E- The law of Education
    R- The law of Reasiness

    Comment: The true teacher is not a coach or a player but who strive and excite student.The true teacher is not by which gives knowledged but which stimulate student to gain it. One may says he/she teaches best who teaches lease.

  6. 6 cely vergara

    very accomodating ang pag assist particularly in the admission, because i experienced how i was entertained by the guy i forget yung name ni Sir, don sya office ground left side upon entry. Anyway, he was very accomodating giving some points and information mostly of my querries ay nasagot nya , thats is why i decided to enroll my nephew sa CCT, because i really believed him in his sincerity to explain i wanted to know. First time kong maka harap at makusap ganitong empleyado, and i hope sana lahat ganon din sa CCT. to you Sir, nakalimutan ko man pangalan mo, keep it up!

  7. 7 chin08

    naniniwala ako sa sinabi ng professor ko na “ang kaalaman ay hindi mo matututunan kung ayaw mong tanggapin o pakinggan ang mga sinasabi sayo..” magaling ang mga professor dito kahit na hindi sapat ang bilang nila napupunan nila ang kakulangan nila sa pamamagitan ng sapat na pagtuturo nila, di ko alam yung mga nakaraang administration and teachers dito pero as of now bilib ako sa mga professors ko, i.t. student ako at marami talaga akong natututunan, sabi nga ni ma’am parehas lang ng way of teaching nya dito at sa la salle,kaya bakit pa ako gagastos ng ganun kalaking tuition kung dito naman sa cct matututo ako… ^_^

  8. 8 cely vergara

    i must admit, that medyo, na frustrate ako sa cct, how they entertain and handles querries now. Unlike before 3 years ago as i enrolled my nephew. I can still remember how that guy in the admission /marketing dept entertains me. just to compare , That Sir, who administer the process of enrollment of my nephew was a clear indication of service. As i was about to exit the school i ask the guard on duty the name of that Sir in the admission, medyo nagulat ako, he was the Marketing Officer pala his name is Mr. Rey Margelino according to the guard. I heard so much good works of Him for the school about him accorfing to other parents of the students who are batchmates of my nephew kaya lang he is not connected anymore in the school. Maybe its time now to realized by the school administration to evaluate how Sir Rey, in his limited capacity and resources he was able to atleast help me why to enroll my nephew at CCT.

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