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Agustin, Jerwin Tayamin
Civil Status: Married
E-mail Add: jerwinagustin@.yahoo.com
School year: 2000-2001
Course/Major: Bachelor of Arts Major in Political Science
Tel/Mobile#: 09213525140
Current Address: Phase I Bldg. Unit 43 Guadalupe Bliss Cembo Makati City
Office/Address: P.L.E.B. 8th floor Makati Cityhall Makati City
Office Phone#: 895-6420
Nature of Job: Government Diciplinary Machinery
Comments: Good job.!!!.. hope to see you on our batch reunion...
Tue 2-May-2006 02:56

Aquino, Maria Emme R.
Civil Status: Single
E-mail Add: emzaquino1@.hotmail.com
School year: 1997-2001
Course/Major: BS - Accountancy
Tel/Mobile#: 09277988032
Current Address: Bahay, Sibonga, Cebu
Office Address: Calltek Center International INC. 4th Floor, JY Square Mall, Salinas Drive, Lahug
Cebu City, Philippines
Office Phone#: 032-417-2885
Nature of Job: Technical Support Engineer
Fri 11-Nov-2005 17:16

Andaya-Tercias, Ana Marie
Civil Status: Married
E-mail Add: anamarietercias@.yahoo.com
School year: 1997-2001
Course/Major: AB English
Current Address: 109 Rubyville Subdivision, Sta. Quiteria, Baesa, Caloocan City
Office/Address: Makati Regional Trial Court Branch 133
Office Phone#: 8701000 loc 1568
Nature of Job: Court Stenographer/ Legal Assistant
Mon 12-Dec-2005 22:40

Balanlay, Reynan
Civil Status: married
E-mail Add: mi2loud_rb06@.yahoo.com
School year: 1997 - 2001
Course/Major: BSIT Computer Technology
Current Address: 923 Catanduanes St. Brgy Pitogo Makati City / planning to move out to cavite.
Office/Address: Dela Salle University Main Taft.
Nature of Job: mis staff
Comments: finally! my site na ang umak keep it up...more updating pa para magimprove...to all BAT-Com batch 2001 i miss you all guys!!! gimmick naman kahit saan kahit kelan.
Tue 11-Jul-2006 02:13

Balauro, Arlene M.
Civil Status: Single
E-mail: allen710@.hotmail.com
School Year: 2000-2001
Course/Major: BS Biology
Nature of Job: Government
Thursday, November 6, 2003 Time: 5:53 AM EST

Basco, Pompeo Miguel
Civil Status: SINGLE
School Year: 1997-2001
Course/Major: AB-POL.SCI
Tel No: (210)-393-9442
Current Address: 8710 DATAPOINT APT6506 SANA ANTONIO TEXAS 78229
Wednesday, October 1, 2003 Time: 11:01 AM EST

Bayani, Hipolito B.
NickName: John
E-mail: hbayani@.adb.org , tart07@.excite.com
School Year: (1997-2001)
Course/Major: BSIT Major in Computer Tech.
Current Address: 172-0 22nd ave. East Rembo Makati City
Office Address: Asian Development Bank, adb ave. Pasig City
Office Phone: 632-5555 local 3230
Nature of Job: IT Support Analyst
Comments: Just wanna say Hi to the BAT-COM, Kailan ba tayo magkakasama-sama sa Batangas o kahit saang Gimik
Posted: Monday, May 20, 2002 Time: 10:19 AM EST

Bersamina, Marynol Elena, Abella
Civil Status: Single
E-mail: avantgarde23@.yahoo.com
School Year: 2001
Course/Major: AB English
Tel No: 0918-5364052
Current Address: 15 Gumamela St., Pembo, Makati City
Office Address: 3/F Banco de Oro Bldg., 12 ADB Ave., Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City
Office Phone: 636-6060 loc 603
Nature of Job: Secretary
Comments: Hope to see the names of all my classmates here soon...
Saturday, May 10, 2003 Time: 5:15 AM EST

Canonoy, Gina P.
Civil Status: Single
E-mail Add: canonoy.gina@ups-scs.com, canonoygina@.yahoo.com
School year: 2001
Course/Major: BSBA major in Management
Current Address: Blk 1 Lot 10 Ireneville Subd.Aquino Village, Parañaque City
Office/Address: Fritz Logistics Philippines A UPS Company, Queensway Pascor Drive Sta. Aqueda St., Parañaque City
Office Phone#: 8511023 loc. 149
Nature of Job: Cargo Forwarding Company (export, import, brokerage)
Comments: Hi to batch 2001 I miss you guys (BSBA major in Management)
Fri 3-Nov-2006 00:34

De Leon, Judith Sison
Civil Status: Single
E-mail: dethdeleon@.yahoo.com
School Year: 2000-2001
Course/Major: BSE, major in Social Studies
Tel No: 7284798
Current Address: Lot 2 Blk. 224 Azalea St., Pembo, Makati City
Office Address: Guadalupe Catholic School, Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati City
Nature of Job: HIgh School Teacher
Wednesday, May 28, 2003 Time: 8:21 AM EST

Delos Reyes Daniel Evangelista
Civil Status: single
E-mail: delosreyesdaniel@.hotmail.com
School Year: 2001
Course/Major: B.A. Architecture
Nature of Job: Architectural
Comments: julie marie catalan of batch 2001 BSOM......email me
Saturday, April 5, 2003 Time: 5:12 AM EST

Deluvio, Ria Mia Amore D.
Civil Status: Single
E-mail: ria_mia_amore@.yahoo.com
School Year: 1996-2001
Course/Major: A>B Political Science
Tel No: (0919) 5656856
Current Address: Pateros, Metro, Manila
Comments: Hi to my former classmates. I miss you all
Tuesday, October 7, 2003 Time: 2:29 AM EST

Dichoso, Aileen P.
Civil Status: Single
E-mail Add: cuteaien2003@.yahoo.com
School year: 1997-2001
Course/Major: A.B. Political Science
Tel/Mobile#: 0097150 5681299
Current Address: The Grooming Company P.O. Box 71579 Dubai, UAE
Office/Address: The Grooming Comany P.O. Box 71579 Dubai UEA
Office Phone#: 009714 3394801
Nature of Job: Supervisory
Sat 9-Sep-2006 12:55

Espina, Archie D.
Civil Status: Single
E-mail: arcxie23@.yahoo.com
School Year: 2001-2002
Course/Major: Automotive
Tel No: 827-8530/0919-5551906
Current Address: 110 Jade St. CAmella Homes lll Sucat,Parañaque
Comments: sana paramdam naman yung iba
Tuesday, November 4, 2003 Time: 6:22 PM EST

Garces, Paulo Iglopas
Civil Status: Married
E-mail: paulo_garces
School Year: 1996-2001
Course/Major: BSBA, Management
Tel No: 09194816617
Current Address: #45 Central Kalayaan Pasay City
Office Address: mmda
Office Phone: 8820860
Nature of Job: Metrobase-Radio Operator
Wednesday, June 9, 2004 Time: 4:02 AM EST

Guerzon, Marjorie "jhie" Larosa
Civil Status: Married
E-mail Add: marjorielester_08@.yahoo.com
School year: 2001
Course/Major: BSIT Drafting Technology
Tel/Mobile#: 0915-9357952
Current Address: 171-C Diego Silang Ave., Phase I, AFPOVAI, Taguig City
Office/Address: The Navy Chief of Engineers Office, Bonifacio Naval Station, TAguig City
Office Phone#: 886-49-54
Nature of Job: Draftsman/AutoCAD Operator
Wed 14-Feb-2007 22:06

Izon, Marilou N. "maloy"
Civil Status: single.... as always...
E-mail Add: yolam789@.yahoo.com, yolam789@.dbzmail.com
School year: 2001
Course/Major: AB English
Tel/Mobile#: 6278909/ 639193612127
Current Address: 24-C. M. Almeda St. Pateros M.Mla.
Comments: yup...frankly i am anot so proud graduate of this school..but cannnot trade those memories i had naman with my REAL friendships with real people na nadevelop...mis y'all....hope we can all still be in touch..batch2000 and batch 2001...those who belong to CAS....and my other friends in different department....
Mon 16-Jan-2006 07:51

Legal, Cristina C.
Civil Status: Single
E-mail Add: cristy_legal23@.yahoo.com, ccl102329@.yahoo.com, cristy.legal@.megapack.com.ph
School year: 1997 to 2001
Course/Major: B.S.B.A. Management
Tel/Mobile#: 09209527090 / 4321562
Current Address: # 13-K Bonifacio Street, Canumay East, Valenzuela City.
Office/Address: # 18 General Tirrona Street, Bagong Barrio Caloocan City.
Office Phone#: 3655661 loc. 101
Nature of Job: Executive Assistant
Comments: More power to the Management of University Of Makati.Keep up the Good work Guys....Batch 2001.. Please Log in..
Wed 8-Mar-2006 20:46

Magante, Rax, Miller
Civil Status: Single
E-mail: racky_miller@.yahoo.com
School Year: 2001
Course/Major: AB English
Tel No: 09183399358
Current Address: Taguig
Nature of Job: Teaching
Sunday, August 10, 2003 Time: 6:42 AM EST

Mañosca, Elvis Beredo
Civil Status: Single
E-mail: elvis_bm2000@.yahoo.com
School Year: 1997 - 2001
Course/Major: Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
Tel No: +63917 8515128
Current Address: Unit 8B, 2nd Camarilla
Office Address: Pasong Tamo Ext. Makati City
Office Phone: +632 8926757; +632 8101314
Homepage: www.face-pic.com/elvis_bm2000
Nature of Job: Finance/Accounting Officer
Comments: it's great to have group like this. btw, i want to meet the moderator of this group.... hey guys- am kinda looking for <?> hahahahahaha... regards to my cindy, luz, whang, kat, mgrace, grace, elvin, felix, loise, and of course to JAI.
Tuesday, April 27, 2004 Time: 7:25 PM EST

Molina, Harry M.
Civil Status: Single
E-mail: hmmolina@.gothong.com
School Year: 1997-2001
Course/major: BSIT Major in Computer Technology
Tel No: 09195050903
Current Address: 51-B Tejeros Tenement, H. Santos St., Makati City
Office Address: Unit B Jade Villa Townhouse, Quirino Ave., Tambo, Paranaque City
Office Phone: 854-1240/854-1247 loc 108
Nature of job: IT Coordinator
Comments: At your service...
2005-07-13 23:28:29

Palacio, Cindy Hermoso
Civil Status: Single
E-mail: cindy_107233@.yahoo.com
School Year: 2001
Course/Major: Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
Tel No: 09205580089
Current Address: 5 Acacia St., Calendola Village, San Pedro, Laguna
Office Address: J. P. Rizal Ext., West Rembo, Makati City
Office Phone: 8820535 local 242
Nature of Job: Teaching
Saturday, May 3, 2003 Time: 10:58 PM EST

Pale, Ma. Geralyn Dueñas
Civil Status: single
School Year: 1997-2001
Course/Major: BS Mathematics
Tel No: 09193755235
Current Address: Pasig City
Nature of Job: Teaching
Saturday, June 28, 2003 Time: 8:36 AM EST

Pilar, Charlemagne M.
E-mail: pillar_78@.yahoo.com
School Year: 1997-2001
Course/Major: BSIT-Major in Electronics
Tel No: +966502944729/+966500718010
Current Address: P.O.Box 1449, Riyadh 11431 KSA
Office Address: Riyadh, KSA
Nature of Job: Systems Admin.
Wednesday, June 9, 2004 Time: 3:12 AM EST

Pimentel, Sandy
Civil Status: Single
E-mail Add: sankang_22@.yahoo.com
School year: 2000-2001
Course/Major: Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
Current Address: 463 Apitong St. Comembo, Makati City
Comments: we should have pictures of our memories here in PNM
Wed 24-May-2006 12:01

Pisalbon, Luz
Civil Status: Single
E-mail Add: lmpisalbon@.myakira.com.ph
School year: 2001
Course/Major: BS Accountancy
Tel/Mobile#: 09285006586
Current Address: 21B P Gomez St. West Rembo, Makati City
Office/Address: Rm 402 Alabang Corporate Center, Km 25, West Service Road, Alabang, Muntinlupa
Office Phone#: 8076203
Nature of Job: Finance& Admin
Mon 18-Sep-2006 23:27

Posadas, Blanche Navalta
E-mail: bb_07@.yahoo.com, angelmilkshake@.hotmail.com
Civil Status: single
School Year: 1997-2001
Course/Major: Bachelor of Arts, major in English
Tel No: +63920-7091451
Office Address: Integrated Montessori Center, Taguig, MM
Nature of Job: Teacher
Monday, June 9, 2003 Time: 12:20 PM EST

Rabiza, Rommel S.
Civil Status: Single
E-mail: therxs@.yahoo.com
School Year: 1997-2001
Course/Major: BS Computer Science
Tel No: 09209233837
Current Address: Blk 12 Lot 10 Phase 2 Housing EP Vill. western Bicutan Taguig Metro Manila
Office Address: Paseo de Roxas, Makati City
Office Phone: 8966751
Nature of Job: Senior Programmer
Sunday, March 14, 2004 Time: 6:22 AM EST

Rebay, Anabel A.
Civil Status: Single
E-mail Add: annah_rebay@.yahoo.com, annahrebay@.gmail.com, rs1-audit@.eglobalreach.net
School year: 1997-2001
Course/Major: BSBA Major in Marketing
Tel/Mobile#: 09206540877
Current Address: 373 Jesuit St Sta. Ana Brgy. Sun Valley Pque. City
Office/Address: 6/F ALPAP II Bldg. Trade St corner Investment Drive, Madrigal Business Park, Alabang Muntinlupa City
Mon 26-Jun-2006 09:51

Santos, Herlyn F.
Civil Status: single
E-mail: kikay079@.yahoo.com
School Year: 2001
Course/Major: BSBA Major in Marketing
Tel No: 09189393358
Current Address: 327 Apitong Street Comembo Makati City
Office Address: 5th Floor Quad Alpha Centrum. 125 Pioneer St. Mandaluyong City
Office Phone: 6371055
Nature of Job: media, entertainment
Comments: it's good that someone has the idea of putting up such site. keep up the good work and keep posting!
Wednesday, April 9, 2003 Time: 6:27 AM EST

Sarguilla, Mark Anthony R.
Civil Status: Single
E-mail Add: kaninthegreat@.hotmail.com, mark_112980@.yahoo.com.ph, kaninthegreat@.yahoo.com
School year: June 1997 - March 2001
Course/Major: BSIT major in Computer Technology
Tel/Mobile#: +63 2 823-1249/ 09167477703
Current Address: 3840 Daffodil Road, Sun Valley Subdivision, Parañaque
Office/Address: 3F Liberty Bldg. Arnaiz Ave., Makati City
Office Phone#: +63 2 813-4374
Nature of Job: Service Engineer
Wed 22-Mar-2006 03:26

Suanzon, Melody Rose M.
Civil Status: Single
E-mail Add: meldz27@.hotmail.com
School year: 1997-2001
Course/Major: BSIT major in Computer Technology
Tel/Mobile#: 09162610581
Office/Address: Ayala Life-FGU Center, Madrigal Business Park, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City
Nature of Job: Document Analyst/Researcher
Comments: just wanna say hi to all friendz and classmates, miss you all guyz, sana magkabonding nmn ulit tayo soon... =)
Sat 26-Nov-2005 04:13

Tadeo, Roger
Civil Status: Married
E-mail: roger.tadeo@.schering.ph
School Year: 1997-2001
Course/Major: BSIT/BSCS
Tel No: 09166542110
Current Address: Dalandan St. Barangay Rizal Makati City
Office Address: Dalandan St. Barangay Rizal Makati City
Office Phone: 8879761
Nature of job: Network Admin
Comments: Common Let' move it....
2005-03-17 00:48:24

Taglay, Gina Q.
Civil Status: Single
E-mail Add: ghina046@y.ahoo.com
School year: 2001
Course/Major: A.B. Political Science
Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/ghinas_favorite_love_songs
Tel/Mobile#: 09204664302
Fri 21-Oct-2005 05:15

Tan, Jason
Civil Status: single
E-mail: deltacor@.yahoo.com
School Year: 1997-2001
Course/Major: secretarial
2005-02-08 21:52:04

Tercero, Cheryl I.
Civil Status: single
E-mail: cher906@.yahoo.com
School Year: 2001
Course/Major: A.B. Political Science
Homepage: www.geocities.com/rac_makati_ayala/index.html
Tel No: 09192491093
Comments: Hope 2 see u soon!
Friday, June 13, 2003 Time: 7:48 AM EST

Tercias, Ziegfred
Civil Status: Married
E-mail: zieg73@.yahoo.com
School Year: 1997-2001
Course/Major: AB. Political Science
Tel No: 09208715078
Current Address: 71-D, 4th F, Tnmt Bldg. H. santos st., Makati City
Office Address: ePLDT, Ayala ave, Makati
Nature of job: Telecommunication, Customer Service
2005-02-21 01:07:43

Vineles, Anza Cuizon
Civil Status: Married
E-mail Add: anziesky2000@.yahoo.com, anzkie@.gmail.com
School year: 1997-2001
Course/Major: B.S.Biology
Tel/Mobile#: 09154374665
Current Address: 211 Negros St.,Pitogo, Makati City
Office/Address: Global City Innovative College
Nature of Job: Science Lab.Assts and Instructor
Thu 9-Nov-2006 01:07


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